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Planning a Defense

Posted on Sat Mar 14th, 2009 @ 11:25pm by Commander Lorran Vos & Captain Jorvin & Lieutenant Michael Lake

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.
Location: Latanna Surface
Timeline: Present

To those who had hastily stacked boxes of equipment, handed out phaser rifles, ran through the interior of the West Ridge looking for hull breaches, and waited nervously for the rest of the crew to bring the fight to them, it was quite the experience in fear. Many of the crewmen, science and engineering personnel who had little to no combat experience especially, looked like their nerves were shot. Despite the cool breeze they sweated as they took up defensive positions beside the marines with unfamiliar phaser rifles. The medical staff generally remained calm, especially those old enough to have seem planet-side action in the Dominion War, as they made ready to receive wounded. The entire area had a feeling of crushing dread that seemed to get heavier and heavier the closer the sounds of battle got to them.

Then, suddenly a gold-collared crewman crested the hill, running flat out toward the defense line. He was quickly followed by more of the crew, people falling all over themselves to get to safety with the sound of phasers and the screaming vocalizations of the strange, alien monsters behind them spurring them on. Then came the ones doing the fighting, providing cover fire for the rest so they could get to safety. This group consisted mostly of security crewmen and marines, with a red collar scattered between every few of them. They provided cover for the last of the group, which was the armor and fur-covered Klingon being pulled bodily out of the battle by Marine Captain Jorvin. While the others were running, it seemed like K'Tan wanted nothing more than to charge suicidally straight into the bulk of the enemy at times.

The enemy were horrible, gorilla like creatures with pale skin and bulky bodies clothes only in rags when they were clothed at all. They knuckle-ran like an ape, using all four limbs to drive themselves quickly across the terrain and jumped high enough to clear a human's head easily. They had disturbing, featureless faces that seemed like a single mass of scar tissue. No eyes, no ears, no nose, just distended lips peeled back from a grinning, macabre set of knife-like teeth. They howled and screamed as they ran down another straggling crewman, dragging him to the ground and setting to work on him with fists, claws, and teeth en masse. By first count there were over a hundred of the creatures.

The remaining crew began pouring into the small opening left in the defenses while a marine on the wall of crates and hastily-welded metal sheets yelled, "OPEN FIRE!" and a blistering hail of phaser fire split the darkness of the gathering storm like a burst of lightning. The concentrated fire gave the last of the stragglers a little breathing room, and soon those who were left were making it to safety. Commander Vos was one of the last in, and he immediately turned around and started getting everyone who'd just made it there and who could walk a weapon and up on the wall to help in the defense. The amount of wounded was startling, however, and Lieutenant Mason, Henk O'Brien, Commander DeVuor, and the civilian bartender Kathy were nowhere to be found.

The aliens had stopped to regroup and reorganize, moving with frightful efficiency for what seemed to be a feral species. It gave the defenders a brief reprieve, but more of the aliens were filing out of the jungle. The next charge would be brutal when it came.

Jorvin pulled K'tan in and over to Vos. "Not to state the obvious sir, but this is going to end up being one hell of a away mission. Our chances of surviving much more from these creatures are slim. Plus we still have to find the Captain and Kathy."

"Your observational skills are top notch, Captain." Vos sighed, checking the charge on his phaser before holstering it at his side. "They're not as dumb as they look. They've pulled back and regrouped, getting set for another charge with larger numbers. I don't know if they're sentient, but they certainly have problem-solving intelligence. We're going to be hard-pressed to fend them off."

"Commander I would like permission to take a small team out to find the Captain" Jorvin said.

"No, Jorvin. I want to run out to their rescue just as much as anyone, but you know as well as I do that the Captain would want to see the crew safe before any attempts to rescue her were made. If we don't survive this next charge then forming a rescue party is going to be a moot point. What I need you to do as Marine CO is organize the best defense you can possibly construct here. Take whoever you need and set them to work. Once we're satisfied that we can defend this position for the long-term, then I'll ask for volunteers for a rescue party." Commander Lorran said, his concern for Beverly and Kathy and the crew he had to protect etched on his face. "You have your orders." he nodded before moving along down the line.

Leanne started to make the rounds of the wounded, she could hear the occasional phaser fire and scream come from the defense line. She had left a few crew up on the line with the marines to help take care of any injured that would come from the intense fighting. She looked around at all of the injured crewman, most had gashes across their bodies, bite marks, limbs that had been ripped off by the brutal savages. She kneeled down next to a crewman who had a large piece of flesh taken out of his arm and a gash across his entire chest. Opening her medkit, she retrieved a dermal generator, and a hypospray. The Doctor placed the device on the mans arm, activated it and injected some painkillers into him. Leanne held his hand for a moment "It will be ok I promise, we'll get you all fixed up." The crewman smiled at her and then laid his head back against the backpack.

Ulonova moved back and forth to different stations checking on the wounded and giving orders. She spotted Vos from the corner of her eye and headed over to him. Leanne walked passed Jorvin and stopped him for a moment.

"Captain, thanks for saving me back there in the temple... I... I don't know what would of happened if you hadn't of thrown that girl off of me."

"Think nothing of it Lt. I'm sure you would have done the same if our positions were reversed." Jorvin responded. Jorvin then headed out to set up defenses for the she ship.

Jorvin then headed off to set up a defense of sorts. He found every hole in the ship big enough to stick a phaser rifle through and stuck a Marine there. He then began organizing the creates out front into a more defensible patern. He then set up a front line of defense. He set up everyone strong enough to hold a phaser along the line of creates.

Leanne continued over to Vos she tried to look as professional as she could under the circumstances, "Commander, I've got the medical teams working on the injured, we've got enough medical supplies to last us for a few days, but" she stopped for a second to take a deep breath "Some of these injuries are very severe.. I wasn't planning on having to do field surgery, I can patch up some of the minor cases sure... but unless we get them back to Genesis some of these crewmen are going to die here..." she wanted to change the subject the thought of losing someone here made her sick. Leanne cracked a smile "You weren't injured on the run up here where you? You do owe me a scan."

Some of Vos's old grin returned, but he looked weary. "Doctor, considering what we've been through in the last few hours, getting my mandatory physical would be a weekend on Risa. Don't worry about me. Just a couple of cuts and bruises. Save treatment for those who really need it." Then his grin weakened and disappeared. "I know it may be difficult, but follow the rules of triage. If someone is too far gone, do what you can to make them comfortable and move on to those who can be saved." He laid a hand on her shoulder and squeezed reassuringly. "You have my full confidence, Doctor."

For the brief moment that Vos put his hand on her shoulder, everything that was going on fell away and brightened the entire area. Maybe they where going to get through this after all. A phaser round in the distance ripped her back to reality and Leanne noticed that she was staring right into Vos's eyes. She quickly snapped herself out of her trance, grabbed his hand and planted a site to site transport beacon in it. "Uh.. take this, just in case.. we are setting up some site to site transport buffers in the ship, it isn't a very long range but... it might be handy."

Vos closed his hand around the beacon and by extension around Leanne's hand for a moment before letting go. His flirting not even a day earlier in sickbay seemed like so long ago considering the events of the present. "Thankyou, Doctor." he said, his gaze flicking down to her lips of their own accord and he found himself enjoying the small moment. ...Then the moment was ruined.

"THEY'RE COMING!" a marine yelled from the defense line.

K'Tan grinned wide, now it was his time to shine, but he looked at Jorvin speaking quietly "Don't pull me around like I'm your dog Captain.". He didn't like being pulled like a beast toward Vos as he took point in the central defense line, searching in his combat backpack. He produced a small amount of packs of explosives, Plasma Grenades and other obscure Klingon military hardware. Locking and loading his disruptor he didn't wait.... he opened fire, prepping a grenade. There were plenty of targets and the Plasma Grenade hit the middle of the attacker's lines. Between disruptor bursts the Klingon taunted, insulted and cursed these creatures, a frenzied gaze taking over his eyes. As a shower of organs, limbs flew in the air from the grenade he looked at a nearby security officer "You, help me prep these Explosives. Better have a strong arm cause you need to throw'em eh!". The security officer blinked but began arming the explosive charges as ordered. K'Tan yelled out of the top of his lungs "Concentrate Fire from flank to flank, concentrated damage, open fire. Be ready for close combat if needed. Should we find ourselves among legendary faces, at peace fear not! For we're in Sto'vo'kor, with all the honor a warrior takes from battle! Remember men, what we do in life will echo for all time! Fight to the last man!"

"That Klingon is going to drag us all to hell with him." Vos growled, flicking his gaze to Captain Jorvin. He knew that the marine captain would do his job and direct the defense. The rest of the crew manning the defense line knew their place as well. They kept well clear of the Klingon's mad battle lust while keeping to the chain of command as they had been trained to. They waited until the creatures were in effective range then all opened fire at once, cutting down the first line of the charge. Vos grabbed a phaser rifle from one of the crates nearby, checked its charge, and joined the line himself. This was going to be one hell of a fight.


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