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The Argument

Posted on Thu Apr 29th, 2010 @ 6:39am by Lieutenant JG Mya Leah

Mission: Plotting New Courses. Season 1, Episode 7
Location: San Francisco; Earth

Leah was sitting in her living room reading a book, thinking about things and wondered what she would do next. After a while she placed the book on the table in front of her, standing up she walked outside and closed her eyes. The sweet smell of the fresh air cooled her, smiling she took a seat at her chair. Taking everything in, because it would be awhile before she would got to enjoy everything again when her assignment came in.

She had the door open letting the cool breeze go into the house, it felt stuffy in there. “What you doing out here?” her mother asked as she came into the house after being gone all day. Mya jumped out of her seat when she heard her mother. “Don’t scare me like that mother,” Mya said as she looked at her.

“I thought I get some fresh air,” Mya added looking at her after sitting back down. Mya and her mother didn’t always get along and sometimes it showed though how she acted around her. She just wanted to have some peace and quiet and her mother always knew how to ruin it. “Well then I will leave you alone, next time tell us when you arrive home.” Mia said as she looked at her. With this Mya got upset and turned to her mother. “I am not a child mother, I don’t have to tell anyone when I come home I am a grown woman. Also, next time knock before you enter my house!” Leah said as she started arguing with her mother which seemed to happen every time she would come home from R&R.

Her mother stopped dead in her tracks and turned around to look at her daughter. “How dare you talk to me like that!” she snapped back at her daughter. “And another thing, we have been staying here since our home is being repaired after being destroyed in the last tornado that came!” she added glaring at Leah.

“Fine, just leave me alone!” Leah said as she walked down the stairs and headed down the walking path that she always would walk down when she was upset. She hoped her orders would come in soon, she was getting irritated with being at home, near her mother.

After several hours of walking she had finally arrived home to see an empty house, walking in she shrugged and saw that her computer terminal was blinking. Walking over to it and turning it on, she had started to read the message. She was being assigned to the USS Anubis as Chief Engineering Officer. The USS Anubis was going to be attached to Deep Space 7 another Nor-class station which was being brought back online. “Sounds interesting,” Leah said to herself as she turned the computer screen off after downloading the transfer orders onto a padd.

Walking to her room she started to pack some of her stuff that she wanted to take with her, she would leave to the Anubis in the morning after she got some sleep. She still had a few days to report but she thought she would report tomorrow so she could get away from her mother. She laid down and closed her eyes and feel asleep.


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