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Forging Forward

Posted on Thu Apr 22nd, 2010 @ 11:42am by Force Marshal Livia Harrison

Mission: Plotting New Courses. Season 1, Episode 7

The sun was beating down on the small cabin, making the cool water that was cascading down the small waterfall by the lake all the more inviting. The grass was a vibrant color and the smell of the lily's was almost intoxicating. Everything about the vacation so far had been just what she had needed. Leaving behind 611 and her Friends had taken its toll on her but all of the tension had seeped away over the last few days.

She had started to read the Novel Jane Eyre the day she had arrived in Osaka, and now, three days on found she had been enjoying the book more than she had realized wishing she had more pages to Saviour than the few that remained.

A shadow fell about her which she felt more than noticed, and it was unusual as the Blossom tree she had been lounging under was motionless due to the lack of breeze.
Lazily she pushed up the brim of her summer hat, moving the large brim out of the line of sight. Standing over her was someone looking even more uncomfortable than she had been the day she had arrived wearing her Starfleet Uniform.
"Can I help you Ensign?"

The young man was obviously sweating under the intense sun and heat, but he maintained his composure.
"Admiral Aston wishes to see you Admiral. Also to apologies for the intrusion of your shore leave!".
"Very well!", she stated as she laid the book to rest on the dry grass, and pulled herself to a standing position. "Where is she Ensign?"
"In the hotel Admiral!"
"Thank you!"

Moving away from the shelter of the delicate pink blossom tree she felt the full force of the baking sun. It felt glorious, but something in the young mans voice had caused her to tense up.
She moved across the grass and into the sun room of the grand hotel she had been staying at, its marble floor a welcome changed from the heat of the ground.
"Admiral. Please excuse my attire, I wasn't expecting you!", she motioned to the pale blue bathing costume and multi tone sarong that was hanging from her hips.

"No apology necessary." She replied "I understand this is a bit unexpected, but with certain...developments taking place I needed to speak with you as soon as possible."

Something in the Admirals voice didn't sit well with Beverly. It was a heavy tone that all CO's seemed to develop when giving bad news over to another person.
"Please!", she stated, while motioning for the two to walk. It was a beautiful day and Beverly didn't usually get to sit or walk in the heat of the day. She chose a direction that took them through the weaving cobble path along side a small babbling stream that had small fish nipping at the surface.

"The developments I speak of are on the Cardassian Border. This incident with the Purifiers has made relations with the Cardassians tense, leading to a few open skirmishes between our forces." She motioned for Beverly to walk with her "The Romulans have picked up on the activity, and are poising their forces at the border. We've caught a few ships testing the waters on our side of the border, but no hostile activity with the Romulans...yet." She sighed "This situation is getting close to a boiling point, and it is Starfleet's decision that we need to bolster our forces in the region. We're going to reactivate an old Nor class starbase in that region, and we want you to take command."

"Me?", the question came out a little more pointed than she had hoped. With her new role within Starfleet she had never presumed to Command again. Something which didn't sit well with her, and three years previous she was thinking the same thing about moving from her career track as a Science Officer and thrust up into the echelons of Starship Command. Funny how times push us into the unknown and unexpected. "Surely there are better suited Commanding Officers already in the area... And what about a Command crew. Something as large and imposing as that would need an experienced Command crew. As I understand it, none are available!"

"Not true" Jenna replied "Beverly, I'm not really sure how to put this, but your old command, Starbase 611, was destroyed yesterday by a Gorn assault force. Most of the crew made it out alive, but now they have no where to go. I figured it would be easier to reassign them all to your new home on Deep Space Seven, rather than trying to split them up among the fleet."

"Oh my god!"
The colour drained from her face as the information seeped down into her conscious thought and the implications of the destruction meant for that sector of Starfleet.

"There's more." Jenna said as the two stopped walking "Not only will you be taking command of DS7, but I'm also appointing you as Executive Officer of the 9th Fleet, my fleet. This also comes with a nice little promotion to Vice Admiral." She was ready for anything as most people usually had odd reactions to so much news at once.

Her hand was still covering her mouth in shock over the destruction of the home she once knew and hoped to return too one day.
"I had a report given to me by Commander Aerelon just a few weeks ago, before I left the station. It contained information about an alternative future were I returned to 611 as her Commanding Officer. Goes to show that time and alternative universes can be completely different!"
The errant thought had sprung into her mind and she had voiced the train of thought before she could hold herself.
"I'm sorry Admiral, you were saying!", the conversation having escaped her she had missed the last piece of the exchange.

She nodded "You'll be assuming the role of 9th Fleet Executive Officer, along with a promotion to Vice Admiral. Captain Aerelon and the rest of the 611 staff will join you on DS7 as soon as the inquiry into the destruction of 611 is complete. You'll have the USS Anubis assigned to DS7 as well, for support. You'll be the highest ranking officer in the region, so give yourself a few days to prepare for that."

More responsibility had landed on her shoulders. Her thoughts suddenly went back to several years previous, when she had been left in Command of the Genesis as a Lieutenant Commander and had been thrust into a Command position through the death of her mentor. Now several years on she was still rising through the ranks of Command. To say it had been a job she had no interest in to start with, it was like a drug working on her system.
"Admiral... I don't know what to say. Thank you!"

Beverly started to stroll again, falling into step besides Aston. "What will the stations mandate be. Keep the piece, exploration, patrol, or science?"

"No thanks necessary." She replied "Your mandate will be all of the above. You are one of the only stations in the region, so you can expect your fair share of variety."

Beverly nodded her understanding of what was to come, but one question pressed against her to ask. "What condition is the station in Admiral?"
Beverly had her own mental image of what the station was going to be like. Broken conduits and less than livable habitat's. Still, things could be better than she had hoped.

"Well we've got a small team there now reactivating key systems, but from the reports I've seen, you're gonna have your work cut out for you. Only a third of the habitat ring is habitable right now, with a good portion of it open to space. I'm told weapon systems are offline and shields are minimal." Jenna knew this was not the warm and fuzzy report Beverly was looking for, but the facts had to be told.

"Sounds homely already!", she commented with more than a little sarcasum. "When do we depart Admiral?"

"As soon as you're ready. You'll need to inform you're staff of their new assignment as well." Jenna replied

Beverly lifted her hands and looked down at her dress. "Well... I'd best go find something a little less revealing then", she smiled and laughed slightly. "I'll keep you apprised of the stations progress".

With a final nod at the Admiral she turned and moved back through the garden, allowing the Admiral a moment a peace, something that often eludes officers of rank.


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