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Remembered Prologue

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Mission: Plotting New Courses. Season 1, Episode 7
Location: Italy, Earth

The prospect of four days leave on Earth wasn't exactly the location Krissy had in mind. The daydream bubble of a Risa break with Zeek was a life time away with his new orders their paths may not cross often again.

A soft babble of colleagues discussing their plans soon started once Beverly had closed her meeting. Many of the crew had perked up at the prospect of returning to their families they had not visited in a lengthy period. She felt excluded from the impromptu excitement having no family to speak of Krissy wasn't sure how she was going to spend those four days.

The scenery, sunshine and balanced life was lost on her as she pounded the streets without a set direction, just glad to be free from the over shadowing presence of the Starfleet HQ looming overhead in San Fransisco like the Grim Reaper brooding over the one that got away clinging to her fragile career with her nails.

Mason glanced down at the thin lay of dust that had collected upon her boots as she passed through the dated city, untouched by the modernness of rest of the world, preferring to remain loyal to its religious history. Overhead the sun was sinking in the sky casting long shadows as Krissy turned into a side alley feeling the shade instantly cool the sweat building beneath her heavy uniform.
It had been many years since she had trod this path, but nothing had changed, every building, every turn, brick and paving was the same as she could recall. The door knocker upon the stout door was unchanged save to the growth in rust worn smooth with usage.

She paused, staring at the heavy built door with a sudden indecisive halt. When she came here moons ago she was somewhere between child and adult, feral, wild, aggressive and in deep need of guidance. Here she had found it, here she was molded, taught the lessons of life and the deepness of religion that could wrap you in a cocoon.

She lifted a hand to hold the knocked drawing in its warmth, strong sense of knowledge and forgiveness. With a heavy thud the handle thudded against the plate sending a deep resounding boom through the wooden door and building beyond.

Sister Abigail, with her long and heavy dress made their way down the long hall. It was unusual for someone to be calling so late at the orphanage, but as with the church, she had no intention of turning anyone away that would be in need.
It took a her moment to open the door a crack as it was heavy and she was now no spring chicken.
"Yes", she said, sounding older than Mason could remember. "Can I help you dear?"

"Good eveing Sister," Krissy spoke suddenly regreating disturbing the woman as she battled to hold the door her face bearly visable in the shadow. "I'm trying to reconnect to some of the people that use to live in this area. I'm looking for Sister Abigail."

"Kristina?" Abigail flung the door open, raising a hand to her mouth. "Is it you Kristina?"

A tremor of laughter shook Mason's voice. "I suppose I have always been hard to forget"

"Come here my girl!" the older women squealed as she flung her arms around someone she had considered to be the daughter she had never had. Abigail had been the matron on duty the night that Kristina had arrived escorted by a young man in a Starfleet Uniform. He had deposited the feral child, having seemed to have bonded with the young women, but was unable to stay because of his duty. It was all so vivid in her memory. "How could I forget you... Its so good to see you again".

Mason retunred the embrace hugging the woman fondly but carefully also aware now in the brighter light how frail she now appeared. Despite medical wonders there were just some things that could not be cured. "Its good to see you again too, I'm sorry I haven't been able to come sooner."

"Come... Lets have a drink!", the old women released the Starfleet officer, stepping back just to get a look at her before leading her down the hallway to a large room with an open fire. She ushered her into the room and closed the door before opening the cabinet by the door with a key she kept on a cord around her neck.
Within the cabinet were a collection of liquids and the sort, but the one she went for was an electric blue colour and a gentle mist was rising from the liquid within the bottle.
"Romulan Ale, twenty two eighty five. I've been waiting for the right occasion to break this open!"

Following behind Krissy cast her vision around the hallway allowing the sight and smells to stir old memories from her past again. Some where joyous, the very few occasions when she felt she had a family, while others will less cherished. For months months right up to present day she was still plagued by nightmares of other ghosts.

The warmth for the glowing fire melted all that way for now, and the softness of the armchair eased her muscles. Above her Abigail fished to a bottle and glasses, "I never knew you were such a booze hound sister," she called. "I didn't think the lord thought highly of drink, but who are we to pass the opportunity?"

"What are you talking about girl... He was the biggest alcoholic around. Turning water into wine... Please", she blew air thought her mouth in frustration at the girls naivety, but the smile spoke volumes at how joyful the old women felt at seeing Krissy again.
"So tell me... What have you been up to?"

Accepting the glass Krissy took a sip enjoying the burning sastin that followed. "Going wherever the job takes me." she shrugged. "I'm on a short leave for a couple of days before we ship out to Deep Space seven, a rather old but verstile station. Everything is pretty much up in the air at the moment but that 's nothing new."

"Oh pish... Give me the real gossip. Whats happening with you. Any gentleman friends?"
The old women started to fish for the information that she really wanted, not the preprogrammed information that Krissy was giving her.

Surprised at the Sister inquiry Krissy chocked on her drink and blinked profusely to clear her vision. "Sister!" She said shocked with another hint of laughter feeling a blush develop. "There is someone..." she said shyly after shifting uncomfortably. The idea of being together with Zeek still felt a little strange but comforting at the same time.

"I knew it... Come on spill the beans!"
It had been some time since Sister Abigail had been in a situation were she could relax and be herself, and secretly Krissy had been living the sort of life she had always wanted, but her calling had kept her from pursuing her dream.

Cupping the glass Krissy watched the electric blue liquid swirl for a moment or two. "I detested him at first, I thought he was arrogant, rude and heartless....then I began to see past that facade and saw how alike we both are. Orphans through bloodshed looking for companionship."

"So whats he like in bed?"
The question fell out of the old womens mouth before she could stop herself, but there again a wry thought crossed her mind. 'I'm too old to wait for her to tell me'

Mason's mouth fell open, that one blew her out of the water compleatly. It took a second for her to recover: "I...I don't konw we haven't gone that far yet. Nor do I know if we could, he's been promoted and given a ship. I don't know how much I'll be able to see him."

The playful smile tugged at the old womens face unable to hide any of her amusement at the conversation and how uncomfortable it made Krissy feel. "Were are you staying on your leave?"

Across the fire Krissy caught the sparkle in the Sister's eye, the look of mischeif a sign that she was still very much young at heart. The old minx Krissy smiled.
She shrugged her shoulders to answer the question: "I don't know, I was sort of making it up as I went along."

"Well, I have a room with a view of the Della Santina Purifico... and I'm sure I could fit in a home cooked breakfast in bed... If you like!"

"Oh, no please don't put yourself out for me. I owe you and others so much." Krissy sat straighter. "I'll be happy here on the sofa, I'm sure I can remember my way around."

Unwilling to relent in the matter Abigail stood and put her hands on her hips. "Your room is on the fourth floor. Make yourself comfortable... this is your home afterall!"


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