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The Offer

Posted on Tue Apr 27th, 2010 @ 7:41am by Fleet Admiral Tal Navek & Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins & Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels & Lieutenant Kriss Maxx & 1st Lieutenant Delvok Laurie & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez & Lieutenant Eloise Star

Mission: Plotting New Courses. Season 1, Episode 7

Beverly made the last final adjustment to her uniform, the first one she had worn in over a month due to her extended leave of absence, and it felt good to be back in the fleet color's, even if her new assignment was less than an easy one.
She was at Starfleet headquarters approaching the room in which the senior officers, barring the presence of Commodore Quinn, of the station she had once called home, Starbase 611. It would be nice to see some of the old faces again but it worried her at what she would find when the doors parted, but she didn't let that slow her down.

With a confidence she hadn't felt for a long time she came to stand just inside of the room, looking the long conference table's length.
"Its been a while!", she stated once the babble of the officers calmed.

Leanne looked up from her coffee. "Indeed, did you enjoy the vacation?" she looked back down at her coffee and took a sip of it. The real thing tasted a hundred times better then the replicated stuff.

"I was ready for it, but from what I hear your all ready for extended vacation?", she asked, probing into the incident of only a few days ago. "What happened?", she asked as she moved around the room to find a seat vacant at the head of the table.

Avo's smile fadded and her mood soured. "Those Gorn bastards forced us to blow the station." Avo said, taking a sip of her tea and wished it was alcohol. "It's hard to believe I grew up with some of them." She said.

Zeek perked up "Most of the station's defenses were offline, including long range sensors. We had no idea they were coming until they were a few minutes out. Commodore Quinn decided that it was best to evacuate everyone we could while we had the time. Our Klingon friends did their best to help us hold them off, but the station just couldn't take it. In my opinion, we're lucky we saved everyone we did."

Beside him Mason nodded in reserve unable to erase the her last encounter with Quinn, a man that though she had a disagreement in deeply respected and admired. Retelling the story of the stations destruction felt like a hot poker to a sore wound for her and properly the same for the others too.
That and looking with envious eyes at Beverly's collar. She'd never seen a person rise through the ranks more quickly then her. At the bottom line she was proud abet worried that she could be in over her head.

The Bolian tonic water was, as the bottlers suggested, good for calming the nerves for which Sara was grateful. Senior Admiralty figures always made her slightly nervous which was completely irrational but having never met the woman before she just smiled and waited for the briefing to begin.

"Well I'm going to grant you all four days leave here on Earth before you are reassigned. But heres the offer I have for you!", she smiled at the group, hoping above hope that they were all interested in the new assignment. She had still decided to offer instead of order. after what they had been through the last thing she needed was a crew that were.... Broken for lack of a better term.
"I will be heading up a new Starbase out in the Algira Sector along the Cardassian Boarder, but still not far away from the Romulans and Ferengi. Admiral Aston has assigned me as the new Commanding officer and she has authorized me to pose this request to you. Would you care to join me.... But before you make your decision think carefully about it. Its an old Nor Class Station of the same design of Deep Space Nine. Its in a hell of a condition, or so Lieutenant Avesta reports. We would have our work cut out for us."

Zeek was torn on the idea. He already received orders placing him in command of an Intrepid class vessel. "I'd love to join you, but I've already received orders to report to the USS Anubis." He replied "I'd hate to turn down the opportunity to have my own command, but I've become close to most everyone here. Its not an easy decision."

"Well, I have some sway with the Ninth fleet now. If your agreeable, and the fact the station will need a heavy duty starship capable of performing different tasks, I can reassign you to the station, ship and all?"

Zeek nodded "Sounds good to me Admiral. The USS Anubis and her crew are at your disposal. I'm sure there will be plenty of crew swapping between the station and the ship, so for the moment until we're able to get crew compliments sorted between the station and the Anubis, I'll hold off on making any permanent assignments." He took a sip of the coffee that was sitting infront of him, allowing Beverly to continue.

The grace of four days leave on Earth wasn't excatly the ideal, hot Risa loaction Krissy had in mind, still it would serve as a releif all the same even is she had to force herself to enjoy it. With Beverly reaching to the stars, Zeek possibly facing his own adventure and Leanne deeply bitter Krissy wondered if she'd been spending much of her time alone - again.

David sat listening to the other Senior Officers. Clearly they had served with the Admiral talking to them on Starbase 611 some time before David had been assigned there. The idea of being on a Nor Class Station was intreguing, especially the location it was in. And the Marines would be useful to the Station if it was in as bad a condition as DeVuor claimed. Knowing the Cardassians as intimately as he did, David could easily believe the place was being held together with string.

Jrez had no hesitation in sticking up his hand. “I’m in no condition to take advantage of your kind offer of leave and, even if I was, four days isn’t enough to get to Andor and back to see Thalal. I’d be honoured to take up the offer of joining you on an old Cardassian station, Ma'am. I hear the technology is quite a challenge. Maybe I could spend the four days picking Professor O’Brien’s brain.”

"By all means Chief." It was heartwarming to see them all again, even if the situation behind their arrival was of some concern. "I have news about Commodore Quinn. He resigned his commission with Starfleet even though he had been found to be of right mind and making sound command decisions. He said his heart just wasn't with he uniform any longer!"
Casting her gaze downward, with more than a little regret, she took a deep breath waiting for the lash that may come from the crew. She wasn't sure how well like Quinn had been after the departure and the death of Captain Crawford.

"Coward." Leanne mumbled under her breath as she took another sip of her coffee. She had taken a few days to look back at how being in space had changed her, before she would have had heartfelt sympathy for the Commodore, but he had just become one in the revolving door or commanding officers that Starfleet seemed to pump out like a machine, he probably didn't even know her name.

Beverly didn't miss the Doctor's comment, but allowed it to pass. Something was eating the Doctor and she wanted to know what, but now was not the time. Later she intended to find her and talk with her old friend.
"Any other questions?"

Krissy gave Leanne a dark glance too and stayed silent for she had nothing to add knowing that Beverly would have already seen the reports of her bahaviour, trail and return to former postion.

"I gather the state of Communications is probably nill. If they are then I'll have to put in a heavy requisite for equipment. So I'm up for the challenge. " volunteered Max "Count me in"

Avo shook her head. "I'm sorry Admiral but I've made up my mind to go back to Starbase Vanguard, they've offered me a very nice position as head of their V-Team." She said, avoiding saying "Vault" in front of them.

"You can say Vault Lieutenant. Its Starfleets worst kept secret". Beverly smiled, knowing that they all knew about Vault and whats its mission statement was. "Thats also why I would like you to join the team on this new station. Its near a relatively unexplored region of space and the station will be converting one of the old Ore Processing Units into a dedicated research facility for you and your team".

"Well, lets see......... Ore processing unit, cargo bay, ore processing unit, cargo bay...... I'll take it but there had better be something else too, because that is going to take ages to clean up and reconstruct!" She exclaimed.

Now it was down to the remained of the officers gathered infront of her. "What about the rest of you. It comes down to personal choice. I would like you all to work with me again, and those that I have never met I look forward to working with you."

Not sure when to speak Sara thought it best to just get on with it, "I've just had a project reopened by R&D, all I need is some workspace and a hanger but I'd happily do my work and anything else I can to help you aboard this new deep space station." The statement was followed by a quick gulp of the tonic water, she could help but think how ridiculous it was and that perhaps she should talk to a counselor.

Leanne sat her coffee down on the table. "I'm in, I think it will give me a chance to get back to what I'm good at."

David considered the option. It was an offer, and so far he'd not been offered anything else. "I am in, Admiral. May I ask what the Marine presense on the station will be like?" While others had ideas about what they needed and wanted from the Station, David was used to taking what he was given and accepting it.

"Minimum in the first few months I'm afraid Lieutenant. But in the following months when Starfleet review the personnel assignments it may increase. Anymore than that I can't tell you".
Finally she cast her glance at the remaining officers that still had said nothing. "What about you Lieutenant Star?"

Eloise thankfully was one of the last officers assigned to SB611, so had no real attachments. For that she was rather thankful. She new that there were others that had suffered a huge loss. She along with her fellow counsellors would be there in their time of need. She had planned to thouroughly enjoy her 4 days of leave. To se her homeworld again would have be great but she had a feeling she would be needed near by. "of course, I will gladly join you, if that is your desire". She didnt follow the comment with "after all, there are no better offers on the horizon". An old space station just like DS9. Lots of places to explore. It sounded interesting. Very interesting.

"Very well. It looks like we have a mission. It will be four days until we can depart so you are all on shore leave until then. Report back to Starfleet Headquarters by zero eight hundred hours by then!"
She took one final look aroun the room before allowing a smile to blossom acaross her features. "Its good too see you all again. Dissmissed!"


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