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Final Curtain Call

Posted on Fri Apr 16th, 2010 @ 8:00am by Fleet Admiral Tal Navek & Lieutenant Linom Dekur & Lieutenant Helen Lyons [PNPC] & Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels & Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins & Lieutenant Eloise Star & Lieutenant Amber Winters & 1st Lieutenant Delvok Laurie & Lieutenant Kriss Maxx & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez & Milika Wild [PNPC] & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Command Chief Master Sergeant Maiek Kierianh

Mission: Human Nature. Season 1; Episode 6

Fifteen Minuets Later

Quinn was tense and the tension was sitting like a rock across his shoulders. What he needed right now as a massage, but now wasn't the time. The Purifiers were baring down on the station and within the next few moments they wold be within weapons distance of the station.
"Do we have weapons yet?"

Thomas was on his back, under the console when the Commodore called out across Ops. Despite having rolled up his sleeves and loosened his tunic, his furrowed brow barely kept the sweat out of his eyes while he ran the isolitic converter over the badly-fused components. The memory of their last encounter with the Gorn was still fresh in his mind, and he had no intention of going up against the cold-blooded bastards without weapons. He ignored the Quinn's question, refusing to divert his focus.

"Jenkins... We need those weapons", the tension in Quinns voice rising with each word.

"Hah!" Thomas laughed, astonished, and scrambled to his feet. He pounded in a few commands, tapping the screen in front of him so hard it almost made his fingertips hurt. When nothing happened, a swift kick to the panel he'd been working on resulted in a soft humming sound. "Weapons at 80 percent!" He called out, proudly, leaving out the fact that after unfusing the power couplings he'd rerouted environmental controls to give the weapons the juice they needed. His raise in spirits quickly faded as the proximity sensor on his console flashed a violent red.

Instanly the console beneath Mason's fingers began to glow with promise. It was a relife, although Thomas was a capable officer she had not seen him perform wel under pressure. Perhaps it was time to give him a fleck of resepect in the future.

"Incoming!" He screamed, his face returning to the tense-browed serious expression he'd been sporting a moment before.

The operations room swayed under the blow causing several of the crew to grip their stations like vice to stay up right. The sheild bubble flickered, but held steady for now at least.

As the report finished coming across the room the station was jostled by the first salvo from the enemy ships.
"Return fire!

"Cannons loose!" Tom called out, targeting the lead ship and lighting up space with phasers and torpedos. "Take this you slimy-assed freaks." He muttered, not thinking to watch the volume of his voice.

Nearby Mason's eyes slide from watching the torpedos vanishing into the distane and the displays upon her consoles to Jenkins and he outburst. Her eyes narrowed but she didn't say anything, privately she agreed with his statement after the injuries they had alflicted upon the base and her crew previoulsy.

"Status of the evacuation?", Quinn called out, wanting to know if the time had been enough to get the civilian populace away from the station. All they had to focus on then was giving them a large enough window to get far enough away and find the time and ability to escape themselves.

"Almost done." Cailyn said as she walked into the ops center. "We are all that is left."

"I want you on the last evacuation transport Lieutenant. Keep them alive", Quinn turned back to the screen to see the next wave of enemy craft circling around for another pass.

"Commodore." Cailyn said. "We have a chance to get everyone off the station. Now you want me to throw that away?"

"We have everyone off the station, Lieutenant. I want you to make sure they stay alive. This isn't a request... Get to the Hope and make sure she survives... Am I clear Lieutenant!"
It was stated, not posed as a question. Quinn needed people he trusted to make sure that the population of 611 survived and since he couldn't do it himself, his officers would have to.

"Yes sir." Cailyn said as she walked of to the Hope.
ON her way there she grabed a marine.
"Give a message to David. All civilians are off the station. Only starfleet remains. Key area's."

Hope Bridge

Helen Lyons stalked the bridge, waiting impatiently for the word that the last of the civilians were jammed aboard. And she hoped that they were not leaving it to late to leave. The Hope had no chance of standing up to a fight with a gnat much less running with a Gorn Cruiser close on her tail.

She glared at the Comms Officer who was just finishing a muted conversation. "Lieutenant Lyons, the last of our passengers has come aboard. Lieutenant Tarke will be joining us on the bridge."

"About time....Jeffries, signal Ops that we are leaving as soon as they give us a clear run. Or before then if I don't hear from them within five mintues."

"Yes Ma'am. I'm right on it."

As Jefferies hit the comms again, Helen resumed her stalking. By the stars she hated Gorn.

As Cailyn walked unto the bridge she looked around. She walked to the tactical station and looked at the data
"We have everybody.." Cailyn said as she was busy looking at al systems. ": We can go. IF we leave now we can get everyone safely out of here."

"Captain we are getting a voice signal on a Klingon Frequency."

,'. This is the IKC B'hemoth. We will be escorting you out. We will be in radio silence as soon as the jamming signal reaches us, so keep your course as straight as possible so you don't hit any of us while we are cloaked. ,'.

"Acknowledged B'hemoth , we'll do our best. Hope out." Helen turned to the Helm officer. "Wheeler, get us out of here."

MacArthur Bridge

The battle raged and while the MacArthur and her wayward crew did their best to draw the Gorn away from the station their attack runs were like the annoying bites of a Katarian flee on the hide of a great beast. The casualties wrought upon the battle cruiser they were targeting must have been horrific but still it pursued them, thankfully they were drawing away but this proved to be a two fold problem. Firstly they were lessening the attack on 611 which would undoubtedly buy them more time but now they were becoming isolated from the rest of the fleet.

Sara looked round at the various officers, "Initiate evasive maneuver Kirk Epsilon, do what you can to keep them off our backs for a few moments." As she walked over to the operations station she quickly did the arithmetics, it would be close but it was there only way out. "Lieutenant Star, I want you to begin evacuating the injured, get them down to the shuttlebay, we're going to abandon ship"

"Yes sir!", she replied, knowing what this meant for the ship.

"I'll need three volunteers to help me carry out my plan" stated Lam, fully expecting no one to respond but Lieutenant Davian at the Conn immediately gave her a nod, "that just leaves two more" she said looking round again.

HHS Korolev Bridge

Commander Borcor stood triumphantly sounding orders to the bridge crew of the Korolev as it created a Vanguard for 611 and it's support ships. It's powerful weapons cut through the Gorn ships like paper but the shear number of ships compensated for their outdated weapons to a certain degree.

Avo looked at the Commander and could only be awestruck by her military genius.

"Fire point defense system interceptors and redirect fighter squadrons to attack the Gorn capital ships." She ordered. "And set rear rail guns to supress the fighter squadrons attacking the MacArthur." She ordered. "And open a channel to six one one."

Avo nodded as she conected the Commander to station ops.

Starbase 611 Opperations

Quinn watched as the horrific scene played out infront of them all. Each of the craft, friend and enemy alike took heavy fire, but the Gorn were pulling out ahead. The MacArthur looked as though nothing but sheer will was holding her together. Aerelon and the Genesis were bobbing between the larger craft allowing lancing blasts from the phaser's to impact the enemy causing next to no damage. Finally the Hope was pulling gently out of dock as if nothing was happening. Slowly she pulled away, accelerating away from the battle.

Another racking volley hit the side of the station, this time knocking her from her axis. A massive rupture opening across the promenade and main habitat ring. In his mind he hoped that no one was left down there as the deathly wound would have taken any life.

"Lieutenant's Mason and Jenkins... You remain here. Everyone else get to the evacuation transporters. Beam to the Genesis. Mason signal them to come within transporter range. We will be joining you shortly."
He nodded at the remaining crew motioning for Jenkins and Mason to cluster around the ops table, but he said nothing until the crew had filed away.

Relays had been going out all over the place as Max tried to keep the systems open by diverting power to other relays around the station. It was like a fall of dominoes and as he opened another channel another would fail. This was the last one attempt as he left his station to report to the Genisis. The sooner they were out of here the better.

Jenkins looked up from his console for only a second, and noticed Jason waving him over. Setting the weapons systems to autofire, he made his way calmly to the Operations table. As much as there was going on, a calm composure was needed for what he expected to come next. He almost felt as if he were growing up; he wasn't sure the thought would have even come to him a year ago. But he knew what he would do in the situation, and his gut told him that's what was coming.

Krissy watched with conern as Zeek took acknoledgment of her message for the Genesis turned akwardly in the battle returning for a passover of the station. Her fingers twitched over the console. There was so much more she wanted to say to Zeek directly but this wasn't the time...

Shaking her head she jogged around the table joining Quinn and Jenkins.

Once everyone had departed, with frantic eyes and the taste of defeat in his mouth and on his lips he spoke. "We have lost this battle. Computer. Set auto destruct sequence, authorization Quinn Alpha Sigma Three Three Seven!"
"Destruct sequence armed. Awaiting confirmation codes!", the computer added with no emotion on the matter.

Krissy hesitated, then feeling the engery drain from her body she spoke the words she'd never thought she would say: "Computer, authorize self destruct sequene. Security Cheif Mason Kristina authorization Charlie Beta Two, seven nine."

"Computer," Tom followed suit, understandingly but not without remorse. "Authorize self-destruct sequence. Chief Strategic Operations Jenkins, Thomas J. Authorization code Beta One, Delta Eighty Six."

MacArthur Sickbay

Amber had been in sickbay staying busy while the whole battle was forging on. Amber was way too busy in sickbay to know what was going on, on the bridge. The injured that found their way to sickbay, where fixed up as fast as she could. There was no time at all to worry. She barked orders to her staff and sent the medics out to do their job in the other parts of the ship.

=/="Doctor sorry to interrupt but you need to get those patients moving, I want everyone off within the next 2 minutes."=/=

Amber was in her little world when she heard the comm. "Aye" Amber looked at the staff. "You heard her. Lets get moving like yesturday here. "Move, move, move yelled Amber." Amber made sure everyone was out and moved before she headed out herself.

Genesis Bridge

The Genesis was slow to join the battle, still recovering from her encounter with the Gorn vessels in Cestus. The bridge was a buzz with fresh faced, and very inexperienced officers as the ship undocked from the station. Weapons fire immediately rocked the ship as they turned to engage the enemy forces. Zeek held onto the center chair as the Genesis attempted to fight off the incoming Gorn vessels. "Captain" The young Ensign at tactical called out "Sir, the MacArthur is taking heavy fire, I don't know how much more they can take!"

Zeek sighed. This battle was not going well, and while he didn't want to abandon the Starbase, leaving those on the MacArthur to their fate was not an option either. "Get me Commander Lam on the MacArthur." He replied

=/="Genesis to MacArthur. Commander, whats your status?"=/=

=/="Genesis this is MacArthur, we've got a plan to take this battle cruiser out, most of the crew has evacuated by shuttle but we're going to need a tow, I'm hoping the Havarians will help us out though"=/=

MacArthur Bridge

As Lam and her volunteers gave covering fire as the last of the shuttles departed they put the Commanders plan into action. "Throw the last of the Photon's at them and re-route everything we can to the shields." The faces around her were those of people scared for their lives, she just hoped things worked out.

"Torpedoes away, forward Phasers are almost depleted but their port shields are breached!" shouted Ensign Pierce, doing his best to cover Tactical.

"Good work Ensign, lets just hope they don't get them back online." said Lam without looking up, "Davian, set a collision course and stand by with emergency thrust."

It only took a few moments before the forward shields began to buckle under the torrent of fire but they were almost there, "Range to target 4000 metres, 3000" shouted Davian wincing as he looked as he looked at the read out.

Lam tapped the console before shouting to Davian, "escape course now Lieutenant." Moments later the MacArthur veered away from the massive form of the Gorn Battle Cruiser, as they skimmed over the ventral hull Lam pressed another button on her command console. A massive explosion erupted from the far side of the Gorn ship as the ships warp core detonated, within moments secondary explosions rippled across the surface facing the MacArthur, who herself began to spin out of control her power systems all but drained.

Starbase 611 - Main Operations

The confirmation codes had been entered and all had the same docile shocked expression. Things had happened so fast, but the situation was worsening by the moment.
"Awaiting final code for one minuet countdown".
Again the computer spoke with no emotion on its immenant destruction.
"Authorisation zero zero zero... Destruct... Zero!", a hollow voice with hollow eyes that held nothing of what he had been.
"Auto destruct sequence set. You now have sixty seconds to reach an evacuation point... Fifty Seven... Fifty Six... Fifty Five", mindlessly the computer counted.

"Krissy... I have to correct one last problem before we depart. Your conduct over the last few days has been exemplary and I have already enetered into the Starfleet records your promotion back to Lieutenant Commander. As much as I loved Alyssa... She was wrong!"

With the countdown to their death underway Mason blinked hard. "I don't think this is quite the time for that sir." she replied taken back by Quinn's explination.

"Your right... Lets go!"

USS Genesis - Main Bridge

Jason made it to the bridge in time to see the Gorn cruisers move into close proximity to the station finally giving up the chase for the Genesis. And now, Genesis, the ship that had saved them was warping away from the station, not wanting to remain in the location with the pending demise.

Quinn moved down the slop on the left hand side of the bridge until he was standing behind the Operations console manned by an unknown officer. His blond hair scruffed and covered with lint from the damage the bridge had taken during the battle.

Quinn's focus was on 611. Her slender lines obscured by the battle damage that she had endured, but with any great hero, she had held together allowing time for her crew to escape mostly unharmed.

The first series of explosions were small, rippling across the reactors at the very base of each structure and then blossomed upwards.
Quinn could feel the tears forming in his eyes as emotion for the home he barely knew started to make her final attack against the enemy. She started to spin from her axis, slamming into one of the enemy cruisers and ripping her asunder, wrecking what was left of the habitat saucer.
The explosions crept still closer to Operations, firstly ripping apart the modular saucers that had been banded together, three on each structure and finally they reached the apex of the station. Her last cry was one of spectacular force as the reactors finally went in full force, tearing the wrought frame of the station into nothing more than space dust and debris.

Leanne stood watching the pieces of the station rip itself apart. It was a bitter sight to see. She had only managed to grab a few of her important things before the order to abandon ship came across. So many irreplaceable memories lost. Before she teared up she quietly left the bridge and headed down to sickbay to attend to the wounded.

HSS Korolev

Commander Borcor sat down in her command chair as the Korolev acted as Vanguard for the Genesis' and the Hope's escape. "Hail the Genesis Lieutenant Agara." She ordered sloftly.

Avo nodded and opened a channel to the Genesis' bridge. "Channel open." She informed.

"Commodore that was a brave thing you did back there, and while the Station may have been lost, you saved many lives, we will escort you to Starbase and beam over personel with Medical supplies as soon as possible." She explained.

USS Genesis Bridge

"Yes!", simply... Softly. Nothing more as his eyes took in the sight of the final death knell of something he had commanded. He would now be forced to answer for his actions in a board of inquiry and his future in Starfleet would be called into question.

From her evelvated postion Mason watched with remorse as 611 burned and broke, her strong mind and backbone shattered into obvilon. Her eyes panned from the fire to those faces that were observing the orange hue.

Many had tears in their eyes, expect Quinn. He looked more controlled, serious and yet defeated at the instant. Watching him she knew suddenly how selfish everthing she had done in the last couple of days must have looked like to him. A man on those short days had lost everything, not just his lover and infant but now his station and maybe even a deep wound to his carear too.

She knew how that felt, nor would she likly forget it neither.



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