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King Of The Castle

Posted on Wed Apr 28th, 2010 @ 7:39pm by Ensign Carlos Rojas & Kasik Torr

Mission: Plotting New Courses. Season 1, Episode 7

The hatch blew open and Frentzen emerged into the service corridor running behind the station commanders officer, "almost there" he said his breathing heavy from climbing the ladder in the EVA suit. The weight in his limbs had increased dramatically, "we've got gravity fields ahead, tricorder says it about thirty percent above Earth standard."

"Great!", said Solis with a wry grin. "Just what I always wanted, to gain weight in in step".
She followed the security officer through the small hatch and finally came to stand in the station Commanders office. It was a large room overlooking Operations with two large windows located either side of the over sized desk. The desk itself was facing the doors, so it was difficult to miss the activity of the officers on the other side. "What are scanners showing us about Ops?"

"Slight atmosphere, means that the pig is holding some air." Lork had pulled himself up an interfaced with one of the conduits. "First bit of good news so far I guess." Thomas punched a few figures into his arm display. "If we can flush it out in there hell we might be able to take these damn things off."

"Shall we gentleman?", she motioned that they should lead the way, not wanting to interfere with the reason she had requested their presence on this away mission.

With a quick nod which he realised no one could see Frentzen moved towards the doors of the station commanders office and made a quick scan to ensure it hadn't been rigged in any way, "all clear" he said as he attached a micro fusion generator to the door, just enough to give it power to open which it duly did as he tapped to button on the wall before turning to Lork "After you Chief."

Lork carefully stepped into ops. The entire area looked like a tornado had hit it. Wires and conduits everywhere. "Well I'm not dead yet." He carefully made his way over to the centre ops station and almost fell over when he got there

Michael allowed Lork to get down the stairs in the centre of ops and began to move round the upper level to the left towards what would eventually become the Operations officers station.

"Lieutenant, got three bodies over here." Lork knelt down and scanned them, they appeared to be Bajoran but they had decomposed. "Not detecting any traps should be safe to come in here."

"Lork, can you get main power back online, or at the very least some form of life support in the central core", she started handing orders out. "Frentzen would you do a visual inspection of the transporter system and see if she's operations. I would like a way off the station if things got bad. Rojas and kasik, if you could get the sensor grid up and running, I'll see if I can get the Ops table working so at least we have the ability to dock the Constantinople".

Throwing his rifle over his shoulder Frentzen grabbed his normal tricorder and thought long and hard about his cross species engineering extension course as he walked over to the transporter assembly. "Anyone remember what the Cardassian for 'Out of Order' looks like?" he said jokingly as he began his scans.

"I think this is the text book definition of it Sir." Lork pulled himself up and over one of the guardrails and crawled down into the engineering core. Wires, conduits and another body was all encased into the wall, and it looked like a scene right out of an engineering horror novel. Lork began to carefully trying to move around the body until one of the junctions he needed to access was embeded into the mans back. Lork grabbed the body by the shoulder and pulled it off of the console. Due to the extra gravity present the lifeless husk landed with a loud thud.

"Padre, you'll have to perform some last right down here too."

" 'Last rites' is Earth Catholicism," Vedek Torr replied conversationally, "but I get what you mean. I think one of the first jobs for the mission is probably going to be collecting all the dead and holding services for them. Not exactly what I had in mind for the first week."

"Good to know, sorry if I'm not up on the death rituals of the quadrant, I'm just a simple good old boy from the south." Lork ripped a conduit out of the panel. "I know there is something about the Prophets or something or nother, maybe we'll have to catch up about it at some point." Lork kicked the panel again.

Lork continued with work and interfaced his tricorder into one a junction and typed a few commands. "here goes nothing." Lork hit the start up sequence the lights and computer core slowly and grudgingly started to come online. "I think we might be in business."

"Do we have life support?", Solis asked, wanting nothing more than the option of removing her helmet so she could sctratch her nose before it drove her mad.

"Don't know about life support," Kasik said, "but sensors are starting to come online. Long range is out - maybe sabotage, maybe they've taken parts of the system with them. I've got partial short range and internal sensors though! Not reading any life signs other than ours, if that's any comfort."

"I don't think we have enough juice in the old girl yet, gonna have to work out of these things for a bit longer till we can get some equipment over here." Lork pulled himself up out of the core and landed heavily on the deck. "I'm going to try and access the emergency systems, they should be behind that panel there." Lork moved over and tried removing the panel which was stuck shut. He sat his pack down and removed a plasma torch and activated it, cutting off the latches on the side and the locking mechanisim on the opposite. He stood up and then gave it a swift kick which enticed the panel off exposing the circuitry for the emergency life support systems. After closer inspection he audibly side. "Give me about a half hour and I might be able to get this working."


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