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Setting Course

Posted on Sun May 9th, 2010 @ 12:05pm by Fleet Admiral Tal Navek & Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins & Lieutenant Linom Dekur & Lieutenant Helen Lyons [PNPC] & Lieutenant Eloise Star & Lieutenant Amber Winters & Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels & Lieutenant Kriss Maxx & Lieutenant JG Mya Leah & 1st Lieutenant Delvok Laurie & Ensign Carlos Rojas & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Command Chief Master Sergeant Maiek Kierianh

Mission: Plotting New Courses. Season 1, Episode 7

Beverly materialized on the transporter pad of the USS Anubis, the ship that would not only be conveying them to Deep Space Seven, but also be the support craft that she had wangled out of Starfleet. Officially, Captain Aerelon would be the Commanding Officer of the ship, and she would be the Commanding Officer of the station. It all seemed to work out naturally.

She stepped down from the pad, followed by the six other officers that had come with her, each one part of the thirty strong support team that was going with her to try and bring some semblance of order to the old Cardassian station.
"Captain!", she called as the other officers left the transporter room. "This is your ship, so please, if you could get us to the Station with as little trouble as possible I would be more than appreciative!", she jested. Knowing full well that things did not ever go smoothly for this crew.

"Very well." He replied "Alpha shift, report to the bridge. We disembark in ten minutes." He said as he made his way towards the bridge.

Sara gave the Admiral a quick nod with a smile to welcome her aboard, "Admiral if you will come with me I'll show you to your quarters before we get under way."

"Thank you Commander but I think I would like to see the launch from the observation room, plus I have a small mountain of paperwork to complete before we dock. I'll be based in the Observation lounge for the journey... Or mostly I will."
DeVuor smiled at the young and likable women. She seemed a competent officer and dedicated in the same tone. She looked forward to working with her on a more permanent basis.

"Of course Admiral, if you do need anything please let me know" she said with a smile before following the captain and Admiral to the turbolift.

Medical Team

Amber found her way onto the Anubis with her twin sister Renee. Renee headed her direction and Amber found her way to sickbay. She walked inside sickbay. This will be home when she was not on the starbase as she was taking up the Chief Medical Officer’s position aboard.

She laid her bag down in the corner of sickbay and walked around sickbay to get a feeling for the place. It was actually bigger than she actually thought it would be. She felt everything as she walked through sickbay until she made her way to her office where she sat down to enjoy her surroundings.

"Hi Amber," Helen Lyons called as she dropped her bag next to Ambers abandoned one in the corner. She had just come up with one of the shuttle transports and had heard that her friend was now the new CMO on the Annubis "Congratulations on making CMO. How was your Shore Leave?"

"Thanks," said Amber with a smile. "I hope I do a good job. Shoreleave was good. Spent some time at home with my mother and.... my twin sister whom probably at this moment is having fun in engineering"

Leanne was late getting onto the ship, Raymond had resisted capture and it took one of the security officers helping her chase him into a corner to catch him. She walked into the Sickbay of the Anubis with two bags, and one of them was conspicuously meowing. She sat that one bag down on the floor and the other on one of the biobeds. She unzipped it just enough for the little yellow cat to stick his head through the opening.

"Sorry I'm late everyone." Leanne half smiled to everyone then stretched her back out a little bit.

Amber walked out of her office and stood in front of Leanne. "I am glad you made it," said Amber.

"Yeah I almost didn't to be honest."

"Why's that?" Amber asked looking at Leanne.

"I'll tell you later, don't want to go into it right now." The doctor smiled at Amber then pet Raymond on his head.

"O..kay," said Amber. Amber looked at Raymond. Now who is this?"

Helen glanced at the cat with a raised eyebrow. "He's pretty placid for a feline in a bag. Most cats I know would have had your hand by now."


One of the passengers was a very old... thing. He was mostly humaniod, but he had rodent features and a medium size tail and vibrant purple eyes. He was swept on board with the throng of people heading for DS7. He kept out of everyones busy way and eventually wandered forward to the Lounge where he sat and watched the stars.

Milika was able to make it on the USS Anubis who was on its way to DS7, she was to take over the new bar because her lease was transferred there so she wouldn't be out of money. She walked on the Anubis still getting used to her prosthetic leg. She found herself limping a bit, but it would take a while. She was just glad that the worst was over. She made her way to her temp quarters until they arrived at DS7.

Without a position on the starship Kristina Mason stood in the near empty lounge gazing thoughtfully through the panoramic window at the stars that passed across her vision.

The old man noticed her and smiled. He'd seen that expression on, oh, so many peoples' faces. Still, it was nice to be in company for a while.


Leah had just arrived on the Anubis and headed straight for Engineering, she wanted to get started right away. She hated being away from her duties and seeing this was a new assignment she didn't waste any time. This would be her first time on an Intrepid-class but she knew everything there needed to know about there systems.

Eloise found herself on board the Anubis heading to her new home. She was hoping all of her purchases from Earth would survive the journey. She had been assured even the most delicate of items would be securely stored. She sincerely hoped so. She, just many of the others had so much to replace. She let out a soft sigh. So many items just couldnt be replaced and held strong memories for her. They are only items, material items. Unlike people who just couldnt be replaced. People were far more important always.

Even though she wasnt on duty she felt like she had to be doing something. She had itchy feet. The best thing Eloise could come up with to do was to take a journey around the ship to get to know her. Besides she could do with the excercise. She had too much lush food while on Earth. Everything was just so tempting and smelt too good!

Science Lab

Jrez had seen Milika walking along a corridor. At least I’m not the only crock here. The thought cheered him then it struck him – painfully. He would recover. Mikala had a prosthetic. He sobered up remarkably quickly.

He knew there was little point in doing much with the Science labs in the short term; his stay on the Anubis would be only a short one. Therefore, he applied himself to doing an inventory.

He was nicely settled in to the task when he became aware of another presence in the lab. He turned and looked up to see an ensign hovering in the doorway. So this was the newbie. Jrez had only had a quick scan of the man’s file so felt more than usually awkward.

“You must be Ensign.... How is your surname pronounced?”

"Rojas," Carlos replied, rolling the 'R'. "Row Hoss," he pronunciated more slowly. It surprised him how so many people had trouble with his name.

While the man was replying, Jrez brought the file up on his PADD. “A double major, I see. Useful. Which do you prefer, astrophysics or stellar cartography?”

"I actually prefer stellar cartography," Carlos replied, "although the fields are similar."

“Good. We’re going to be sitting alongside a vast expanse of unexplored territory so you’ll have your work cut out for you. How about you start familiarising yourself with such maps as we have?”

"I'm looking forward to studying unexplored space," Carlos said with a broad smile. "I could spend the rest of the trip looking at maps and not get bored so if there's anything else you need from me I should probably do that before I open the first map."

“At the moment, no. Go on, enjoy yourself,” Jrez added cheerfully.


Zeek settled into the center chair as the bridge crew went about preparing the bridge for departure. He wasn't yet accustomed to the Intrepid Class yet, but it would grow on him in time. After a few minutes of settling in, he tapped on a small button on his console, opening the comm to the entire ship "All hands, this is the Captain speaking. We're about to embark on a new journey, along with the crew of Deep Space Seven. No one really knows what we'll end up facing, but I have the utmost faith that whatever comes our way, we will handle it with precision and perfection. With that said, make ready for departure. Aerelon out." Zeek nodded to the bridge crew "Alright folks, status reports."

Kriss Max walked onto the Bridge and took up his post at the Comms station. Refreshed and ready for action he reported.
"Starfleet Port Authority has given us clearance to leave Earth orbit Captain. They wish us good luck and God speed to Roark Nor"

Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins stepped onto the bridge behind Kriss, glad that they would finally be putting some distance between them and Earth. He cut a sharp right and took his position surrounded by the consoles at Tactical, a dual role he would be serving in addition to his primary assignment in Strategic Operations on the new station. As a few others around him continued to report, he quickly got his bearings and made a follow up of his own.

“Weapons and shields are fully functional, Captain. Security expects little resistance from the Deep Space 7 crew, but are fully prepared to handle anything that the tight quarters might invoke.” The position at tactical came naturally to Tom, but the security aspect that the smaller Intrepid Class included was new to him. Despite the new environment, his strategic background combined with all the extra time he had hiding out from family on earth made for a near effortless transition. Secretly he wondered what Kristina would have to say when she heard of his role on the station’s support craft. Without realizing it, he grinned at the thought while continuing to double-check systems.

Lam had been talking to Lieutenant Davian who was filling it at the conn when Aerelon made his announcement, "bring reaction control thrusters online and stand by to clear all moorings" she said patting him on the shoulder before walking back to her seat, "all hands set condition blue and stand by for departure."

"Helm ready Captain" replied Davian as he spun round in his chair, "navigational sensors are calibrated, course heading sir?" he asked knowing full well their final destination but as he had learned years ago never assume when plotting a course as Commanding Officers sometimes like the indirect route.

"Deep Space Seven. Warp five once we clear the station." Zeek replied.

After she walked onto the bridge, she heard the Captain call for status reports. "Sir, Engineering is a go, all systems are operational and online sir," Leah said as she took her station near tactical and transferred the engineering systems to the console.

Observation Lounge

Beverly took the seat at the head of the table, placing the small carry bag to one side, allowing the collection of PADD's to spill from the open top across the table. It was one small reminder that with rank comes responsibility, and with responsibility comes paperwork. But for the moment, she wanted nothing more than to sit and watch the stars streak by. It would be the first time since arriving at Earth that she had been into space... and it felt good!


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