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But I, Being Poor, Have Only My Dreams

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Mission: Human Nature. Season 1; Episode 6
Location: Denobula

“Well, well, well doctor it seems your assumption about Mr. Cardel were correct” A man in his late fifty responded looking at the much calmer and at peace Cardel unconscious on the biobed.

Doctor Klaben shifted on his feet trying to keep his own uncomfortable feelings show through his face.

“What do you intend to do with him?” Klaben said feelings his back itched with sweat making him shiver as it ran down his ridges.

“I intend to release him and send him on his way to DS7” the older Denobulan responded grasping his two hands together trying to keep his own emotions dormant within himself.

“He isn’t fit to leave this hospital much less the planet, he has serious emotional and psychological that have been suppressed for an extend period if he has another attack he may hurt himself or others” Kalben said trying to do what he thought was best for his patient.

“That is irrelevant for the time being and are you certain he may have another attack? He has no prior attacks of any sort and it seems he may have his own means for containing these attacks” the older doctor looked at the doctor hushing the younger one until a nurse had passed them and once again left them alone in the hallway.

“We don’t know that for certain, besides Starfleet will want a full record of this incident and they will want him to take various stress tests that he may fail” Klaben said trying to implore this administrator to see reason.

The older doctor looked at him with flame in his eyes “Let me make it perfectly clear doctor that there is to be no file on Anthony James Cardel and any documents or tests are to be deleted immediately!”

“This is outrages, why is he getting all this special...”

“Enough” the Doctor said silencing his subordinate in an instant.

“Do as you’ve been instructed and make it clear to everyone who has seen him that he is a ghost and nothing more”

“Now leave me I need a private word with Mr. Cardel” the doctor said motioning for Klaben to leave the medical wing at once.

The older doctor slipped into the room and locked the door and deactivated the surveillance video that was mandated in all Denoblan hospitals for security making sure that any conversations that was about to take place would have to record.

The Doctor prepared a hypospray and after a moment pushed it into the neck of the sombre face of Anthony Cardel.

Anthony stirred in his sleep and finally after a moment opened his eyes, seeing for the first time in a long while a friendly face.

“I thought you left Denobula three days ago?” The doctor said looking down sternly at his old friend

“Well that was the plan but....”Anthony stopped unable to find a reason to tell his frend everything.

“The doctors think your unstable and possibly violent, I thought you said you retired into obscurity?”

“I did try that but T'Pang thought that my idealness wasn’t good for my health and I had to agree with her besides I had my own score to settle” Anthony said getting off the biobed and walking over to a chair sitting on it while his old friend leaned on the biobed looking at him with worry.

“You’re lucky they brought you here Anthony, if they had brought you anywhere else you might spent the rest of your natural life in an institution.”

“Look Darren” he said saying his friends name trying to keep his face from splitting from all the worry that was etched into his friends face.

“I can take care of myself, everyone thought I would break after my quote unquote retirement but I didn’t, whatever happened to me on DS7 doesn’t matter to me or you” his blue eyes stirring with a hidden passion.

Darren sighed involuntarily “Alright but I need you off Denobula, people are bound to find it strange that someone who had an anxiety attack back on the street in just a day”

“I’ve booked you passage on a Federation vessel, the Ulysses its half civi half fed, so you shouldn’t have a problem with anyone asking funny question”

“And If I refuse?” Anthony said standing from his chair and walking towards he was barely a few inches from Darren’s face.

“Then I call back the dear doctor and you spend the next year and a half trying to convince a Denobulan doctor that you’ve still got a grip on reality.” Darren added likely taping both of Anthony’s shoulder blades with his hands.

“Fine, I agree, when do I leave?” Anthony said quickly dressing into more appropriate dress attire. A navy dark sweater with a pair of blue jeans and dark brown loafers, his father use to tell him if you look good you often feel good.

“I’ve had your personal belongings sent to the transport downstairs, and here’s your ticket” Darren said passing over a sealed folder marked CONFIDENTIAL across the middle.

“Paranoid are we Darren?” Anthony said a grin spreading across his face.

“One can never be too careful, you should know that” Darren said

“Goodbye old friend” Anthony said grasping his friends hand with both hands and held them stiffly for a few moments feeling the warmth that endured friendship can create.


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