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Shoppings a breeze

Posted on Tue May 4th, 2010 @ 4:57pm by Lieutenant Eloise Star

Mission: Plotting New Courses. Season 1, Episode 7
Location: Earh
Timeline: Current time


Eloise had been looking forward to her four days leave.She wondered if it would treuely be 4 days leave but at this stage any leave was great. She didnt have any set plans. She had no friends on Earth and barely knew anyone from SB611 apart from Helen. She would try to catch her but no doubt if it didnt pan out then when they got to their new home no doubt it would happen then.

Serious shopping was what was called for. So many things to replace. Replicator things were ok but individual pieces, sometimes they were to die for! The hardest thing would be deciding what to shop for first! Even if so many things hadnt been lost, it was always great to get new things. She felt sad for her collection of shoes that had been lost. Some were just irraplacable. But in saying that there were some that really did need to be replaced.

So it was decided, she would start with shoes and work her way up. Heels were a must! Red boots a definate necessity. Some sensible shoes, boring but a must. Her mind raced with what shoes she wanted versus what she actually needed. She laughed lightly to herself... So far they were all a need. She could forgo none of her choices so far.

Clothes, now that would be a nightmare. Definately a simple black dress, then something flashy. Something ever so tight to show off her toned body. So many occassions she had to think of. Well potential occasions. There was no harm thinkng positively. Her mind flashed to Commodore Quinn. No, I cant even think about him. Not now, not ever. Better to focus my attentions elsewhere. Helen had mentioned a night out. Hopefully with moving they could still have that night out. Then surely there would be someone that could distract her thoughts.

There was one more thing before she started her shopping spree! Breakfast! No point shopping on no energy.... and she planned on doing some serious shopping.....

off: Im not a shoe-a-holic but one of my friends are.....


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