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Quiet Shore Leave

Posted on Sat May 1st, 2010 @ 8:34pm by 1st Lieutenant Delvok Laurie

Mission: Plotting New Courses. Season 1, Episode 7
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Timeline: Day after "the Offer"

David sat looking out at the rain, a slight frown on his features. It was one of the few things he didn't like about his late mother's homeland; the weather was often appallingly bad. He hadn't been in Scotland for since just after the Dominion War, over 10 years before and it had rained then as well.

Helen sat opposite him and gave him a slightly bored look. "How long will this last?" she asked wanting to get out and explore. Despite the time she'd spent on Earth over her long life, she'd mainly spent it in America and had never visited Scotland.

"From experience? Probably about 18 months, then a few days of sun." He peered out at the dark sky. It was lightening up slightly in the west. This was good since most of the weather came from the west due to the winds from the Atlantic on the far side of the country. "It's going off a bit, fancy braving it?"

"I'll get an umbrella," Helen replied happily.

By the time they made it out onto the street, leaving the bed and breakfast behind, the rain was down to a very light drizzle. People were milling about, ignoring the weather and each other for the most part. As David and Helen neared the more touristy area of the city, groups of people appeared. Most were clearly tourists in the city for the culture and history, and possibly the whisky.

Walking down near the end of the Royal Mile, David pointed out Holyrood House and Arthur's Seat, the long extinct volcanic plug that sat towering above the city.

"What is that?" Helen asked pointing at a building.

David snorted. "That is the Scottish Parliament. I'd say a blind man designed it, but that would be offensive to blind people. Even they can see how awful it is. It was built at the end of the 20th century, took longer to build than planned and went way over budget."

"You don't think a Parliament was a good idea?" she asked, slightly surprised.

"Oh, it's a good idea, just a hideous building." He turned away from it and headed for the Royal Mile, weaving around slower moving groups of people.

Helen was taken by the fact that the city had managed to resist the redesign that had swept across Earth after the 3rd World War as technology leapt forward. Of course there was the usual modern tech hidden about, but most of the buildings hadn't changed in centuries. The architecture was wonderful.

David left calm. As a teenager he'd often left Glasgow, where he actually lived with his mother and half sister, and come to Edinburgh to escape. There he was the half-Vulcan the humans his age treated with suspicion, but here he'd just been another face in the crowd. More often than not he'd been greeted at home by his mother, annoyed that he'd just up and disappeared for 8 hours or so without telling. T'Sel had even once been told to follow him in case he was doing something untoward.

"So, why bring me here and not to Glasgow?" Helen asked. "You did live there."

"Yes, but it is just like many other cities on Earth, rather modern. Yes, there are some nice places, but it's... I'm not sure how to explain it," David admitted. "Perhaps if I were fully Human I'd be able to explain what I feel. I find Edinburgh to be.... calming? Silly I suppose."

Helen hugged his arm as they continued walking. "Not at all. I used to have a place that I liked to go for no real reason back... back home," she said wistfully. It saddened her deeply that she could never take David to her homeworld, not unless they both had a death wish and wanted to see the Borg up close and very personal.

"Are you okay?" David asked. Despite not being very good with emotions, he had been around Helen for long enough to pick up her emotions quickly.

She smiled lightly. "Just thinking of the past."

A man stepped out in front of them. "Alright? Can I interest ye and yer bonny lassie here in a wee tour o' the city?" It was clear he was eager to attract some business, but David was always weary of the "tourist traps".

"Ye're alright, mate, I ken the city very well masel'," David replied and carried on walking.

Helen was stunned. "I don't know what you just said, but I didn't know you could speak Scottish," she said. Even after 6 years of marriage, he could still surprise her.

He gave slight smug smile before answering. "You didn't really think I'd grow up in Scotland and not acquire an accent? I'll give you, it has been many years since I used it. But if you couldn't understand that, you should try some other areas of Scotland; you'd think they were speaking a foreign language. That was how I could tell to steer clear of that man. He wasn't a local, so that is a concern if he offers tours."

"You know, that accent sounded quite sexy..." she replied quietly.

David laughed briefly. "I think that's the first time anyone has said that to me. Maybe if you are lucky I'll whisper sweet nothings to you later or sing a few Scottish songs?"

Helen clapped him on the arm. "I've heard you sing, and I'm afraid not even that accent will make you any better," she said cheekily. David merely rolled his eyes.


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