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Familiar Face

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Mission: Plotting New Courses. Season 1, Episode 7
Location: Paris, Earth

Dawn was breaking over the perfect Paris skyline. The air was crisp as Kristina Mason jogged through the quite streets enjoying actually being able to run through a real location rather then a holographicly created one. The increasing joyful bird song, scent of fresh pastry, spring flowers and the feel of the breeze through her hair was irreplaceable.

Finally with her heart hammering Mason pulled up and perched upon the wooden bench beside her to catch her breath and watch the city wake. Across the street she watched the corner coffee shop lay out the tables and chairs for the days trade already soaking up the morning sunshine.
Their first customer arrived shortly after, place his order with the waited and sat in the light like a reptile bathing in its warmth. Krissy continued to watch with a sense of curiosity as the hairs upon the back of her neck stood on end.

That man looked ever so familiar.

Intending to only glance at the menu in the window and take a sweeping look at the man Krissy crossed the street and peered into the glass catching both his and her own reflection.
The two of their faces appeared to be pulling the same expression: Do I know him/her? But it can't be, can it?

Krissy straightened and turned fully. "Henk O'Brien? What on Earth are you doing here?" she asked drawing up beside him.

Henk looked at the woman who just called his name. If you saw his face you could tell that his brain was working overtime.
"Kristina?" Henk said as he stood up. "You look different, what happened?"
The waiter brought his coffee and Henk drank it up quickly.
"Let's take a walk while we talk."

A deep smile grew on Krissy lips as the two of them looped hands. "I look different." she started, "And you don't I suppose!"

"It depends." Henk said as he looked at Kristina. "I haven't turned my life around and have a cloud around me."
Henk looked in front of him and a weak smile appeared on his face.
"You look great this way."

She gave him a sideways look. "And I didn't think the jogging bottoms really did much," she smirked. "Anyway whats the rubbish about me turning my life around? I've been through the mill which would properly change anyone. Nothing like facing a court martial to make you reflect."

"I've heard something about that. " Henk said. "But I don't talk about that. You look like you have a second change in life."
Henk wanted to say that he still loved her, but she needed to go her own way. She had made clear she wanted to be friends. He could only respect that.

"Good I'm glad you don't nor do I. Like I said its made me reflect I've realized how self centered, rude and very standoffish I was. Sure it helped bang heads together and get the job done but didn't really do well among the crew. Anyway, enough about me how are you doing?"

"For the first thing in my life I've have no idea what to do." Henk said as he stopped walking. "I'm thinking of resigning my commission with Starfleet. My farther died a few days ago. Maybe I will take over the park and run it. I have no idea."

"Oh, Henk I'm sorry to hear that. But I'm afraid only you can make that choice, may I recommend you choose something that makes you happy."

"That's the problem. Now that I can run the park I'm torn by my two desires. The park and Starfleet. I will figure it out. Someday."
Henk stopped walking and looked at the ground.
"I've kept taps on 611 the best I can via the news. How bad is it out there?"

Mason chuckled dryly. "There's nothing left of her. We were invaded by Gorn troops. they just tore through our defenses like paper. We had no over choice but to abandon her but not before Commodore Quinn had us start the self destruct sequence."

Henk just nodded. As he looked passed Kristina he saw the Eiffel tower. There was so much he wanted to say, but he knew that this was not the time.
'How are things going between you and Zeek?"

Krissy sat on the wall edge now that the two of them had stopped walking. She still felt bad for letting Henk down with disappointment only to link up with Zeek later. Now their careers were threatening to pull them apart even before progress was made.
"He's been kind and supportive," she said after a guilty pause. "We've not been able to spend a great deal of time together, and now he's made Captain I can't really see that improving very much. I think we'll going to be one of awkward long distance relationships."

"So long as he is kind to you." Henk said "I'm happy for you. Don't feel sorry for yourself. This is how life is. Not even we can help."

She craned her neck up to look him in the eye. He was too nice for Starfleet to spit on him like they had with Beverly Quinn, herself and many, many others. His kind heart and wisdom would be crushed in one foul swoop. Yet, he was strong and stubborn forever ready to fight for his corner, qualities always admired in fellow officers.

"True, there are some things we cannot control. But others we can. Henk, I can't read you mind or see into your soul and don't take this the wrong way because I think you are a good man with a heart of gold. I've seen so many people turned, chewed and ruined in my career. I hate it, worse still when its me dealing the punishment. What I'm trying to say is I think you should take on the family business, compared to the war still lingering it will be a great deal safer."

"I'm a good pilot. They need me up there." Henk said as he walked over to a near fence and leaned on it. "Maybe I can save some lives. I don't know. I'm torn between my duty as Starfleet or the family park. But after what we have been through maybe the park is way better."

Her eyes followed him. "If I had another path I would use it. I envy you in that manner, I've got nothing just a career which is pretty much my life."

"You are good in what you do. People respect you for that. Some maybe even look up to you. Maybe the way you reached your goal was wrong, but we all make mistakes."

"I know, sometimes I think it surprises the crew when I do make them and even more so when I bleed. A reminder that I am human after all.""

"We are all made of flesh and blood. But enough talking about this."
Henk turned around and looked at Mason.
"I want to invite you and Zeek to come to my park so long you are here. I want to give you two the time together that you deserve."

"That's very sweet Henk, thank you. I'll have to check with him, but if he cannot be released I'll go regardless. I feel like a loose end down here." Krissy smiled.

"When you are ready to go. Give me a call and I will pick you up from the Johannesburg transport station."

"Thanks. I'll certainly look into it." Mason continued to smile. "What do you have planned for the rest of the day?"

"Nothing much. I haven't planned anything. I wanted to see how the day went."

"Well," she moved over looping her arm under his. "If that's the case providing you don't mind showing an elder because I am older then you," she smirked. "The sights of such a historical city? Although I want to freshen up first. The hotel is not too far from here."

"Alright lead the way" Henk said as he made a small smile.


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