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Getting Fixed Up

Posted on Thu Apr 29th, 2010 @ 5:42am by Milika Wild [PNPC]

Mission: Plotting New Courses. Season 1, Episode 7
Location: Earth
Timeline: Arrival back at Earth a few hours before "The Offer"

Milika had woke up from her nap when she heard Sira cry and that they had arrived back at Earth. "Thomas, wake up we have made it back to Earth." Milika said looking at him then trying to pick Sira up without her leg hurting her. She wondered if the Doctor from Starbase 611 could fix her leg.

She looked at Thomas, "You will have to help me out cause I don't think I can walk on my own right now." Milika added.

Thomas walked over and put his arm around her and helped her up. "I'm sure we can find someone here to help you, some of the best doctors in the galaxy." Thomas smiled at her. "Or at least they could maybe amputate it for you."

Milika gave Thomas a glare, "Very funny, I rather keep my leg thank you!" Milika said as they made their way out of the Klingon ship, walking out onto the Starbase that was above Earth. They kept walking until they bumped into someone in blue.

"Ma'am is there a Doctor around here?" she asked not knowing it was the same doctor from Starbase 611.

Leanne was headed off to a meeting with the rest of the crew about what had happened with 611. Knowing what inquisitions were like she had been preparing herself mentally for what was to come. The question had shaken her out of her trance and brought her to. "I'm a doctor." She focused in on the woman. "Aren't you the one that had the bar at the Starbase? Well.. in any case what is the matter?"

"Doc, I'm pretty sure her leg is broken. She got the injury when we were escaping." Thomas looked at the doctor pleading for help.

"Why didn't you take her to sickbay?" The doctor knelt down and looked at the swollen leg, judging by the bruising, it looked like it was broken in several places. "Here lets take you down." Leanne got on the other side of the woman and helped her hobble down to the next med lab. "Fortunately for you we don't have to go far, this starbase has labs every 40 meters or so.

After a short walk, they reached a medlab door and it swung open, revealing a small room and an attending nurse. The nurse quickly walked over with a tricorder. "What is the matter?"

"Possible multiple fractures to the Tibia." Leanne helped the woman up on the table and laid her down. "Just hold still for a couple minutes. Nurse osteogenic stimulator." Leanne grabbed a tricorder from the side of the bed and scanned the bones. "You are lucky that this didn't tear through your leg." Leanne brushed the hair out of her face and inspected the scans. "Three main breaks and some shattering." The nurse handed over the stimulator and lowered the biobeds scanner. "Just relax and lets see what we can do for you."

She laid down after handing Sira over to Thomas, she was in pain and it showed. While the doctor worked on her leg she just laid their thinking of everything that has happened in the short time she was on Starbase 611. She started not having feelings in her leg which scared her, "Doc, I can't feel my leg anymore..." Milika said scared.

She looked over at Thomas who was holding Sira, tears running down her face. She wasn't strong when it came to pain.

Looking agitated and angry Leanne turned to the two. "Why did you not have this looked at sooner?" Leanne moved the scanner slightly below the woman's knee. "The bone fragments have destroyed too much tissue for us to repair. Picture it as a small explosion. So many shards have gone through the flesh I'm not going to be able to save your leg. You hopping on it probably didn't help, and waiting this long has caused it to begin necrotising."

"There was no Doctors on the Klingon ship," she said as she looked away tears running down her face after what the doctor told her. She didn't want Thomas to see her like this nor her daughter.

Thomas looked at the doctor with pleading eyes. "Isn't there anything you can do to save her leg?"

"Maybe if you had came sooner I could have done something but the damage is far too extensive to repair. We can amputate it and save the rest of you or we can leave the leg and you can die a slow painful death." Leanne was looking directly at Milika. "I'm sorry, there isn't any other option. We can fit you with a prosthesis and it will operate and feel just like your real leg."

She just looked at the Doctor, "Do what you have to do, I tried to get here sooner...but it didn't work out that way." Milika said as she looked down again crying. She was hoping to go back out into space, possibly open another bar at a space station but now that was probably out of the question.

She just looked at Thomas, "take Sira out and wait in the waiting room. I don't want her seeing this." Milika said after the nurse cleared her as healthy.

Thomas grabbed Sira and moved out of the room, stopping briefly at the door to stop and look back at her.

"Alright, I'm going to put you under for this. no need for you to be awake for this." Leanne pressed a hypo spray to Milika's neck and watched as the woman's eyes closed. "Nurse, lets begin, fortunately we can amputate below the knee."

After a few hours Leanne pressed a hypo to Wild's neck to bring her out of the chemically induced sleep. "Ms. Wild, the surgery was successful. I've already installed the new prosthesis, we just need to synchronize the servo motors to your synaptic relays."

She slowly woke up and moaned a bit, she finally focused to see the doctor. "Thank you," is all she could think of she was still a bit drowsy from being put under. She continued to focus on the room around her. Her leg felt weird, but she probably thought it was normal. Who thought that she would loose her leg this young.

The doctor slowly helped her sit up and she looked at her leg and not thinking she touched it and it felt like her real leg. "Whatever you did Doc, you did a good job it feels like a real leg, even though I know its not." Milika said as she looked at it.

"It was a minor miracle, I had to regrow a few of your nerve endings to be able to compensate for the new nodes. I want to see you in a few days to make sure the interface is working properly, but you should be good, here let me help you up. It might feel a bit odd." Leanne offered her hands to the woman to help her sit up and swing out around the table. "Go ahead and try and stand on it."

Milika stood up and got her balance, she slowly started to walk around and smiled, "Thank you Doctor I will be back in a few days" Milika smiled then got the clear to leave sickbay. She limped for a little while, it would take her a while to get used to her new leg.

She walked out into the waiting room and smiled at Thomas, "They did wonders" Milika said as they both left sickbay and headed for temporary quarters. She needed to find out what was going to be done about the lease she had on the bar before it...exploded.



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