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Homeward Bound

Posted on Sun Apr 18th, 2010 @ 3:39pm by Fleet Admiral Tal Navek & Lieutenant Linom Dekur & Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels & Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins

Mission: Plotting New Courses. Season 1, Episode 7

Quinn had spent the journey to Bellatrix in his quarters, and then again after the redirection due to heavy Gorn activity in the area. Now, almost to Earth, Quinn had made his decision. He had lost more than any man could cope with and yet he still managed to stay calm and controlled over the whole matter. His heart told a different story. It was heavy, lost, cast alone on a turbulent ocean without direction but not wanting to return to Starfleet after so much loss and hurt.

All he needed to do was tell the senior officers. Several of them were still on the Hope, but most were present on Genesis.
Instead of calling a meeting in the Observation lounge, somewhere that Officers held meetings, he made the choice to call them to his quarters, and now, sitting staring blankly at the warped star's that shot past his window, he awaited their arrival while nursing his com badge in his hand.

Zeek was rubbing his forehead as he entered the Commodore's quarters. With the MacArthur successfully in tow, and her crew safe aboard the Genesis, the most imminent danger was behind them. It didn't do much to alleviate his stress though. 611 was gone, the MacArthur was critically damaged, and the Genesis was being taxed way beyond her limits. While some believe they scored a victory by saving all the crew, Zeek did not view it as such, but he kept his opinions to himself.

He dusted a bit of the ash from the bridge battle damage as he took a seat on the couch. The two men simply nodded towards each other, no words being sufficient to comfort the other.

Sara pushed the door chime but instead the door automatically opened, the chime was probably broken, 'another thing for the list' she thought. "Sirs, I hope I'm not too early?" she asked standing in the doorway.

"Take a seat commander!", Quinn said without removing his gaze from the vista outside of his window.

As she darted into the room Sara moved towards Aerelon, "Captain" she said as she sat next to him.

Zeek nodded "Nice to see you in one piece Commander." He replied

Leanne pushed the chime and watched the door swing open, noticing that she wasn't first she tried to smile. The dark circles under her eyes made her look more like a corpse then a human. She nodded to Zeek and Lam then looked at "Permission to enter and collapse."

"Feel free Lee", again he waved, this time turning to face the few officers that had arrived. "We'll give it a few more moments. I need to tell you all something!"

Feeling as she was trapped in walking dream Kristina arrived next to see Leanne fall heavily into a seat. Feeling somwhat empty herself she crossed the threshold pausing for a second on where to seat herself, but also to study the faces of her colleagues.

They all looked dejected, exhausted and beaten. Clearly the once shimmering vaules of the Federaion's backbone was lost on them, frankly they'd lost their appeal on Mason days ago when Crawford bought had hammer or power down.

Finally after catching the heavy eyes of both Leanne and Zeek, Krissy settled herself neatly into a seat leaving the heavy silience unbroken.

Jack was the next to enter the observation lounge, his face was set in determined lines but he still had enough mind to offer a nod of greeting to those who'd beat him to the meeting.

Slowly Quinn took in the people sat around him. He barely knew any of them having only taken Command of Starbase 611 less than seven days before, but he felt what the Admiral had been saying about them before she had left. Those same words resounded in his mind now, they are the best crew you could ever hope to have.
Each looked tired and drawn, but the same fiery determination seemed to emanate from them even after such a heart felt blow.
"I intend to tender my resignation to Starfleet as soon as we dock at Starbase. Captain Aerelon I am hereby turning over Command of Genesis and her crew to you".
Quinn could feel the slight sting of tears forming, but blinked them back before he embarrassed himself even more than he already had by even thinking he could command this group of people. They were some of the best Officers in Starfleet!

Still numb from the recent events Sara heard Quinn's words. The loss of the station and of everything else that had gone on had clearly taken its toll on Quinn as much as any other member of the crew, like him though Sara was a newcomer and was yet to bond with many of the crew. She understood his decision but couldn't help but feel it was a knew jerk reaction.

The weight Zeek was feeling just increased ten fold. He had a feeling that Quinn would do something like this, but the shock of actually hearing it made it all the more real. He was sure Starfleet would have something to say about the command, but for the moment the responsibility of this crew was his. He simply nodded "We'll do the best we can Sir."

Krissy sat in shock for a moment. Quinn was giving up? Sure he had had it tought, but hadn't they all? There were only a small handful of officers from the orginal Genesis crew, herself one of them and she was still here. By the skin of her teeth but she was still standing. She wanted to call Jason Quinn a coward but stopped herslef when she was outspoken.

"If you are looking for sympathy then you have come to the wrong place. You couldn't wait till we got back to drop another load of fear uncertainty and doubt on us?" She wasn't sure if it was the thought of everyone dying at the station, seeing her home blown to bits or the stress of everything finally coming out but something in the doctor snapped and it came rushing to the front of her face like a volcano. "Look, I don't know what you are trying to get out of us but I'm not going to play this game. I'm going back to sickbay where I can still do some good." The exhaustion and frustration mingled on her face with the pain, another officer was abandoning them. She stood up and headed towards the door.

"I'm sorry Doctor. You as a Doctor should appreciate the task of closing old wounds. This is my treatment!"
He hoped his words made sense to her. Granted they had lost their home and possible friends, but he had lost his fiancée, his child, his Command and his home all within the space of a few days. It was too much for one man to handle.

Zeek felt the doctor's pain, as most of the officers did. "Can't say I really blame her" He started "We've all got our own demons from recent events, but we don't have the option to give up." He locked eyes with the assembled officers, trying to send a message "We're a family..." He paused to glance at Kristina "And we're not going anywhere." He turned his gaze to Quinn "You are hereby relieved Commodore. As for everyone else, report to your duty stations when we're through here."

Krissy caught Zeek's look but it did little to comfort her. She felt guilty for Quinn's plight and would talk to him alone when the moment arose.

Quinn caught a look with Zeek. The sort of look that tells of hurt and sorrow for what he had just landed on his friends shoulders. Still, for Quinn, enough was enough.
He allowed them all the file out quietly, no doubt as soon as the doors were closed they would all be a bubble with chatter and assumption. He didn't care. There was only so much a Man let alone a Humanoid could take.


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