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Let's go!

Posted on Sat Apr 17th, 2010 @ 12:24am by Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Command Chief Master Sergeant Maiek Kierianh & Milika Wild [PNPC]

Mission: Human Nature. Season 1; Episode 6
Location: Promenade
Timeline: During the evacuation

Haqtaj's voice boomed over the hurrying crowds of civilians, "Let's go! Move it! Get to your evacuation points. Carry only what you need!"

She strode past the newest restaurant bellowing at the people inside, "Out! Now!"

Wild just walked up behind Hagtaj, "Sir, what is going on? why are we evacuating?" Wild asked as she was trying to keep her calm while the baby she as holding still crying harder. Thomas was right beside her, looking at the little one trying to calm her down as well.

Hagtaj turned to her, not believing in sparing details, "The station is being targeted by another Gorn Fleet. We are evacuating Civilian personnel to avoid the carnage that occurred last time. Move quickly to the extraction point."

Moving on she passed a Bolian merchant trying to carry a crate of his merchandise with him and blocking the path of many of the people around him.

"You. Leave it. Only what you need."

The Bolian looked aghast, "I do need these. These are irreplaceable artifacts. They are worth a fortune in latinum!"

Haqtaj pulled out her disruptor an leveled it at the crate. It flashed into a bright glow, the merchant only just letting go in time, and faded to nothing.

"Now it is worth nothing. Now move before I treat you the same way!"

The terrified Bolian scurried away sucking on his fingers. Haqtaj strode to the door to the Romulan Embassy and bashed heavily on the door.

"Maiek! Time to go. If you need transport, say so now!"

Haqtaj moved on, watching as teams of six assembled at the designated points and vanished in a brief red glow that was characteristic of the Klingon transporters. She marched on glancing around. She saw one person in the crowd not rushing or looking frantic. She strode over.

"Cardel. Write your report after the attack. If you don't get to your extraction point now, you might get an exclusive with a Gorn that you will not be able to publish."

It was happening again, the same emotions were swirling in his mind trying to rock his mind like a ship at sea fighting against the sea. Something was different about the storm before he had felt apprehension about sailing into it but now he felt nothing but calm. He looked on as the sea of people pushed against each other desperately trying to escape the Gorn that were attacking the station. Once upon a time he might have been right along with these people trying to leave feeling his the same fear that they felt.

The boarding of the USS Genesis had changed him, he had spent weeks on Denobula trying to figure out what had changed inside himself. He saw a woman fall to the ground and watched as she was injured as several people stumbled and trampled her. Her face was filled with pain, but it didn’t move him, it seemed now that very little moved him. Only his facade kept him normal or as normal as he could look.
He looked up to see the Klingon moving towards him, her battle clothing almost shimmering in the low light of the promenade.

He smiled at her attempt at humor and replied “Maybe they can inform me how they keep their teeth that healthy white”

Haqtaj gripped him by the elbow and moved him along with the crowd, "A health diet of reporters, no doubt. Move!"

Anthony allowed himself to be pulled along as he looked up at the fleeing population some falling over each other trying to escape. "Do you fear death Ambassador?" he asked his voice flowing unnaturally over his tongue.

"Sto Vo Kor will be there for me whenever it happens, but there are worse things than death. When it comes it will find me with my eyes open and my weapon in hand. Here..."

They arrived at an extraction point and Haqtaj put Cardel in the area marked out with pattern enhancers. "We can talk more later. For now... Energize!"


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