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Beauty of Uncertainty

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Mission: Plotting New Courses. Season 1, Episode 7
Location: Passarela, Portugal

His eyes slowly opened looking at something he did not understand. The ceiling was not the classic gray that all Starfleet bases were known for. It was white with an acoustic finish that added grooves and points to the ceiling. He started up at the wall slowly remembering everything that had happened in the past two weeks. Every point on the ceiling was another memory, in his half awake half asleep trance he started to picture all the faces that he had seen on the station. An odd cropping of the ceiling made him remember the eyes of Beverly, those crisp blue eyes that had widened with rage when the boarding of her ship by the Gorn started. It still brought a chill to his bone and he shivered and squirmed with anxiety as the memory overpowered him and crumbled the walls in his head that he had erected to keep those memories out of his thoughts.

He flung the covers from his bed and sat up in the plush room of his Portuguese home. He shook his head trying to get the memories to fade to the background. He ran his fingers through his ever thinning hair and breathed out heavily trying to find the strength to move on.

He stood up and opened his window to look out at the countryside it was peaceful as always with only the hint of a few grasshoppers and birds chirping in a strange duet that seemed to stop and start every few minutes.

He walked out of bedroom and hastily locked it with a key. It was strange but his grandmother had told him when he was young that if you wanted to get away from your dreams you should lock them away. And for the better part of his life if he ever felt worried or anxious over his dream he would lock his bedroom door in the hopes that somewhere in his mind he could will them away.

He manually lit the gas fired oven with a match and put a kettle boiling some water for some tea. After the kettle boiled he poured the steaming water into a mug and tenderly dipped a tea bag into the warm and refreshing hot water and began to drink it.

This was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life, this was the place that he felt at peace and the place where he felt the most relaxed. His mind wanted rest but a part of him demanded that he push himself beyond what he thought he could take bear.

It was reason he took up journalism in the first place. A quote from JFK came to his mind and he smiled. He had been gathering support for a lunar landing for his nation state and he had perfectly coined the vision of the lunar landings. We do things not because they are easy but because they are hard. JFK wanted to test the resolve and ingenuity of the nation that he commanded. And in many respects that’s what Anthony wanted deeply, his whole life he had taken the path with more turmoil and uncertainty.

He had known people throughout his life that had gone the easy road, the road that you could see a decade down the line. He chose the road with the curves and bends because he knew at the end of the road it would make him a more humbled man.

His eyes darted to an odd noise coming from outside his living room window, for a moment he stayed in his kitchen seat on his seat trying to put pen to paper on what the noise was. It was a chirping noise that then had the mutterings of someone who clearly didn’t speak the local language. And as far as Anthony knew the only other person in the village that spoke a foreign language was a Pole who lived a few miles away.

He stood up from his chair and walked into the living room and stuck his head out the window. To his displeasure there was a Starfleet Ensign looking up right at him. He wasn’t displeased that the Ensign was down there what angered him was that the Ensign had been looking up.

“If only I had kept my damn head inside” he said to himself

“Anthony Cardel?” the unnamed Ensign inquired, squinting his eyes in the morning light.

“Who’s asking?” he said leaning over the ledge of the window at the Ensign who had
just ruined his breakfast.

“Ensign Tadashi, Sir”. The Ensign said quickly trying to show some respect to a civi in a town he had never been in.

“And what brings you here to my peaceful and might I say quite little village?” Anthony said cocking his head sideways as he started at the young man and his clean and crisp uniform.

“You’ve been asked to visit Starfleet Command in San Francisco” Tadashi said feeling the morning sun bite at his exposed neck.

“That’s the first time I’ve heard a subpoena called a visit.” He said chuckling to himself.

“So you have received the communiqué, Command thought you might not have access to any communication in the mountains”

“We do have communications Ensign, and technically we are in a valley just because we are on a mountain doesn’t make me or the rest of the village mountain people, but that’s neither here nor there” he said brushing a few specs of dust from the ledge of the window.

“When do they expect my arrival?” Anthony asked

“In a few hours by 1900 at least GMT” Tadashi said

“And why are you here?”

“I’m your escort sir to the building” the young officer responded feeling a tiny bead of sweat run down his neck.

“And should I refuse to go with you?” Anthony said raising his voice to the point that a steady silence followed after.

“Then you’ll be arrested....Sir”



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