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Rock And The Hard Place

Posted on Tue Apr 13th, 2010 @ 7:05am by Fleet Admiral Tal Navek & Lieutenant Linom Dekur & Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels & Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins & 1st Lieutenant Delvok Laurie & Lieutenant Kriss Maxx & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez & Lieutenant Helen Lyons [PNPC] & Lieutenant Eloise Star & Lieutenant Amber Winters & Milika Wild [PNPC] & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Command Chief Master Sergeant Maiek Kierianh

Mission: Human Nature. Season 1; Episode 6

Before Jason could continue a message came in from Ops =/="Commodore, I'm sorry for interrupting, but theres something you need to see."=/=

"What is it Rawlinson!", Quinn snapped.

The comm was silent for a moment =/="I...I can't explain it Sir, you'll have to come look for yourself."=/=

With a concerned look to Aerelon, both men stood and made for Ops. "On our way!"

Zeek shot a concerned look at the Commodore before he followed him out onto the Ops deck. On the main view screen were five, very heavily armed Gorn vessels. With no other vessels or stations in this system, there was no mistaking it. They were on their way to 611. "Ensign Conrad, how long until they reach our position?" Zeek asked

"Fifteen minutes sir..." The Ensign responded.

Zeek turned to Jason, waiting on orders.

"All hands. Battle station's!" Quinn's voice boomed over the tumble of voices that were now calling and directing what defensive capabilities the station had. "Zeek, wake the other senior officers, get them up here now!"

Zeek nodded and made a beeline for the comm =/="Red alert. All hands to battle stations. All senior officers to Ops, ASAP!"=/=

Quinn moved around Ops, finding his seat at the head of the Operations table and with a practiced ability took in all the details that he would need that were readily available for him. "Whats the status of the Genesis and Hope... Are the space worthy and can the help defend the station?"

Zeek sighed "The Genesis is still undergoing repairs. We could bring weapons and shields online, but I'm not sure how much she would be able to fight in her current state. The weapons on the Hope are minimal, nothing that could defend against whats coming."

"Damn. Could we use them to evacuate if needed?"

He pulled up the specs for both ships and quickly reviewed them "We'd be better off loading the Hope first, getting as many people onboard as we can. The Genesis would be better off defending until the Hope is out of the system."

Cailyn raced into the Ops center and looked at the screen.
"Cailyn to security, prepare to be boarded by overwelming gorn forces." Cailyn looked at the data on her display.
Cailyn sighted and tryed to find a way to make the station survive a few minutes longer. As she looked up she saw david walking in.
"Lieutenant Laurie a word?"

David had made good time getting to Ops, although he didn't plan on staying long. Many decks below his Marines were kitting up in their battle armour ready for whatever was going on. As soon as David had his orders, he would be off to lead his men in battle.

"Certainly, Lieutenant," he replied as he stepped aside with Cailyn.

This was something Krissy hadn't missed. Red alert and danger for breakfast, although wearing the unifrom again had felt reasuring in a strange manner. Zipping up the tunic she pounded the deck to operations riding the lift with trepidation.
It took less then a second to see what it was that caused Quinn to be so jumpy, and frankly she agreed. With most of the support ships still undergoing major repairs they choices were limited at best.
"Commadore..." she asked trying to second gues his next move.

Quinn held his hand out to quiet her for a moment as he made a follow up call.
Quinn hit his comm badge, his mind racing with possibilities, each one bad. The station was in no fit state to repel an attack of this size, not after the battle to retake it.
"Quinn to Lieutenant Lyons, start the evacuation of all civilian personnel to the Hope and then take that ship with a skeleton crew and head for Bellatrix system!", The com badge chirruped as she replayed.

=^= Lyons here. Acknowledged sir. Will begin the evacuation immediately. =^=

Now Quinn turned to face his Communications Officer. "Patch me through to the MacArthur".

"Aye Sir" Maxx replied "Starbase 611 to USS MacArthur come in please" and after a few moments "........your through Sir"
Maxx sighed inwardly, they had only just finished repairing and updating the communications on the station and now that the relay was up to full power they were just about to lose it all again.

"MacArthur, this is a priority one distress call. We are under attack by an overwhelming force. Immediatly redirect to Starbase 611. Repeat we are under attack!"
Now the long wait started. It was probably only seconds, but it felt like a lifetime to Quinn.

USS MacArthur - Bridge

Lam heard the Commodore's message and a shiver went up her spine, "Acknowledged sir, we're on our way." Within moments MacArthur's makeshift crew were springing into action. "Helm, reverse course and engage at maximum warp" as the nod came from the young man in front of her she looked round to Jrez then over to Star, "All hands, battle stations!"

HHS Korolev - Bridge

Commander Borcor looked over at Lieutenant Agara at the sudden message from the starbase. "Lieutenant hail the MacArthur and pursuit course to 611." She ordered.

Avo nodded as she opened the comm channel as the ship jumped to warp. "Open Commander." Avo said as Commander Lam's face came on the screen.

"Commander what is happening?" Borcor demanded.

"A Gorn battle group is heading for 611, I'm sorry we're going to have to put our mission hold." replied Lam as moved towards the conn, "at maximum warp it'll take us nearly twenty minutes to get there."

"Forget twenty minutes Commander, pull alongside us and we'll open a transwarp conduit, it'll cut fifteen minutes off our time but it takes two minutes to charge up." Borcor explained. "How about that?"

USS MacArthur - Bridge

"Just let us know what we need to do and we'll be ready" replied Sara. It took a few moments for them to close together after dropping out of Warp. 'This should be interesting, perhaps we can learn something at the same time?' she thought.

"Jrez, make sure you record as much as possible of our trip in Transwarp, I'm sure it will make fascinating reading" there was a slight pause, "assuming we survive of course" she said rolling her eyes.

Starbase 611 - Operations

"Commodore" Cailyn said as she looked at her console. "I'm undermanned. We need all the bodies we can get right now. If you get Mason here I can focus my attention with David in keeping the Gorn of this station."

Haqtaj appeared at Cailyn's shoulder, "Can I be of assistance? The Klingon ships in orbit may be able to slow the Gorn but they won't be able to stop them. Alternatively, they could remain cloaked and beam refugees of the station safely."

"That last one could be handy. It gives us time to handle the Gorn." Cailyn said as she looked round. "Commodore I suggest that we let the Klingons do the most of the evac."

Quinn shouted over the mass of people that had suddenly appeared to man the emergancy stations. "Mason... Man the weapons systems. Raise shields. Try and get the weapons systems back on line Jenkins!"

"Aye sir," Krissy replied moving over to the console in question. The pannel lit up at her touch, and the invisable bubble like sheilding took form cacooning the station. She raised her eyes at the oncomming vessle with dismay, they could not hold the station for long under the Gorn's supeiour firepower.

Finally Quinn turned to the Klingon ambassador. "Excuse me Ambassador but you shouldn't be here!" then something clicked in him. "Do you have a support craft at the station?"

Haqtaj grinned, "Three Vor'cha, nine K't'inga and two B'rel are sitting, cloaked, in a defencive ring around the station, at the request of Commodore DeVour."

"Good. Can I ask you to start evacuating the civilian population and get as many of them to safety as possible. This isn't a fight we can win!"
His words were cloaked, but he knew that she would understand and hopefully draw some sense of honor from the request, even if she would be fleeing battle.

Haqtaj nodded at the commander, "I will oversee the evacuation myself, however I will need your shield frequencies so my people can beam your civilians off through the shields. Their cloaks will mean they can pass the Gorn unnoticed, right up till the last moment. I will have the Vor'cha run as body guard for the Hope and Genesis. When the civilians are out I will return here. I would not like anyone to think I was not commited to my post."

"Don't worry about us Ambassador. We'll make it out alive on the Genesis. Just get them to safety!"

"Commander, I have shed blood to protect this station and the people on it. I will not leave them to die. The FHew will remain in close cloaked orbit and beam off any straggling command staff that it can, including myself. What of the Romulan Ambassador?"

"I have no intention of dying my friend. We'll meet you at Bellatrix". Quinn patted his friend, despite recent events, on the shoulder before turning back to the crew in Ops. "Captain, take a team and get Genesis ready for departure. Jenkins, report on those weapons systems!"

Wild's Quarters

Milika was quickly awakened by the sound of the red alert Klaxon going off and the baby crying. She turned to Thomas and quickly woke him up while she went to grab Sira out of her crib. She was trying to calm her down. She wondered what was going on, but had no way to find out. In all her years in Starfleet she knew that this couldn't turn out good.

Starbase 611 - Operations

Quinn braced himself against the Ops table, not sure how this would play out. The massively armored ships were closing in on his station. Each one better armed than 611 even when she was fully operational.

The crew were performing their best, and given the circumstances it was a miracle. The civilian population was being evacuated by Lyons and the Klingon Ambassador, and hopefully so were the other Diplomatic Office's. The fleeting thought ran through his mind, Would I ever see them again? But he quickly pushed it aside in favor of focusing on the matter at hand.


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