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Brave New World

Posted on Sat Apr 24th, 2010 @ 3:04pm by Kasik Torr & Ensign Carlos Rojas

Mission: Plotting New Courses. Season 1, Episode 7
Location: Roark Nor

Solis materialised with a handful of other officers, the first few to set foot on the station in nearing ten years. Movement was a problem as the stations life support systems were not operating so EVA suits had been the order of the day. Now all they had to do was bring them back online.

She looked to her small five man team, including a Bajoran Civilian and Vedek, Kasik Torr. Technically the Bajorans were volunteer aid workers and the Vedek had apparently come to set up a Bajoran mission on the station, causing some kind of coup in the Vedek assembly. But Solis had learned on the voyage that the man also had a gift for making Cardassian technology do what he wanted, and he had offered his services for getting the station's system up and running.

"Lets get to Operations!", she called over the small communications devise that was settled into the helmets of the team. "Life support is the priority so we can get the other engineering teams over from the Constantinople".

Her voice sounded tinny to her, but it could just have been the small communications device acting up. "Mind your step, we don't want any cracked visors".

Frentzen knew he had drawn a short straw when the Captain asked if he had done zero-g training, he now found himself on some derelict station doing his best to look out for Cardassian booby traps using the tactical tricorder built into the top of his rifle, "all clear ahead, we should be able to access the emergency access ladders from the upper level of the promenade."

The group moved cautiously through the ruined prominade, torches illuminating twisted and sometimes burned wreckage.

"Dark in here," Kasik commented casually. "Rather chaotic too. Reminds me of my old house."

"You lived in a place this messy?" the other Bajoran asked - still somewhat in awe of the Vedek.

"No, but my old place was going to be demolished when I moved out and joined the temple. So I invited some friends to stay for the last few days and we kicked off the demolition process ourselves."

"Ah... I see," the other Bajoran said with a nod. "Symbolic of leaving the old ways behind. Getting ready for a new beginning."

"I guess," the Vedek replied with a shrug. "More to the point, it was fun to smash up your own loungeroom floor with sledgehammers."

"Excuse me Liutenant," he added, "just a thought, but if your ship isn't doing anything much out there, it could probably make life easier in here by shining a few floodlights through the windows. Give us a little more light to work with in open areas."

"I would rather not. I've read the reports made by Major Kira Nerys and Chief O'Brien about their experience with the two other Nor Stations in this region. You never know what the Cardassians have left behind as a gift".

"MAJOR Kira?" queried the Vedek with a chuckle. "You're showing your age there, Solis. That's going back a while."

A trickle of perspiration ran down her wrinkled nose urging her to scratch it. It was infuriating being back in to EVA suits, and not many people on her team could say they appreciated the fact.

"Here... A turbolift. We can climb to Ops from here its only about seven decks straight up."

As they reached the door the Vedek held up a hand to call a halt. He shone his torch down the walkway a little, to where there was a squat black shape about the size of a soup-bowl.

"Unless I miss my guess, that'd be a Pop-Toad. Cardassian Anti personnel mine. Lethal radius of about twenty meters. Detection radius of about five. Barely shows up on tactical scanners unless you're scanning for pressurised gas mechanisms. We might want to go the other way round."

The turbo shaft was within touching distance, but they were also close to the detection range of the devise. Her job role had been engineering until recently when they had opened this sector of space and Starfleet had called her offering her a new job. Solis couldn't say no. She would be returning to her home sector and be with her family and her faith once again. Th only problem with the new position. It came with a Command uniform.

"Lets move back round and get the turbo shaft on the other side of the bar".

Thomas had been taking detailed notes of the entire station and everything he had seen along the way. No doubt the engineering corps were going to want a full report on this mess of a station. "Ma'am" he said in a long southern draw. "This whole station looks fubar, hell, I reckon its gonna take 4 months just to get some of the life support back on. I mean, the corps are a hell of detachment..." he paused for a moment to scan one of the support bulkheads. "But god only knows what those gray skinned toads left for us here."

Solis smiled even though noone could see it behind the lip of her helmet. "Thats why you have Vedek Torr and myself. We've dealt with enough of the Cardassian booby traps since the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor".

Solis lead the way around the corner of a cracked and deformed bulkhead and walked headlong into the tangled cabling and a Bajoran desiccated corpse. Panic overwhelmed her and her breathing increased, but the sensation lasted only a moment.
"By the prophets!", she whispered under her breath. "Looks like we still have some of the previous occupants here as well!"

Vedek Torr placed a calming hand on her shoulder. He stepped forward and had a look at the corpse.

"Hello, friend! One of our own is here to welcome us, it seems. We shall have to see he gets a decent funeral once things are in order."

He stepped carefully past the corpse.

"Take care not to touch him any further. Cardassians sometimes booby-trap corpses."

"You don't need to tell me that Vedek!", her words were clipped as again he told her the obvious, but out of reverence for his position she said nothing more.

"Appologies, Liutentant," he replied evenly. "My advice was more for our friends here."

With a quick glance around the upper level of the station she could almost imagine she was still standing on the deck of Deep Space Nine readying to depart on this mission. She could almost smell the exotic scents of the promenade, hear the buzz of people in Quarks and general feel the exuberance from the population. All that was missing was the blue swirling gases with the glow of a sun in the center erupting just of the third and sixth docking pylons. The two things that stood this station alone were the fact that there was no population and it was in a far more decayed state than Terok Nor or as it now was Deep Space Nine had been for a long time.
"Come on, the turbo lifts just up a head!"

Frentzen continued his tactical scans while the others seemed to bicker, tensions were high and he didn't blame them. With the file of Empok Nor still ringing in their minds it was enough to put anyone on edge, his train of thought distracted by a small beep from his tricorder, "Wait!" he shouted "Tholoron pulse generator, 20 metres ahead, we'll need to disable it before it gives us an unhealthy dose of radiation" he gestured to what would be the security office if the station were manned.

"Ma'am if I could suggest we just call in a ship to blow this whole damn mess back to hell? I don't feel like getting my ass blown to space dust, we could move a nice immense class station out here." The Chief Petty officer swung his scanner over towards where Frentzen had pointed out. "You aint a lyin.. I see that damn thing. Phaser blast might take it out."

Solis now turned to the one person who had said very little on this mission. He was a fresh faced Ensign, still looking more than a little shocked at his assignment to this away mission. "Ensign Rojas. Anything you can do to help us overcome this obstacle?"
The last thing she wanted to do was open fire and maybe attract the attention of more of these little gifts left by the Cardassians.

"This is out of my specialty," Carlos replied, unsure what else he could do. "I'm unfamiliar with Cardassian technology."

Solis now turned to her other officer, wanting nothing more than to push the blond lock that had escaped the hair net in her helmet out of her eyes. "Frentzen and Lork... Any idea's", she asked, ignoring Lorks previous comment about destroying the station in favor of a replacement.

"High resonance linear photonic burst from a tricorder ought to fry the targeting array in tha thing make it blind so that it can't see us coming, just like when ya shine a flashlight in bullfrogs eyes so it is easier to grab." Lork programmed in some numbers on his arm PADD. "Something along the lines of 60k decibals should do the trick I think."

"Agreed, I'll get ready to move in and neutralise the unit." said Frentzen as he left his rifle floating whilst getting a hyper spanner from Lork's backpack.

Solis nodded and moved behind the two officers. "Vedek and Rojas with me", she motioned for them to follow her out of harms way. "When your ready gentleman!"

Lork programmed in the calculations to tricorder and aimed it at the mine. "If it starts to go off, dive behind that bulkhead over there.. should soak up some of it." quickly typing in the last sequence a hazy blue light shot towards the area of the trap. "Should be good Lieutenant."

Solis watched as the technical wizards worked their magic on the second problem they had encountered, and she seriously hoped it would be the last.
Leading the way from behind the little cover she had found incase things didn't go well, she rounded the bent portion of the bulkhead, and with careful steps, watching the small devise the whole time, edged her way to the door.
Nothing happened, and with a long exhalation she smiled. "Looks like you managed it".

She flipped open her tricorder to check the turbo shaft and finding nothing but a clear ascent, she popped out the magnetic handheld device, clamped it to the door, and yanked it with as much force as she could muster until the magnetic servos gave and the doors slipped silently apart.

She scanned the drop with her eyes and with a whistle indicated for Frentzen to lead they way while she contacted Constantinople.
"Avesta to Captain Gleeson. We are starting the ascent to Operations. I estimate at least an hour before we can get main power back online, situation dependent on Operations status".
"Very good Avesta. Keep us posted. Constantinople out"


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