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Mission: Human Nature. Season 1; Episode 6

After her conversation with David Cailyn walked over the promenade. She figured out what she needed to do, but she came no where. After a few minutes looking at the people walking she tapped her come badge.
“This is Cailyn to all security personal.” She began “report in cargo bay 2 in 5 minutes.”

Slowly she walked towards the nearest turbo lift and waited until one arrived. When the lift arrived it was packed with merchants. She waited until everyone had left the lift. When she finally reached the cargo bay she found everyone already there.

“ Good day people” She began as she walked in. “ May I have your attention. As you all know we are understaffed. With that knowledge Somebody came to me with the offer to help us. From tomorrow the marines are going to help us defend and secure this station until we are back to full strength.
Cailyn looked at the faces and saw a few that didn’t look very happy about everything.
“ If a person has a problem with working with the marines then get used to it. Tomorrow I expect everyone to be at holodeck 1 at 09.00 Hours. We are going to train.”
“ Helen and Es’lon remain the rest dismissed.”

After a everyone walked out she looked at the 2 people remaining.
“ It want a way to defend this station in a invasion. Make a list of what to do, defends points I don’t care. I want it on my desk by 08.00 tomorrow. Dismissed.”
She waited until the last to left. This was going to a very wild ride.”


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