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Loose ends and questions

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Mission: Plotting New Courses. Season 1, Episode 7
Location: Russia
Timeline: Current

Leanne was walking through the paths outside of town, reveling in the fresh fallen snow. Fortunately she had made it in before the torrent of falling flakes pounded the sleepy town. All was quiet save for the crunch of her boots on the white snow under her foot and the wind blowing through the still leafless trees in the woods.

She had been thinking a lot about what her mother said in the short time they had talked the night before, and breakfast was spent talking about love interests, her cat, goings on in the village and several other "catch up type things". Was her place really at Starfleet out on the frontier? She had called Quinn a coward for running away from the troubles but if she didn't go back would she be any better? She continued to walk, mulling over all of the possibilities when through the trees she saw a federation shuttle off in the distance. It wasn't hard this time of year because nothing had begun to grow. I wonder if they are coming to haul me back early. That would really speed up my decision wouldn't it? she smiled and moved to a slightly more open section of the field waiting for the shuttle.

It had been some time since Beverly had last felt the controls of a ship under her hands, and she hadn't realized how much she had missed it. Maybe this new assignment would be good for her and allow her to get more hands on. But now she settled the sleek form of the type nine shuttle into the field not to distant from the sleep, snow covered village that Leanne had retreated to after the meeting at Starfleet.

Leanne had been of some concern to Beverly. She was one of the top Doctor's she had ever had the opportunity to work with, but something within her had always been very vulnerable and fragile. It had appeared to Beverly that what ever had happened had caused the same form of fracture in her psyche. More than that, Leanne was her friend and she wanted to make sure she was going to be fine.

She pulled on her heavy duty coat and some boots she had hurriedly collected from her home before setting off in the shuttle she had requisitioned.
Descending the ramp she could see a dark figure weaving its way through the field over to the shuttle, and once it came close enough she could make out who it was.
"Leanne... Sorry to intrude!"

"No, it is ok, just enjoying my leave, you may get an angry letter from the mayor though, he isn't a fan of shuttles landing in city limits." She smiled at Bev and moved over to her. The Admiral looked a little clumsy in her boots. "Well, welcome to Felisovo, the town that most of time forgot. What brings you all the way out here?"

"Actually... You do Leanne!", Beverly fell into step beside the Doctor, allowing the pace to remain as it had before she had arrived. "I was watching you in the meeting....... Somethings eating you Leanne and I'm worried about you!"

Leanne stopped for a moment the snow was starting to slowly fall again. "Part of it was Quinn... he abandoned us. Some of us don't have the option to just pick up and leave. He had nothing vested in us or that damn station, and he casually gave it up, almost as if was an afterthought, he told me to take over station ops while that Kangaroo court was active." She started walking again. "I don't even think he knew my name, he was more interested in Krissy's trial then he was in the rest of us."

"I understand!"
Beverly didn't want to say any more than that, but just allow Leanne to let her thoughts run free and flow, giving her the chance to sound out her emotions and hopefully settle the turmoil that was causing her some concern.

"Well, all this has gotten me thinking, about life, the universe, everything really, and the fact that people can be taken away from you so quickly out in space, I mean... one minute Vos and I were together, next thing you know he gets shipped off into some unknown part of the galaxy. I mean I haven't heard from him since he left, I guess I call that relationship effectively over wouldn't I?" she walked with her head down, with a sort of sad look on her face. "Back here, I can have a small practice, maybe have a family, raise a cow..." She stopped and looked at Beverly. "It almost doesn't seem worth going back out into space when I can live the rest of my life here. But then I stop and think about what I've done out there, I created a treatment for you, saved lives, seen things I've never dreamed of seeing. I'm just so torn about all of this."

"I can't force you to do anything you don't want to do. What I will say is that I would miss you if you weren't on this mission with me. I took the assignment because of who I would be taking with me... It wouldn't be the same without you".
Beverly stepped over a downed tree, and clumsily stumbled before righting herself. The great out doors had never been her cup of tea. Give her either sunny weather or gravity fields any day.
"I did talk with Commodore Quinn before he stepped down officially. He was a broken man... Your not broken yet because you doubt yourself"

"I appreciate the kind words Bev" Leanne hopped over the tree with ease and joined the woman on the other side. "I just get so worried, you know my father died on a mission out in space, if something happened to be, my mom would be alone." The flakes of snow were coming down as large individual flakes decorating the scene in the woods. "I love my fleet family. I think that is why I'm having such a hard time with all of this. How do you deal with it?"

A smile blossomed across her face as the realization came to her that she was almost acting as a mother figure to a good portion of the crew.
"I have always wanted to work in space.... I have always wanted to be a scientist in Starfleet... For me there is nothing else. My family understand that, even my son who refuses to talk to me understands as he seems to be following in my footsteps!", she paused for a moment. "How do I cope with it?", she came to a stand still and looked at the young women, the answer on the tip of her tongue. "I don't have to cope with it as its were I belong. I struggle to cope with the loss of life and with what we have been through in the last year I'm sure you'll understand!"

Leanne looked down at the snow and looked back up at Bev. "Yeah, I understand, that is why I am so torn. I couldn't help to think that I was letting everyone down if I didn't come back." She continued walking and pulled her coat a little tighter around her as the wind blew in cold and strong. "I guess life is like the winds blowing in here, cold, and unforgiving, but if you have the right protection it isn't too bad. Give me a few days and I'll meet you at space dock."

Beverly moved closer to her friend and put an arm around her, pulling her closer. "If we are there for one another then we can overcome anything".
She allowed the friendly embrace to linger a moment longer before she released the Doctor. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go pack my office."

Leanne stepped away and looked at Beverly. What the woman said made sense. "Are you going to be able to find your way back?"

"I'm sure I parked the shuttle in that direction somewhere...", she waved aimlessly behind herself before beaming a toothy grin at Leanne. "If you don't see me on the Anubis then have Zeek send down a search party!"

The doctor smiled at Bev before the woman turned and headed back towards the site that she landed the shuttle in, leaving Leanne with nothing but the cold, and her thoughts to keep her company.


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