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The Truth That Lies Across This New Divide

Posted on Sat Apr 10th, 2010 @ 6:18pm by

Mission: Human Nature. Season 1; Episode 6
Location: Denobula

His eyes slowly lifted trying to make sense of the bright light that caused his eyes to water and tear up. He blinked several times unable to wipe the falling tears that fell from his eyes. Shapes started to form around him and he started to untangle the memories of his bruised and battered mind. A woman stood over him and smiled, his face remained unchanged only his eyes followed her and after a few moments she walked out of the room without that smile on her face without the happiness that she had tried to infect in him.

He lifted his hands up to his face and noticed for the first time he was laying down on a bed only that it seemed someone had restrained put a restraining field around him for what purpose he wasn’t sure all he could remember was talking to a young man about something. The room was colored a distasteful yellow which started to build a slight tremor of anger into his hand. Everything, ever inconvenience was starting to annoy him, the nurse the color of the room, even the way his bed had been placed in the room started to slowly but surely rise a discontent that was slowly turning becoming a boiling point.

A doctor entered the room and walked over to his bed side deactivating the restraining field as he grasped Anthony’s hand and looked at a wrist watch.

“Mr. Cardel, my name is Doctor Klaben how are we feeling today?” the doctor started to run a scan as he tried to conversate with his patient.

“Where am I?” Anthony said looking harshly into the eyes of the doctor.

“You’re at the Phlox Institute of Medicine” the doctor responded

“Why am I here” Anthony shot back

“You collapsed, another few minutes of oxygen deprevation to your brain and you might have died” the doctor said leaning into to speak with Anthony more directly.

“Are you suffering sleep problems? Trouble controlling anger? Hallucinations?” the doctor said taking direct control of the conversation.

“And why should I answer to you?” Anthony snapped at the doctor grasping the doctors hand ad using his anger to grip it as hard as he could, the doctor winced slightly but made no motion that he would move away.

“You’re suffering from post traumatic stress, and you haven’t sought treatment?” the doctor said looking into Anthony’s cloudy and troubled blue eyes.

“The doctors on DS7 were busy with other people, I didn’t need their help, I didn’t want their help!” he said screaming into the face of the doctor.

“Why?” the doctor said moving even closer

“Because they all hate me! Every last one of them with their self serving fucking face, always talking behind my back but god forbid I write about what I really think of them.” He said throwing several items of medical equipment to the floor.

He leaped to his feet and pointed at the doctor who had inadvertently let go of his patient’s hand.

“I’m always the pretender never showing what I truly feel because I can’t be who I am, the selfish human being that wants to be decrepit and leave behind my life!” he said smashing his fist into a screen shattering the glass and leaving pieces of glass in his fist.

The doctor walked slowly towards the angered patient trying to discreetly call security as he did.

“Why don’t you sit down and relax, Mr. Cardel.” The doctor said trying to move closer to his deranged patient.

“Fuck off! Leave me alone! Why can’t I be left alone?” He screamed out another curse and with an animal cry leaped at the doctor trying to strike the doctor down.

Mid step Anthony stopped he felt funny all his rage and emptied from his mind, he fell to his knees and again blacked out from everything.


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