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Reflecting Failure

Posted on Tue Apr 20th, 2010 @ 10:11pm by 1st Lieutenant Delvok Laurie

Mission: Plotting New Courses. Season 1, Episode 7
Location: Cargo Bay, USS Genesis

David sat quietly in the cargo bay that the Marines had beamed to shortly before Starbase 611 had self-destruct. Many of the Marines were joking and revealing in the fact they had survived. All David could see was defeat and that was something he wasn't used to. Had he been able to actually engage the Gorn properly in combat, he was sure the Marines could have won out, but to be overpowered in space and the station sacrificed....

"Tea, Sir?" Sandra said as she held out a cup.

"Thank you, Toombs." He accepted the cup but simply held it in his hands. He hadn't heard where Helen had gone, although he was sure she had got off the station. But what if the ship she was one had been attacked?

Closing his eyes, he cut out all the surrounding noise. Yes, she was still alive at least, he could feel it.

"Are you okay, Sir?" Tank asked as he eased his massive frame to the floor. "You look awfully down."

"We lost," David replied. "Not only have we been driven from our home, but it was destroyed. And there was nothing we could do to stop it. Even had we found a way to lower the Gorn shields and transport aboard, what would we have achieved?"

The Orion giant nodded sagely. "We're alive, aren't we. We can still kick the Gorn when we regroup. Hell, if we simply ignore the ugly lizards, that'll annoy them more than if we launch an attack. There will be plenty of battles yet to win, and I've always been told that losing isn't a defeat unless you let it be one."

David managed the slightest of smiles. "Wise words. Only time will tell though if we manage to recover from this."

Jacobs appeared and saluted. "I managed to finally get a link with the Hope. Rest of the Marines are there, with the exception of six. Still no word on them, but they might be else where. What are your orders?" he asked. It was his hope that getting some order back would help stop people getting restless.

"I need everyone to stay as ordered as possible and be ready to help unload civilians once we get to where ever we're going. I feel until then there will be little to do. Just make sure fights don't break out, even if they are just sparring," David said as he watched two Marines squaring up to each other.

Until the Marines had a new assignment and new facilities most would become restless and that could become a problem. But more than anything else, David was distracted by the fact he had yet to hear of Helen's safety for definite. All he wanted was her safely in his arms and for a new posting.


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