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Unwanted Assignment

Posted on Sun Jun 13th, 2010 @ 8:26am by Alice DeVain(PhD)

Mission: Plotting New Courses. Season 1, Episode 7
Location: Starfleet Academy

Commander Lara Acurea stood vigilent in her office overlooking the bay near Starfleet Academy. Her new found assignment wasnt easy, being Superidendent of Cadet and Personel management was a far cry from her last two positions. Ten Years as a JAG officer and then three months commanding the USS Denali. A far cry to be sure but she was up to the challenge and one couldnt notice from her stern aristocratic attitude she had inherited from her grandmother. She had one arm tucked behind her, laying across her back in a rigid motion. Her other arm held a cup of Orange Penoke Tea, milk, three sugars, just the way she liked it.

She continued waiting for her 'Guest' to arrive and remained tottally unmoving in her rigid state save for turning her head to marvel at the sunny view of the lively bay area.

Stewart sifted uncomfortable as the sodden exercise gear clung to him, the sweat beginning to cool in the sir conditioned reception hall of some Commander that wanted his presence.
Gently he picked at the sleeveless top that began to stick to his chest wishing he had been given the time to shower before attending the meeting, and as it had turned out, the time he had spent in the reception would have been plenty with some to spare.
"Excuse me Cadet... The Commander will see you now!"

Stewart nodded and pulled himself, with aching arms after the outdoor workout his instructor had been putting him through along with his class mates.
He stood, and tensed his muscles so he was standing to attention before he had come to a standstill in the office that had one of the most breathtaking views of the old Golden Gate bridge he had the opportunity to look at.
"Cadet third year Stewart DeVuor reporting as ordered sir!"

Lara didnt turn around until a few moments latter. "Ah yes, Cadet DeVour, please have a seat." She said, gesturing to one of the mahogany leather chairs in front of her desk.

Stewart shifted uncomfortably in his sweat soaked clothing, the perspiration still running down his forehead.
"Yes sir!", he almosted shouted as he moved across the room and took a seat on the opporsite side of teh desk to the Commander.

Lara was amussed by the Cadet's stiffed back and perspiration, so many rigid backed cadet's these days consumed with protocol. "Computer lower temperature to twenty four degrees celcius." She said sitting down. "No need to sweat about this meeting cadet." She explained.

With an equally stiff reply, keeping his eyes dead center, not moving in the slightest he added. "Yes sir!"

"Yes well back to buisness, as you most likely know your mother is takiing command of Deep Space Seven in a few days after the anubis arrives and now a couple of the Commander Directors and I were thinking about sending a group of cadets to Roark Nor for their cadet cruises and field training. You are on the list with several other's, now I want to know if serving under your mother's command will be a problem, cadet." Lara said, feeling the slight chill of the temperature taking it's toll.

This was something he had dreaded since joining the academy. It had been bad enough when he had been assigned to the USS Hope during the training cruise he had taken as their conn officer.
"To be honest sir... Yes it would!"

"Explain." Lara said with a flick of her wrist. "I know it might seem uncomfortable serving with your mother but Captain Ieuna will be your supperior while you're there."

The reasons behind their dispute ran through the conscious mind, something he had avoided allowing himself to do for almost four years. All the same anger and desperate disappointment came flooding back, bubbling to the surface like a fresh spring breaking the surface.
"With all due respect Commander, I would rather not talk about the matter!"

"As we lawyers say Cadet, give me the evidence." Lara replied.

Stewart new that the Commander could make life very difficult for him, but he also understood his human rights. This was personal information that had no baring on his career in Starfleet, even still, he was only a cadet and too disregard an order could be professional suicide.
"We had a disagreement sir that has no baring on my ability to perform my job sir!"

"So is there anyother reason why you dont want to be there? If it doesnt affect your performance as an officer then I see no reason not to promote you." Lara said.

Stewart, forming the words to protest about the replrimand when the last nuggest of information soaked into his conciousness. "Promote?"

"Yes Cadet, infact your entire graduating class is getting their assignments early, a recent crisis on the frontier requires the last three weeks of class to be cut." Lara explained.

It was almost like he had been hit, or had his legs taken out from under him, it was more than a shock.
"I don't know what to say sir!". Then it hit him, the realisation why the Commander had been asking about the issue between himself and his mother. "Sir... Am I being assigned to my mother's.... I mean Admiral DeVuors command?"

"Well most likely, Roark Nor is the Flagstation of Antares fleet but there are other ships, but Roark Nor would be the most likely choice." Lara explained.

Stewart stiffened his back until it was ram rod and fixed his eyes on one point in the room. Despite his turmoil in regards of his mother, he refused to allow that to rise issue while he was part of the fleet.
"When do we ship out sir?"

"Tomorrow onboard the Yamato, it leaves Oakland at twenty one hundred tomorrow, I know it's late but we need you out there now, plus it's a Nova class ship so it needs to be launched as soon as possible even with a refit of warp nine." Lara said.

With as much military stiffness as he could muster given the suprise turnaround on his career, he stood too attention and uttered the usual reposnce to the Commander. "Yes sir!"

Lara smiled once more at the Cadet's unusaly rigid demeanor. "Dismissed." She said briefly.


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