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Father and Daughter

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Mission: Plotting New Courses. Season 1, Episode 7
Location: Lam household, Indiana
Timeline: 3 days after "The Offer"

"Computer begin Personal Log entry, well Jenny was able to work her magic, Starfleet Command agrees that the time has come to revisit the project and have given me access to one of the two prototypes, the USS Katmai. The only down side is they've only given me 6 months to review it or this time round they'll abandon it altogether, but I'm confident we can make progress." Sara walked around her childhood bedroom packing her belongings as she spoke, her father listening by the door.

"So you going to make it work?" he asked

"Computer pause log entry, you shouldn't be eavesdropping like that besides haven't you got something better to be doing?" the initial anger in her voice had already subsided as she finished.

Nathan Lam stepped inside the room before he continued, "At the moment, not really until your mother gets home from the market then we have the joy of cooking. So you never answered my question, you going to make it work? By the sounds of things they're giving you your own test ship as well so that must be good."

Sara smiled, "Well sort of, its only a runabout and more of a retro fitted Danube class than anything special, its the engines which make her different and yes, I'm pretty confident I can get it done."

"Just what I like to hear, anyway even if it is just a runabout its still yours" as he finished a smile that showed his pride crossed his face.

"Well its Starfleet's runabout to be fair" her smile reappearing but with a hint of mischievousness to it, "and what do you mean just a runabout, there the unsung workhorses of the fleet" by now she had turned round and continued packing, this time she was actually going to take some of her personal effects.

"Ah nu.., not what I meant and you know it, you've always wanted to work on something spectacular, runabouts doesn't fit the bill." Nathan sidled up to her and put his arm round her, "you still enjoying work or have you put the big plans on hold?"

While technically not allowed to tell anyone about her next assignment if there was one person in the world she trusted it was her father, "you can't tell anyone where my next assignment is, understand?"

Her father replied with a simple nod, a look of worry crossing his face, "of course" he mumbled.

She already knew he would agree, "you don't need to worry it's just that my new assignment is on the Cardassian border, an old space station we're getting back on line and you get one guess who'll be lending a hand with that"

Nathan breathed a sigh of relief, "for a moment there I thought you were going off to serve on a ship near the Gorn or something crazy. Sounds like a real challenge though, this old station though, its not dangerous is it, I mean that's not why they took it out of service?"

"Yeah that's the thing, its an old Cardassian station, still it gives me stability and an ongoing project other than research. You did say you wanted to learn more about their history as well, you could come visit?"

"When I said learn more I meant an evening class or a holo tour, not galavanting half way across the quadrant" his tone was still calm and measured, he didn't like the idea of her going so far away but knew that if she had accepted then she was going and nobody, not even him could change her mind, he let out a deep sigh "well I guess I should wish you luck and you can count on a visit, perhaps not for a while though as your mother is determined to drag me to Casperia Prime this summer." They both burst out laughing then hugged, "just remember to call more often" he said as he left the room."

Sara just smiled then rolled her eyes, 'always call more often' she thought, perhaps she needed too, "will do" she said quietly before returning to the packing.


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