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preparing a defence

Posted on Thu Apr 15th, 2010 @ 9:44am by 1st Lieutenant Delvok Laurie

Mission: Human Nature. Season 1; Episode 6

After she and David found a quite spot in the ops center cailyn brought him the bad new.
"A group of Gorn ships is coming this way. We have a few minutes before they get here." Cailyn sadia s she looked arond. "The station is not in a fighting mood. We cannot hold out. THe evac of civilians uis underway. I need your help to make this work."
Cailyn almost sounds despirate. This was her first time she was in command of station security and now the station was lost.

David nodded. "My Marines have better armour, so if the Gorn board we'll keep them off you, let your security forces move the civilians. I can have a perimeter set up around the areas being evacuated and set traps; if you take the civilians down a number of secure routes, it might be wide to block certain corridors to funnel the Gorn into a bottle neck. How does that sound?"

It was true the situation was grim, but David was sure he was going to make the Gorn pay of every inch of ground they tried to take.

"That would be great."Cailyn said as she got a little bit of hope. She pointed to a diagram of the station. "We take all civilians to these decks for transport or to let them board in the ships.If your marines can hold these corridors then we can give the civilians a chance to survive. If you need help my teams a re ready."

David looked at the map and considered the routes. "If my demo squad blocks off some of these corridors we stand a better chance of holding them off. Only problem is that if things go wrong it limits our options. Since you'll be heading the evac, would you prefer us not to block the corridors I mentioned."

"There are a few corridors that we can blow if the civilians are off the station."Cailyn said as sher looked at the screen. After a minute she pointed at a place. "This corridor, if you blow it after we get the civilians out the Gorn have to make a smal detour. You can ambush them at this junction. That will buy us a few minutes."
Cailyn looked at david and then to the diagram.
"You will lose men. The Gorn want to see blood."

"Part of being a Marine, but we'll take a lot of those damned scaley buggers to Hell with us," he replied grimly. Looking at the display he reckoned there was a good chance the entire Marine Detachment could be wiped out. This was not how he'd hoped his assignment would go, but this had always been a possibility. As long as Helen got off the station okay, he'd be fine with that.

"Do you have anyone that needs to be evac?" CAilyn asked as she wondered how to do this.

David sighed. He'd never used position to get preferential treatment, although he was sure that none would be given. Still, it was best to put all the chips on the table.

"My wife, Helen," he replied. "She's an El-Aurian, survived her homeworld's assimilation by the Borg. I'm positive she'll not only be able to get off the station, but will likely be helping move others before leaving herself." The thought of her dying had never really crossed his mind before, although her being left without him had. While many might see it as cold if they knew, David merely pushed the thought aside so it wouldn't hinder his work.

"Do you have anyone needing evac?" he asked.

"If I dy. Just take my body." Cailyn said as she moved of. "My symbiont needs to live at any cost. I will get your wife and the rest of the civilians to the transports. You hold of the Gorn."

David nodded and headed for the turbolift. He stopped at the two Marines that were on security duty. "You will hold this area at all costs. There likely won't be any back-up as the rest of us will be tied up below. If the Gorn get here, get the Senior staff off, even if you have to disobey their orders to get them off. You know how fleeters are when it comes to leaving," he said very quietly. The two men nodded.

Stepping into the turbolift, David headed for the decks where the civilians were being sent to transporters and airlocks to flee the station. He knew that his armour would be waiting for him with his squad, as would be his rifle. And then he would kill ever lizard that came at him and send the rest home to think again about invading a Federation Starbase.

If only he could bring himself to believe it would be that easy.

Out of the turbolift he was met by his squad, all armed and ready. He quickly got into his armour, pulled his helmet into place and started calmly delivering deployment orders.


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