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Screams In The Night

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Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.
Location: West Ridge Field Hospital

"This patient is burning up... bring me a temperature stabilizer now..." The nurse looked down at the crewman and waved a tricorder over him. "His temperature is 103..." another nurse brought over the unit and she placed it on the mans head.

"What is wrong with him?"

"I don't know, he is burning up, he was injured by one of those things out there only a few hours ago... it is way too quick for an infection to start. Go get Doctor Ulonova, she'll know what to do."

Leanne was sitting down near a cargo container exhausted from the days events, drinking some water. She was in an entirely different world. The nurse tapped her on the shoulder and it shook her out of the trance. "Doctor we need your help, a patient is taking a turn and we can't explain it." The nurse motioned for her to come back to the field hospital. As they made it back to the hospital the head nurse walked up to her.

"Doctor here is the patient, he's running a horrible fever." The nurse led the Doctor over the the crewman, she took out her tricorder and began to scan.

The patient in question was David Drisco aged roughly in the early twenties too young some would say to be fighting a battle of this nature, and far too young to die when the rest of his life still laid out before him. He was sweating profusely, his eye lids were fluttering, his mouth open drawing heavy breaths.
"Doctor," he croaked horsey twitching slightly, "What's happening to me?"

Leanne knelt down next to him and put her hand on his forehead. It was so hot that you could fry an egg on it. She took her tricorder out and started to scan him. His white blood cell count was off the charts. His body had gone into overdrive trying to fight off something that looked like an infection. "Nurse go get a cold suite."
The nurse ran off to fetch the apparatus. The doctor ran her hands through the young mans hair. "It looks like you've come down with some kind of infection, probably from the stress in addition to those wounds you've picked up. I'll get you fixed up in no time." She reached into her medkit and pulled out a hypospray and injected him with some antibiotics.

He winced at the prick from the hypo and moaned softly. "Those beasts," he said weakly. "Make sure you kill a few more for me. Feels like they've ripped me in two, besides the fever. What's taking the Genesis so long to beam us back?"

"Well..." she scanned the man with her tricroder. "The Genesis is out of contact at the moment, we aren't sure if it is the field around the planet or what is going on, but at the moment we are on our own."

Dave rolled his head on the makeshift pillow and groaned. "Perfect," he continued. "What a mess we'll stuck in." Drawing in a deep breath of air through his teeth he turned back to the Doctor. "Is there anything else you can give me Doc? It feels like my side is burning up from those claws, and a bit of good news would be grand too if you have any."

"Let me take look at your side real quick." She grabbed a knife and carefully cut away the side of Dave's uniform to inspect the claw marks. It was a wide scrape on the side his body that started to ooze a bright yellow puss. The infection was spreading so fast. She didn't have access to the ships medical logs so she wasn't sure if the wound was a preexisting condition that was kicked off by the wound. She decided not to worry him with it just now. She loaded another antibiotic and painkiller cocktail into her hypospray. If it got any worse she was going to stick him into quarantine though she wasn't sure if they could jerryrig something down here. "Hmmm some good news... lets see... When we get back to the ship I'm going to put you in for two weeks of R&R to heal. That's good right?"

"Sounds fabulous Doc. Maybe then I'll finally be able to finish that book my girlfriend gave me before we left dock. Between then and here I haven't been able to read much more then a paragraph." he smiled bravely shivering slightly. He blinked thickly, "Wow, what ever that was it's made me suddenly very sleepy." He stifled a yawn continuing to shiver.

"Just lay back and relax. I won't let anything bad happen to you." She put her hand on his shoulder and rubbed it slightly.

He wanted to say something in return to thank her but his drooped eyes locking him into a deep sleep.

Leanne motioned for a nurse to come over. "We need to get him away from the general population. I don't think that what he has is contagious because more people would be presenting with similar symptoms. Go set up some force walls in that alcove over there, if we need to quarantine him that will probably be the easiest place to do it".
The nurse nodded and headed off to start the preparations. A few moments later she came back with two crewman who carefully picked up Dave and moved him over to the area that they had just set up. Leanne grabbed a biopad and put it down on the ground with the makeshift pillow that they had given him. They laid him down on the ground and left the area. The doctor sat down on the ground next to him and scanned him with her tricorder. The biopad was working properly and gave her a good view of his internals. She looked down at him and frowned. "What is going on inside of you?"

Deep beneath the layers of skin, muscle and tissues the injection was coursing through Dave's bloodstream like a wild fire. The distributed medicine could only be compared to a garden hose against a raging inferno. It lacked the strength and power to halt such a violent invader to the human biology.
The high fever continued to rage, depositing heavy amount of sweat upon the pillow and dampening his torn uniform. Normally someone of Dave's age would be able to fight mild injections and illness with relative ease, but in this circumstance the bacteria appeared to relish younger strands of DNA multiplying remarkably quickly.

Leanne was so exhausted from everything she had turned her attention away from Dave. The thought of dying on this god forsaken planet almost seemed like it was a real possibility. She was snapped out of her haze when he started to convulse, she also noticed the puddle of sweat that had formed. The doctor opened her tricorter again and almost couldn't believe what she was seeing. The infection had worked its way through the mans entire body. Whatever this was, it had taken over the entire lymphatic system so that it could spread like wildfire. The scans that she was taking almost didn't make sense. It had all the signs of a bacteria but at the same time it was replicating like a virus. Whatever this thing was it was changing his DNA. She looked down feeling very helpless at him. With it spreading so fast and without the Genesis there wasn't anything she could do. She loaded a muscle relaxant into her hypo to stop the convulsions but that was about all she could do.

The injection stilled his body allowing it to slump against the biopad laying quite still now longer twitching. While his body remained relaxed behind his closed eyelids his eyes were rolling madly a stray tear rolled into the beads of sweat that dampened his face.
If he was awake he would be struggling to hold onto his identity for his brain seemed muddled with thoughts of violence, aggression and bloody lust that weren't there yesterday. His morals felt mixed too, but what did feel was strong primitive urges. Those strong urges were powerful enough to jerk him from his coma like sleep sitting bolt up right.

Leanne held back a scream as Dave sat up. She had given him enough tranquilizer to put down a Klingon. "I need some help over here!" She yelled back to anyone could hear her as she straddled Dave and carefully pulled open his eyelids to see if there was any response. His pupils where completely dilated and his eyes where moving all around in his head. She shook him by his shoulders and spoke directly to him.

"Dave, wake up Dave!" She looked over as two crewman ran over. "We are going to need to restrain him. I'm at a loss for a diagnosis."

The voice of the Doctor seemed to wake Dave from his stupor. In one easy movement the stood up righting knocking aside the smaller woman at the same time as she wasn't there. The mixture of bright yellow pus and blood had traveled from the exposed wound down his body staining everything in sight. The injure itself appeared to have dried leaving the skin pale, blistered and being to flake.

Leanne gasp at Dave. Whatever it was that had infected him changed him. The creature now standing before her was no longer the crewmen she was treating, he was something else. The crewman tried to grab him but he quickly flung them to the ground with unnatural strength.

Snapping around remarkably quickly Dave turned back to her and snatched her up by the throat lifting her clear off the floor. Now fully awake the Doctor could see the strange glitter of sharp blue that shone from his eyes. She had seen it before, in the child in the Temple.

Leanne gasped for air, the shell that stood before her seemed intent on crushing her throat. It's blue eyes burned with the hatred of a thousand dying suns. She meekly tried to let out a scream for help but nothing came out. Everything around her was going black when one of the crewman that had come to help fired a phaser beam directly into the creatures back.

Being mostly human still the phaser instantly felled him crumbling onto the Doctor still gripping her throat as tightly as his dying body would allow. A hiss escaped his mouth as the two of them fell: "Reckoning..." then was still and silent.

"Doctor!" the crewmen swooped over pulling the corpse off her. "Are you alright? What just happened?"

Leanne started coughing and gasping for air as everything started to come back into focus. The vice like grip on her throat was released and she started to breath normally. This was the second time today that she had seen those piercing blue eyes.

The crewman that had just phasered Dave carefully helped her up. Her head was still spinning as she looked down at Dave. She motioned for a nurse as she coughed a little more.

"Nurse... I have a horrible feeling that this... whatever this is is spread from those creatures. Anyone that has been attacked and is presenting with high fever needs to be moved into quarantine immediately." She was still breathing heavily. "Do it now. I need to talk to Vos about this."


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