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Up With The Defences

Posted on Sat Mar 21st, 2009 @ 6:25am by Lieutenant Michael Lake

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.
Location: West Ridge Ship
Timeline: Current

Mike climbed into the hatch entrance to the West Ridge with Podi following very close behind "We need to pull this off fast, lets not faff about or be cuses right now, as I said, the crews life depends on it."

"You've been chatting with my dad too much. He, faff. Anyway, let's get to work."

Mike drew his phaser and then his tricorder as a precaution and threw the tool kit's fabric strap over his head "Thank god, the serious hat, its about time."

"Hey, when you work with me, you get used to there being no such thing as a serious hat."

Mike sighed "I know all too well, look, we can't screw around here, this is our crews life at stake, I'm bloody serious about this, ok?" he said, in a tone that he had never used around Podi before.

"Hey man, you just say the word and like magic I switch from play to work. Now, whaddaya need me for?"

"We need to get this hunk 'o' junk's defences up. We need shields at full power, thats top priority. And there is a port phaser, we could use that to our advantage if we can get it on a decent spead and level of power."

"On it."

:::5 minutes later:::

Mike and podi had left the deck of the ship they entered and were now in Engineering. "Ok, let's make the magic happen." Podi still kept his serious face on as he rubbed his hands together.

Mike holstered his phaser and took off the tool kit, placing it in the center of the room, he scanned around on the panels for something to do with shields "Ok... Podi, I think this is it over here." he pointed to the console and began typing into it "Now, we need to find the circuit box that we need to repair. I still have the power cell, need be."

Podi moved over to the panel where Mike pointed. "Where do you need me?

Mike pressed some buttons on a keypad, and then studied his tricorder for about 30 seconds. He pointed to a large hatch on the other side of the room "Over there, Podi. Open that hatch there."

Podi ran over to the tach that his colleague was referring to and opened it, putting all his force into openeing it. with a hiss the lock undid and the hatch gave and Podi gasped in relief. "Right, thats that done."

"Ok, now you've done that, we need to... what the hell... 'choke the chicken's wires'" he glanced at the tricorder and double checked "The UT has to be stuffed, it makes no sense." he threw the tricorder on the ground and made his way over to Podi "Ok, we need to refuse these wires to complete the curcuit, then we need to get some power from somewhere, this'll be a task and a half."

"Yeah, where are we gonna get that kind of power from?" As Podi finished his own sentence a backup plan formulated in his mind, but it was absolutely last resort.

Mike sighed "Damn, I don't think that the portable power source would have enough for the shields. We can amplify the power of the battery, it should work, but its as dangerous as jumping into a pool of plasma coolant... was that your plan?"

"What makes you think I have a plan. But-, no, look, never mind. Just tell me what you need me to do."

Mike raised an eyebrow "I can't let you kill yourself."

Podi leaned backwards suddenly, as if taken aback by the insinuation. "What makes you think I want to kill myself"? Don't answer, thats rhetorical. Now just tell me what you need me to do to get the sheilds up?

Mike took a deep breath "Ok, you need to find a positive and negative lead, they need to be chunky things too, they need to carry a hell of a load of current through them."

"Well, these ones will do." Podi held one up and followed the other lead to the wall. "Perfect." He said.

"Ok, now, take the powercell and pulg both the leads into it. Then switch it on and stand back, lets hope it doesn't start instantly." Mike said.

Podi plugged the leads together and turned back to Mike. "Is that all."

"PODI, STAND BACK, IT'LL KILL--!!!" Mike yelled, but it was too late, an explosion ripped out of the battery, cutting Mike off and thowing Podi and a mass field of debris back against a wall. Mike dodged embers and downed rubble on the ground "Podi! Podi!" he ran to him "Podi, you die and I'm going to be really peeved." Mike got to Podi and stood back a meter, just incase Podi was live with electricity "Podi, can you hear me!"

Podi didn't respond =^= Lake to Loran, we got the shields up, your safe to move in. Have Ulonova ready to take care of Podi, he's down, he might be dead, I can't tell from here.=^= Mike's voice started to break =^= Let me know when you need in, the shields are up, if you need us to wipe the slate, we can get rid of the monsters out there.=^=

Mike searched for a piece of plastic or a piece of wood, or something that wasn't conductive. He found a piece of plastic pipe and proded Podi once "Podi, you crazy bastard, come on, stop playing around, you have a smirk on your face." He looked down on his best friend, who had a sheepish smile, it may have meant that he was dead too. Mike thrusted the piece of pipe behind him and knelt down "And now for a leap of faith." closed his eyes and felt Podi's pulse, without getting electricuted, which was what Mike was expecting.
Podi was clinging to life on a thread, his pulse sped up and slowed down eraticly in a yo-yo like fashion "I'm right here Podi, don't let go of that fibre of life you are clinging onto, the Doc will be here soon."

=^= Loran, I'm going to extend the sheilds now, be quick about getting in here, I think Podi is going fast.=^= Mike said as he extended the shields extended around the crew outside =^=I think I can jury rig these crappy power systems to last longer than the specs say. But without Podi, I can't promise anything.=^=



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