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Blue Eyes

Posted on Thu Mar 19th, 2009 @ 10:01pm by

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.

Cupping her beam as not to disturb the sleeping Henk tucked into the corner Kristina trod lightly around the temple eying the hieroglyphics deeply engraved into the stone walls and floor. The torchlight made them display their ancient tale slowly as if they were being read by a story teller pausing just at the right moments to create an atmosphere.

She knew why now why Beverly pressed so hard to come down to the planet herself. This glyphs were like nothing Kristina had ever seen, then again these so were those aliens. Perhaps the two were connected somehow she thought resuming her position at the inner doorway leading down into the dark depths of the temple. Out of curiosity and to asses what lay below she had shone her beams into the dark catacombs expecting to find thick layers of dust and ghostly cobwebs draping across every surface. Strangely she found neither. It was as if they were being regularly care for expect the lack of new flame torches. The existing brackets were empty, the torches no where to be seen.

Back on the upper level she could hear gentle noises coming from Henk' sleeping form obliviously feeling better since the scrape with the aliens. Kristina felt a twinge of guilt when she looked at his bloody shirt. He was her responsibility, she should have taken better precautions and defended him more.
Beyond the sleeping man she looked towards the opening into the outside where Tenyson should have been standing. She waited a few seconds to see if he would reappear with damp shoulders. She had instructed him to inform her if he was going to scout even after she had previously discouraged it. She was going to have a few stern words with him.
Striding across the space she passed the small pillar that stood no higher then her waist without a glance then stopped at the entrance gazing into the squall.

"I'm sorry, sir if I worried you." Tenyon's voice came from her left making her jump and level her rifle. "I just wanted to have some fresh air and feel the rain upon my face."

"It's alright," she answered relaxing her finger on the trigger and lowering the woman back to her side. "You make this waiting game sound almost romantic, but I can assure you it's far from it. Retake your post, I expect you to stay there until I give to you permission to leave it. Is that understood?"

Obliging Tenyson nodded and re-entered he temple after her.

Back inside the stifling darkness Kristina resumed her position, her beam idly playing upon the walls before she came to a halt.
Suddenly her beam flashed across something distinctly different to stone and glyphs.
A face.
She turned doing a double take flashing her light back over the same spot again but found nothing.
Kristina shivered and rubbed her arms. She could have sworn she'd seen the small face of a child, a girl probably no more the seven years old with startling blue eyes.


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