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Fighting Free

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Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.
Location: The Temple

"We're being followed," Henk whispered breaking the silence between them. "We won't be able to cover the distance in time."

Kristina shivered involuntary feeling the hairs upon the back of her neck rising, always a bad omen in her opinion. "Where is the nearest shelter?"

"The temple is closer," Henk confessed hating having to suggest it remembering how it spooked him and how the possessed child attacked the Doctor earlier. "We'll have to move slowly, I don't think those things have any eyes"

"For something that doesn't have any eyes, they stalk exceptionally well," she whispered. "The temple it is. Now nice and slowly, cover the rear Tenyson keep that weapon ready. You're going to direct me Henk, alright?" If it wasn't for the gathering darkness they would have been able to the fear etched in her eyes.

The two men nodded, and together the moved as one slowly across the meadow a flash of lightening and deafening rumble of thunder came from above lightening their route ahead.
Kristina's breath caught in her chest. Between themselves and the temple stood at least nine creatures, they were bent double clambering on all fours like gorillas. As Henk suggested they appeared not to have any eyes, no facial features other then the wide mouth she had seen him paw over.
However the lack of sight did not affect these creature for in an instant they were hurtling towards them with a frightening speed.

Instantly the three of them began to open fire. It took several shots just to slow them up, and another two to bring them down. Needless to say they were drawing in remarkably quickly faster then the three of them could fire.
Throwing aside her rifle so that it hung over her shoulder Kristina drew the Klingon blade she has picked up from the ruins and passed a spare to Tenyson. He caught it one handed and twisted around expertly barely an instant before the wave of monsters were upon them.

It had been some time since she last fought close handed, but she felt the flare had not faded. As she had expected the Klingon blade was designed for this sort of combat being sharper then wit and as light a feather. Clenching her jaw she cleanly drew a deep gash down the spine of a creature as it continued to race towards her on all fours hell bent on ramming her to the ground.
A thick yellow substance covered the blade and ran across the thick coat of the creature as it streaked past her howling either in frustration or in pain she couldn't be sure. Regardless the wounded creature galloped back for another attack, collecting a partner on the journey.
Quickly switching hands with blade she leveled her rifle again aiming at the wounded creature, thankfully it went down without any more protests. The second however kept coming, gaining speed with each bound. Instantly her finger was on the trigger loosing a round at close range she couldn't miss nor avoid the shower of yellow foul smelling blood that followed.
Sensing something closing in behind her she spun up on her heel, drawing back her arm as she did. In a blink she had released her grip on the blade throwing it through the air where it held true to its course stabbing another creature in the throat.

Henk’s fight didn’t go as well as the others.
He managed to take down one creature and wounded an other. But the wounded creature came closer, following behind was another. They came at inhuman speed and soon closed the gap. Henk was just in time to grab his improvised weapon and launched his melee attack at the wounded creature. With one stab on the head the creature went down, but the other one managed to knock him down with such force that he lost his weapon while falling to the ground. The creature jumped on top of him and managed to bite his shoulder. Henk screamed with agony while blood was running down his shoulder. He looked up and saw the creature preparing for another attack. He closed his eyes and hoped it was a quick death. Then he heard the sound of phaser fire at close quarters, the heat of the exchange passed across his cheek.
Bravely he peeked open an eye.
He saw the creature lying on its side unmoving.

Tilting his head upwards he saw the form of Tenyson standing over him briefly before the security officer hauled Henk back up to his feet pushing a phaser into his hand.
The two men gave another a non vocal acknowledgment passing across some encouragement to the younger man. Like Henk Tenyson too was supporting several bloody wounds but this was not the time to tend to such things, they were still trapped in the middle of a battle gruesome fight trying to cover distance towards the temple.

Fortunately between the three of them the small knot of creatures was dwindling, more intrigued by the violent scenes further into the meadow following another like trained soldiers going into battle.
Sheathing her knife Kristina returned her gaze back to her small team as a flash of lightning lit the sky above them. "Henk!" she shouted. "Lead the way, hurry before they return. Tenyson fall in!"

Henk nodded once and took the lead hurrying through the squall. His shoulder stung like hell as the rain drenched it but the adrenaline kept the worst of the pain at bay. Over the treeline the team could see the temple and obelisk, they quickened their pace checking over their shoulders in case they were being persuaded but nothing appeared to be following them this time.
They took shelter against one side of external walls from the downpour. While Kristina and Tenyson eye's swept the area Henk nodded upwards slumping to the ground feeling suddenly weak from the battle.
“The only entrance is up there.” he said weakly as he ripped off his left sleeve.
He pressed it against his wounded shoulder and bit his tongue as not to scream in pain.

Tenyson squatted down beside him. "Are you alright?" he asked laying his rifle across his thigh.

Henk looked at Tenyson.
“One of the creatures bit me in the shoulder.” Henk repiled putting on a brave face. “I've lost blood since then.”

"May I?" Tenyson raised an open hand leaning closer

Henk withdrew his hands from the piece of cloth and prepared for the pain ahead.

Carefully the security officer drew back the torn fabric to inspect the wound on Henk's shoulder. The sharp teeth had bitten deep, but remarkably clearly still leaving most of the skin complete save the puncture marks. Tenyson replaced the torn sleeve over the wound. "Put pressure on it. It will hurt like no tomorrow but it will help stop the bleeding." he muttered rising back to his feet feeling Kristina standing over him.

"How is he?" she asked in quite tone.

"He's incredibly lucky. The bite is deep but the flesh was not too badly damaged. But, I'm concerned about how pale he looks."

"I know what you are thinking," she preempted his words. "But we don't have any medical supplies, I'm not sending anyone back to the camp its too dangerous."

"But sir -"

"No." Kristina snapped. "We need to stick together. Once the storm has passed we might have a chance to return back to camp then."

"That could be daybreak." A dawn of realization came over the security officer.

"I'm aware of that," the irritated tone had slipped away. "We need to support one another until we met up again with the Commander. Firstly I'd feel a lot better if we were inside, although I can't see them I still have this feeling we are being watched. At least inside we can defend ourselves better."
She turned and spoke to Henk sympathizing with his condition for the first time. None of this was suppose to happen, and now she was responsible for someone she was certain was a killer. It was clear now she ahd grossly misjudged him as he bit on his bottom lip.
"Come on," she slipped an arm beneath his uninjured side. "Let's get inside, then we can take a proper look at that."

“You have to keep me awake.” Henk said as he staggered up the worn stair being supported by Kristina. “You have to keep me awake, until we can get back to the ship.”

"Don't worry, we'll find some way of keeping you conscious," she croaked taking most of his weight. "You can tell us what happened after the West Ridge landed. I don't think I heard the whole story earlier. No doubt it's a good story worth telling more then once." She tried to inject a little humor into the dark situation but wasn't certain it had made a difference in lifting spirits.

The way Kristina said that made Henk smile.
"Maybe it will be an survival lesson for your people." Henk said.

Finally the made to the top and ducked inside. Gently Kristina lowered Henk down and flicked on her torch while Tenyson explored the space. Henk turned his gaze to the raging thunderstorm for a moment glad at last he was outside any longer. Then with deep sigh he torn off the remaining sleeve and replaced it with the other now soaked in blood.

Kristina bit her lip with concern. Henk was right, they had to keep him conscious and wait out the storm. Without any medical equipment things could spiral out on control quickly.
Interrupting her thoughts Tenyson returned to her side passing across a Starfleet case supporting the medical symbol. "I think things might be looked up for us a little," he said lowering the case and springing open the catches.

"The doctor must have left it behind from earlier," she quickly set to work filling a hypospray with a pain killer and swiftly injected Henk with it.

"You're lucky Henk. As if she knew we were coming the doctor left behind her medical equipment. You're going to be fine, but it won't excuse you from your story."

Henk looked at the medkit and then to Kristina.
"She must have left it back here when she was attacked." Henk said as he looked how Kristina worked. "It was not a pretty sight. I think were are lucky that she had forgot it."

Pulling at his shirt Kristina leveled the dermo regenerate over the teeth marks. "What attacked her?"

"A child. She was the first child to disappear." Henk said. "a group of people searched for her and her mother. We never found them."

Her hand jerked a little at the news. "A child from the colony ship? Are you sure?"

Yes, I'm sure." Henk said as he looked fiercely at Kristina. "When she attacked I panicked. I hit her with a piece of wood, but if was like she didn't even feel it. The doctor was in pretty bad shape. Like she was so scared that she was going to die because of it."

"I'm sure most people would have done the same thing in that situation." she replied allowing this new information to sink in.

"I found this also," Tenyson muttered holding out transporter beacon in the palm of his hand. He had been listening crouching beside them.
The beacon appeared to have trampled on for it was now misshaped and no longer was receiving a signal.
Kristina lowered the medical tool looking closer at the device with a frown. "Did you find anything else?"

"There's a small about of blood close to where I found this, as well as a second passageway leading deeper into the temple quite likely into the catacombs."

Resuming her work Kristina chewed her lip. "I want both entrances guarded at all times, what ever attacked them could come back."

"Understood," Tenyson rose, then abruptly stopped feeling the firm grip of Mason's hand upon his ankle. He looked down at his superior with a questioning gaze.

"Don't stray far, I need to treat your leg." she indicated to the deep cuts on his right outer thigh clearly the result of sharp talons.

He looked down twisting slightly to see the wound for himself. He shrugged lightly. "I'd rather you saw to yourself first, Sir."

She waved an impatient hand dismissing him silently.

"People don't start fighting." Henk said as Tenyson moved away. "Were are now depending on each other. If we fight, these creatures will win."
Henk looked around then grabbed Kristina's arm as she lowed the regentor back to the kit.
"I don't think we got started on the right foot." he said softly. "I'm not a killer, I was just at the wrong moment in time to survive."

Shifting to make herself more comfortable she placed her other hand upon his. "I can see that now. I'm sorry for what I said on the ship, but I have to understand you were the only suspect at the time."
She rubbed his hand slightly. "Try not to worry yourself. You need to rest."

"Wake me up after a few hours. You need also my help in guarding this place." Henk said as he was shifting to find a better sleeping position having made his peace with the security chief.

"Let's hope it doesn't come to that." she gave him sideways look and rose back to her feet. Taking the medkit with her she moved stiffly over to Tenyson who stood at the outer door way surveying the scene. A flash of lightning lit the area illuminating the shell of the West Ridge in the distance.

Feeling her presence he turned and asked: "Do you think they will be alright?"

Standing at his side she followed his gaze with a grim face. "I'm sure Commander DeVour will have everything under control. At dawn we'll regroup at the Ridge, but until then we have to wait out the storm."


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