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The Well of Forever

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Mission: Plotting New Courses. Season 1, Episode 7
Location: San Francisco

Beverly was in her office at Starfleet Command, attached to the Science division of the fleet. She had been hand picked for the position by Admiral Nechayev as being the only Admiral in the fleet that wasn't focused solely on War and Combat. In some ways i was an excellent opportunity for her to get back to her roots as a Science officer, but she missed the weightless environment around her and th adventure that came with exploring new worlds.

She was just leaving the science institute, passing by Starfleets biggest open secret. The Vault Team Head Quarters that she had insisted open up further teams within the fleet. Someone she knew from the meeting a few days previous was just entering the department, no doubt for a briefing, but she wanted this women on her team going to Deep Space Seven.
"Lieutenant!", she called, hoping to get her attention.

Avo turned around as she started home down the stairs that lead to the bay. Recogonizing the woman behind her Avo stopped acordingly and waited for her to catch up. "Yes Admiral?" She said in her still shaky tone.

"I was hoping to see you!", Beverly's good mood still rising at the opportunity to be back in space, and with most of her old friends again. She had spoken with Captain Lorran Vos not an hour before who had heard about her promotion and new assignment. He had wanted to wish her well, and leave a message for Leanne. One that she would relay all in good time.
"I was wondering if you had thought anymore about the offer to move your team to Deep Space Seven?"

Avo didnt speak for a moment. "Admiral I'm not going to Deep Space Seven, Commander Accurea is the one to speak to abou that." Avo said as she started down the stairs.

"Check the rank pips Lieutenant...", she said, while tapping the small black and gold dots, encased with a gold surround on her red collar. "Stand to attention! Now answer my question Lieutenant!"
Her voice cracked like a whip, something she avoided doing if possible, but something in this Lieutenant's tone said she would be less inclined to listen unless the order was given.

Avo turned around. "Admiral, just because you give the order does not make it possible." Avo explained. "I.................... have been reassigned and now I must bid you good evening." She said as she continued down the stairs.

"Lieutenant. Officially who ever you report to, reports to me! I am the senior command officer that runs the scientific sector of Starfleet. This could be considered gross misconduct under the Starfleet regulations regarding compliance of direct orders!", her eyes spoke of danger and a bigger threat than anything else that Avo might have come up against. "You either comply with my order or you will find yourself court martialled... Do I make myself clear!"

The young women had to know that she was in the know with the Vault team, as well as all other classified material within Starfleet. She was after all the fleet Executive Officer.

"According to Federation Military Law you cannot order me to reveal any information I do not wish to." Avo said turning around. "And since the Frontier Exploration force is under independant opperations like other Federal agencies you have NO juresdiction." Avo explained.

"You are a Starfleet Officer Lieutenant. Either answer my question or you can kiss your career goodbye"
The ire in her voice had reached a crescendo and it had all but shattered her exuberant mood. She was one of the highest ranking officers within the fleet, privy to every single piece of classified information, and she was being over ruled by a Lieutenant because someone under Beverly's Command held more sway!

"Romulus!" Avo shouted back at her. "Happy?" She continued.

The blood drained from Beverly's face as the realization struck her. with swift steps she took the Lieutenants arm and guided her into a small office were they could discuss the matter in more privacy.
"Clear the room", she stated to the three young Ensign's that were working in the room. A brief moment of confusion crossed their faces before Beverly's rank hit them. Each one scurried from the room, the Benzite the last one to leave.

As the doors slid shut she wheeled around on the Lieutenant. "Explain... And why do I have no knowledge of this!"

"I dont think anyone needs to inform you Admiral, everytime someone gets assigned to our embassy." Avo said in a calmer tone.

For some reason Beverly didn't believe her finding the answer to convenient, and why would the diplomatic sector of Starfleet want a Science Officer operating within the Embassy.
"Very well Lieutenant. How long will the assignment be as I still need you on Deep Space Seven. We have an entire unexplored area of space on our door step. I'll need my Vault team leading the charge into that area"
The question not with standing, Beverly had every intention of following this up with Admiral Aston.

"I'm not going to head any kind of team, the new Director of the Frontier Exploration force made that quiet clear, Commander Acurea will head the team on DS-seven." Avo said. "I'm just being shipped off because I didnt do a great enough job on six-one-one and now the Embassy needs an archeologist."

"Then the DFE didn't read the same reports that I did". Beverly came to stand by the side of the Lieutenant and allowed a smile to hint at the corners of her mouth. "From what Commodore Quinn and Captain Aerelon have told me you were more than exemplary in your role. I will make sure we have you back on Deep Space Seven."
Everything she said was true. It might take some time with how the administrative operations of fleet movements works, but she would have her back on Deep Space Seven.

"Well try and convince him of that, because he's dead set on getting someone else on DS-seven."Avo said, turning to walk away.

"I will get you back!", she called after the Lieutenant before collecting her things up and heading herself to the transport coordinates for transport to the Anubis.


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