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Meeting with the Admiralty [Back Post]

Posted on Sun Apr 18th, 2010 @ 3:51pm by

Mission: Human Nature. Season 1; Episode 6
Location: USS Phaeton & Starbase 611
Timeline: The morning of Mason's trial

Varal took the long walk to the transporter room, his belongings had been packed and were ready to be transported to his new command. He took in the sights of the vessel one last time, passing by the crew lounges and sickbay before taking a detour away from the transporter rooms. He ventured to Engineering, it was only the second time he had been there since taking command several months ago something he would be careful to remedy once he took command of the Phaeton.

After materialising aboard 611 he was escorted to a briefing room by a young Ensign.

Quinn was sat behind his desk reading over the Gorn activity reports in the local area and things were looking dire. The purifiers were even starting to appear around the station, luckily in small numbers.
The door chimed and instinctively he called out "Enter!". This triggered the doors to part and allow the person on the other side to enter the room.

As he entered the room Varal simply nodded in deference to the Commodore, "Sir, Commander Varal reporting aboard as ordered."

"At ease Commander. I've called you here for a reason, but nothing bad... However, firstly. Report on your recent activity and mission! How are things?"
Quinn dropped down his PADD and relaxed into his chair as he motioned for the Commander to take a seat.

Varal took the offered seat, "thank you, the Illustrious' final mission was a success, we managed to negotiate an agreement with the Klingons which forms a new trade route through this sector, if anything I would expect Klingon activity in this area to double over the coming months. Colonel M'Rek also advises the Klingon Fleet will be able to commence escort operations as early as next week. Well ahead of schedule allowing elements of Task Forces 86 and 88 to be moved towards the Gorn border and bolster defences at Cestus" he said with a nod as he finished. He dreaded the follow up question which would no doubt be trivial and irrelevant to the situation in hand but he understood that some Humans felt a need to build a rapport.

"Excellent news Commander", Quinn smiled realizing why Command has authorized this move. "Thats why Starfleet have asked me to pass this on to you". He stood and moved around the desk to stand by the side of the Commander. "Attention Commander", Quinn stopped, allowing the Vulcan the time to stand again. "It hereby falls to me to put to you the next stage of your career with Starfleet. I have the Honor of granting you the rank of Captain with all the rights and privileges there too. God help you... Captain!"

" honoured, thank you sir." Varal was speechless for the first time in years, "may I ask if there will be any change to my standing orders, primarily with regards to taking command of the Phaeton?"

"Nothing more than to resume your previous orders Captain. And congratulations. The Captain rank is the most rewarding you can attain. Beyond that its all paperwork... Trust me I know!"
Quinn jested with the Officer before realizing he wouldn't get anything back due to his Vulcan heritage.

Varsl's right eyebrow crept upwards, "indeed, it has been shown that paperwork increases exponentially as rank increases, perhaps you should consider an assistant?" He let the Commodore take in what he said before he continued, "or perhaps not" he said as a slight grin crossed his face.

Quinn maintained his composure, but a Vulcan smiling was not something he had ever seen before, and in some respects hoped he would never see again. It turned everything he had learnt about Vulcan's on its head and in that moment he decided to stop making jokes with Vulcan's, or at least until the universe started t make sense again, "Well Captain. I won't keep you from your ship any longer."

With his typical Vulcan exterior restored, much to the Commodores surprise, Varal bowed his head slightly, "thank you Commodore, I trust you will make a name for yourself on this fine station." As he took his leave, the fourth pip securely on his collar, he made his way to the transporter room, he had a ship to take command of and a shake down cruise to organise.


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