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Arriving on the USS Anubis

Posted on Fri Apr 30th, 2010 @ 9:38am by Lieutenant JG Mya Leah

Mission: Plotting New Courses. Season 1, Episode 7
Location: Engineering
Timeline: Before the Anubis leaves for DS7

Leah woke up and stretched, getting up out of bed and heading into the sonic shower she thought she would get a good shower in before reporting aboard the USS Anubis. Letting the water run she got undressed and made sure the water was just right. When she was satisfied that it was perfect she got in. The water that was hitting her body felt good relieved the aches and pains that came with her job. She closed her eyes enjoying the running water running over her body.

After a while she finished up washing her hair and her body, then rinsing off. Leah wished she could stay under the nice water all day long but she knew that wouldn’t happen. Turning off the water and getting out of the shower she dried off and got dressed in her Starfleet uniform and combed her hair.

When she was satisfied she had her stuff brought to USS Anubis while she walked out of her home and locked it up. She closed her eyes as the cool morning breeze hit her face; she smiled as she was going to miss this. Opening her eyes she started to walk down to the transport that would take her to the USS Anubis.

Walking in the shuttle, she nodded to the pilot, and took a seat. “Beautiful day isn’t it?” she asked the pilot trying to make small talk while she waited for them to take off. “Yes ma’am,” the pilot responded as they started to take off. She sat back and relaxed as they made their way to the ship.

After a while they had arrived and docked. The doors opened and she exited and made sure her belongings were taken to her quarters. She thought she would take a tour around the ship to familiarize herself with her. She ran her hand on the railing as she walked enjoying the feel of her. Leah couldn’t help but smile as she headed down the corridor.

She nodded to the others as they passed by her, after spending about an hour walking the ship she decided to go check out Engineering, she was saving the best for last. She entered the turbo lift “Engineering,” Leah said as the doors closed shut behind her. The hum of the turbo lift as it made its way to its destination was music to her ears. Being an Engineering Officer made her appreciate everything, the noises of the ship and how she operated.

When she finally made it to engineering she smiled as she walked around. A young Ensign walked up to her “may I help you Lieutenant?” The Ensign asked looking at her. She was brought out of her trance to see the Ensign in front of her. “Oh, I am Lieutenant Mya Leah the new Chief Engineering Officer aboard this fine ship.” Leah said as she began to walk around, she walked right up to the warp core.

Smiling as she closed her eyes listening to the hum of the warp core made her feel good, she was glad to be back to work. After she was done touring Engineering she walked into her office and sat down. She wanted to get to work right away. She started reading some reports that was on the desk that she thought needed to look at.

Leah had took a sip of her tea that she had gotten from the replicator on the way to her desk. She smiled as the smell of the tea smelled good to her. She was just enjoying being a Chief Engineering Officer after working so long to get here. It’s something that she has always wanted and now that she got it she isn’t going to give it up very easily. She would work hard and prove that she was worthy of this position.

Sitting the class down she began to work on some of the reports, looking at the department manifest and what shifts they worked and other items.


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