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Cry Havok

Posted on Sat Mar 21st, 2009 @ 5:52pm by Commander Lorran Vos & Captain Jorvin & Lieutenant Michael Lake

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.
Location: Latanna Surface
Timeline: Present

Under the direction of the marine captain and with officers directing their portions of the battle line personally, the hill before the West Ridge began to fill with enemy dead. Their numbers just continued to grow, however. Whenever one fell, two ran out of the forest to take its place. Vos cursed under his breath about how they had failed to notice the sheer number of these things scurrying about right under their noses the entire time they'd been on the surface. Where could they be coming from? They were strong, fast, cunning, entirely devoid of fear, and hard to put down. Half of the creatures to hit the ground just got right back up again, still able to function with phaser burns stitched across their torsos. "Pick your shots carefully! Don't waste energy! Don't fire at targets you aren't sure you will hit! I want every shot to count! Wait until you can smell their garbage breath if you have to!" he yelled to his section of the line. Then, sighting down the barrel of his rifle, he fired a single discharge that went right through a charging alien's shoulder, leaving a clean hole. It took two more shots to get it to fall.

Leanne had been caught out on the line when the second wave hit. She hadn't fired a phaser since basic training, normally the only reason she carried one with her was standard procedure. Now, here she was, exhausted, dirty, and firing a rifle trying to protect her shipmates. Looking to her left and right where marines and security personal that almost seemed to enjoy this. She took a loose strand of hair and put it behind her ear and tried to focus on the task at hand. From across the field, one of the "things" seemed to focus on her, she pointed the rifle at it, closed her eyes and pulled the trigger, the beam went wide right, she fired another shot and missed again. The creature was now no more then 10 feet in front of the line and it leaped at her. The doctor closed her eyes waiting for the inevitable when she head the marine who had been next to her yell. She opened her eyes in time to see the marine jump in front of it and get knocked to the ground. The beast was now on top of the young man, clawing and biting at him, fortunately he was able to hold onto his rifle and use it as a block against it. Leanne stood up and unloaded a round directly into the back of the monster and if fell over dead. She pushed it off and did a quick inspection he had a wide gash on his leg and arms where the monster had clawed him.

"I need to get you back and treat you."

"No! I'm staying on this line until I'm dead or they are..." The marine painfully rolled back over and picked up his rifle to start firing at the creatures again.

"You hard headed.." her curses where covered up over the sound of phaser fire and screams. She opened her tunic and ripped a strip of cloth from her undershirt and used it as a bandage on the mans arm. After temporarily patching up the marine, she picked up her rifle again and kept firing.

Jorvin stood on the front line of a group, made up of Marines, security personnel, and anyone else that could be found. "Corporal get the group to the left." Jorvin yelled at the Marine. "Ensign there's one on your right." Jorvin said hoping the science officer new how to fire a phaser. Jorvin had just emptied another clip and had to reload. He ducked down and popped another clip in and then popped back up, firing a few blasts at some of the creatures and shooting a grenade at a large group of them to the right.

Podi ran out of the wreckage with Mike just infront of him and Rachel just behind. The shoot out was intense. The crew of the Genesis fighting these monstrous creatures lunging at them en masse. Podi drew his phaser immediately and ran at the creatures to join the line of the brave people of whose crew he belonged to.

Mike jumped behind a pile of rocks, watching Podi in disbelief "Podi, fall back!" he yelled, it was almost like he knew Podi was going to get slaughtered, he knew there was probably a greater chance of his death. He drew his phaser and provided covering fire, the only way he could... Mike style.

Vos ran down the line until he got to where Lieutenant Lake had joined the fighting. He rolled under cover next to him, keeping his head down since the creatures had started picking up and throwing rocks the size of small cargo containers at them in response to the phaser barrage. More than a few crewmen had been knocked senseless by one of the projectiles before the Genesis crew started keeping their heads down.

"Nice of you three to join us, Mr. Lake!" Vos shouted over the noise. "I've been trying to find you! We can't keep this up forever! Do you think you can bring some of the West Ridge's defensive systems online?!" he leaned out to fire again. "Shields, weapons, anything that might help us drive them off?! You and Wesdon have seen more of it than anyone, so tell me, can anything be done?!"

Mike retreated from the phaser fire he was laying down on the bad guys "I think so, the ship still has a small amount of power flowing through her circuits, I reckon we could fire up the shields, maybe there would be enough power to bring the small phaser online too, but that's a guess." Mike raised himself to get a view over the rocks, he could see Podi, fending off some of the monsters "My God, what the hell is he doing." He tapped his badge =^= Mike to Podi, retreat...=^= Mike sighed =^=And that's an order. We need to get the West Ridge's shields online, the crews survival could depend on it.=^=

=^= Aye, sir, falling of the back =^= Podi ran towards Mike whilst laying a hail of suppressive fire against the enemy.

Vos nodded in acknowledgment. "Good! Get to work! We're not going to last much longer against these things unless we can find a way to halt their attack! The sooner you can get those shields up the better! We've lost too many good people already!" he continued to shout over the noise. He clapped Mike and Podi on the shoulders before heading back to the front line, his whining of his hand phaser adding to the already ear-piercing chorus.

Mike grabbed his tool kit and laid some more suppressive fire down, grabbing Podi's shoulder and ran crazily over to the West Ridge's position, not worrying about the protection of the marines.

[See Mike and Podi's Post]

The West Ridge lit up with a bubble of energy.

Mike came in as the ship looked to power up =^= Lake to Loran, we got the shields up, your safe to move in. Have Ulonova ready to take care of Podi, he's down, he might be dead, I can't tell from here.=^= Mike's voice started to break =^= Let me know when you need in, the shields are up, if you need us to wipe the slate, we can get rid of the monsters out there.=^=

Mike's words turned prophetic as the creatures, suddenly blocked by an invisible barrier, pounded briefly on the forcefield before turning as one to retreat back into the woods, leaving the bloodied and exhausted Genesis crew to stare blankly at one another. Vos pushed the corpse of one of the creatures off of the cargo container in front of him and onto its back before tapping his comm badge. =^="Acknowledged, Lieutenant. Nice work."=^=

Vos got to his feet, pushing himself to keep moving and not slump in relief and start to pass out like many other members of the crew had begun to as he passed them. He found Doctor Ulonova at the other end of the line looking after a fallen marine. "Doctor, Lake says Lieutenant Wesdon is in immediate need of medical attention, possibly dying. If these men are stable, I want you to come with me and see to him." he said, offering her a hand up.

Leanne looked up at Vos and had a horrible look on her face. She turned to the Marine. "I want you to come down to have that checked out... that is an order Marine..." She reached up and grabbed Vos's hand and popped up, her Tunic was still undone, it was too hot to worry about looking presentable. "What happened to Podi?"

=^= Loran, I'm going to extend the shields now, be quick about getting in here, I think Podi is going fast.=^= Mike said as the shields extended around them =^=I think I can jury rig these crappy power systems to last longer than the specs say. But without Podi, I can't promise anything.=^=


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