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The Morning After

Posted on Thu Apr 8th, 2010 @ 7:41pm by Command Chief Master Sergeant Maiek Kierianh

Mission: Human Nature. Season 1; Episode 6
Location: Romulan Embassy


Sitting at his desk Maiek thought of the night before and smiled a little smile. He was almost impressed with himself in that a great majority of the important officers and diplomats on the Starbase had attended the Romulan event the night before. No true tactical advantage had been gained from the event, but none had been sought. The entire purpose of the event was to in some way make the Federation personnel a little more comfortable with the idea of the Romulans now a permanent fixture on the station.

Oddly enough he believed that the current negative interactions with the Klingons would indeed bolster his position. Where as many amongst the Starfleet officers will only continue to view the Klingons in a negative light, Maiek could hold his staff to a higher standard and by contrast appear the ideal allies. In the end the better his relationships on the Starbase the more room to maneuver he would be afforded, but all things in time.

For now he had the easiest job in the sector, make nice with everyone, an order which made him laugh to no end. Most Rihannsu despised dealing with other species, to Maiek it was second nature. It was here that he deviated significantly from the Tal' Shiar method of intelligence. The Tal' Shiar burned bridges left and right in pursuit of a goal, in Maiek's mind good relations lead to a freer exchange of information, plus nobody expects their good friend to be spying on them.

That thought alone almost caused him to burst out laughing, their were those who viewed every Romulan as a potential spy and would believe every Romulan on this starbase were a Tal' Shiar officer. Those people were probably more right than they knew, for even Maiek couldn't be 100% sure he wasnt the only undercover operative in this posting, in truth he would bet against it.

Cycling through his messages, he came across a brief response from his father regarding the inquiry into the distribution and sales of Romulan goods at the Starbase and the importation of Federation goods via the same. The message was brief and to the point reading 'inquiries are being made on my end, preparations should be made on yours'. Maiek took the message to mean bribes were being placed and votes bought in order to allow the limited monopoly on trade with the Federation via this Starbase.

The day was going well, and as such Maiek decided to take a walk on the promenade, Perhaps while up their he would spot an appropriate location for the 'Rihannsu Store'. A quaint idea, though in truth most of the buying and selling would be done wholesale, it wouldn't do to exclude the good people of the Starbase from purchasing some of the fine goods the Star Empire had to offer, such a thing goes a long way in creating good will.

Taking in the sights and doing a not insignificant amount of people watching later, no particular spot jumped out at him as ideal for a shop, he would leave that to one of his aides to determine. He did however notice a bar with a sign announcing its newly opened status. Maiek decided to take a look inside, this bar offered many things; a business opportunity, a place to relax, and most importantly a place to listen and learn.



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