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Clocking Off

Posted on Fri Apr 2nd, 2010 @ 8:26pm by 1st Lieutenant Delvok Laurie

Mission: Human Nature. Season 1; Episode 6
Location: MCO's Office/ Quarters

David yawned as he finished reading over the last report. Amazingly, all the possible reports that could have been brought to him had been delivered. Crew physicals, weapon compliment, medical supplies and the medics that carried them, heavy weapon supplies, you name it and it had been filled away and sent to him.

He was about to get up to leave when the intercom buzzed.

"Lieutenant, Lieutenant Jacobs is here to see you," came Toombs' voice.

"Send him in," he sighed and sat back in his seat. It wasn't that he didn't want to see Jacobs, only that he wanted to go home. It had been a long first day.

"Del, how's the first day been?" Jacobs said as he swaggered in.

David smiled. "You swagger like that much more and you'll break a hip. It's been as good as any first day," he replied. "Tired though. Anyway, you wanted to see more. Are you going to pay me that bottle of 12 year malt you owe me? The good stuff, not that paint stripper you tried to push on me last time?"

Jacobs looked horrified. "What? I paid you that.... Okay, I still owe you that. But I'm here to give you this, you'll find it interesting." He held out a PADD for David to read, which David accepted.

After reading a few lines David dropped it onto the desk. "This is gossip, Rog, you know I don't deal in gossip. None of this is relevant in any way to running the Detachment. When did you start dealing in this? Remember what it was like back in the day with the Spooks constantly watching us, judging our moves?"

"Damn right I do," Jacobs replied. He bristled slightly as he shifted in his seat. "There are things of use. We're out on the front here, a man like Fletcher with contacts is very useful. I've dealt with him before to get items we need. The list of relationships is good for setting squads, as is the fact that I've noted which ones work well together and which should never be in squads or performing duties together. The asterisk shows which are rumoured, the others are confirmed."

David lifted the PADD and got up. He headed for the door, but stopped as he got to it. "Come on, I'm going home."

Jacobs got up and followed, walking beside his boss. Toombs had already left her post as he shift was over. David continued to read the PADD and understood why it hadn't been wired to him and he was only getting it now. He could still remember some of the hysteria of the Cardassian War 30 years ago after several infiltrators were caught. This PADD read like one David had seen by accident.

"I still can't believe you did this. It's not any of my business who is sleeping with who. Dear lord, you included yourself?" David cried showing a rare burst of strong emotion. "You have to be kidding about this," he added as he pointed to an entry on Toombs.

"There's enough evidence."

The two officers entered at turbolift for the officers quarters. David carried on reading for a few moments before stopping.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Roger."

Jacobs nodded and watched as his friend departed.

David arrived in his quarters to find Helen had been decorating. There were pictures and knick-knacks lying around the spacious living area. As a child, David had never felt the need to decorate much, but his family had always given him things to display. Helen did exactly the same thing.

Already there were pictures up around the room. Several of them as a couple on holidays; one of David's parents; one of T'Ser and her family; one of Helen's parents that was singed round the edges, a picture taken before the Borg destroyed the El-Aurian homeworld; and finally Helen's children from her two previous marriages, again, from before the Borg invasion.

"I was wondering if you had run off," she said as she put her arms around his waist.

"Never. I know no matter how far I'd run you'd still find me," he replied cheekily. "I see you've been decorating."

Helen decided to let the slight slide this time, although she arched one feathery red eyebrow. "Yes, I thought it would be nice to spruce the place up a bit. You know how I dislike bare rooms, and I know that you'd never do it on your own."

A ever so slightly pained look crossed David's face. "Of course I would. Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to have a seat. And then on to some food. Its hard moving paper about. Nearly as hard as decorating," he added with a smile.

Helen appeared shocked and very lightly slapped his face for the sarcastic remark. She moved her hand from his cheek, up to the back of his head and pulled him into a kiss. The pair stood in their embrace for a few minutes, simply enjoying being alone after a week trapped in a small runabout with a pilot.

It was in that moment that David knew they were going to cope just fine on 611 as long as they had each other.


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