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Dum spiro spero (While I Breathe I Hope) (Part 3)

Posted on Fri May 7th, 2010 @ 11:28pm by Lieutenant Kriss Maxx

Mission: Plotting New Courses. Season 1, Episode 7
Location: Hope Cove, England

Sileth got up from the table and walked down the narrow path that led to the boat beach. There were pretty little holiday homes either side, mostly empty as the season hadn't started yet. When she reached the end of the path a small cafe came into view The kiln had opened for business early today hoping to make the most of the early walkers who were taking advantage of the warm weather to go walking on Bolt Tail .

Having had her coffee fix for the next few hours, Sileth made her way past the Kiln and the harbour masters cottage on the left. She took off her shoes and wriggled her toes that were adorned with bright red pearlescent nail varnish and walked down the slipway and onto the golden sand. It felt good to have the sand between her toes and when she looked ahead of her, there was the rock, flat and nestling up against the harbour wall.

He wasn't there the rock was just as it always had been just a 'rock'.
"Hello rock" she said "Have you seen him? Is he here?" It was their rock, it knew her.
The rock ,being a stubborn kind of rock, refused to answer and wasn't giving away any information at all.
"Traitor" she called it and the rock remained complacent and totally unaware of Sileths thoughts and feelings because after all said and done it was 'just a rock' and who had ever heard of a talking rock?.

Sileth walked past it, along the beach to the breakwater and walked up the few steps. As she walked along it, she noticed the Fulmars on top of the largest outcrop of rock in the cove. The tide was on the turn and she watched a wooden fishing boat with red sails come chugging into the bay as the scavengers of the sea soared overhead eager for scraps.

Max couldn't resist it and watched from over the road as the shuttle pulled up at the stop and dropped off its passengers he recognised Adrian the driver but Sileth wasn't there.

He walked down the road past Spray Cottage and towards the slipway on Sunbay beach.

"She wont come" said Kriss "She wont come because she knows Max"

"She knows nothing"

"She knows "

"I said she knows nothing"

"I've looked in your memories Max"

"Rory and I were fine, we both loved Sileth, you will love her too and then the three of us will be back together again just like it was before, but you wont be around for much longer."

"I don't want that Max and you know she dosn't want that too"

"We'll all be together and once your gone there will be just me and her"

"You can't do this Max"

"I can, I can do this you wait and see. It will work out just fine, just fine."

Kriss stayed silent unsure of what was going to happen next and he hoped that Sileth would see sense and stay away from him.

Max had taken his shoes off and rolled up his white trousers and went to paddle in the warm water. As he walked back towards the boat beach tiny fish played in the waves. A wooden fishing boat with read sails had just come round the breakwater and was about to be loaded on top of a trailer and towed away. The tide was coming in gradually and as he looked out across a flat calm sea he could make out the famous Eddystone Lighthouse looking like a stick on the horizon. His gaze followed around to the breakwater the good weather had brought a lot of visitors out today. It was then that he saw her and wasn't sure at first if it was her ghost or if it was really her.

"Leave her" said Kriss "She has her own life to lead now"

"I...I have to go to her, I need her and she needs me."

Max began to run and saw Sileth turn around and start to walk the other way, back towards the steps.

"Stop MAX" pleaded Kriss "Let her go, dont do this"

"No we have to get to her, I love her"

"No dont do it" and Kriss tried to enforce his will on the symbiote who was trying desperately get to the woman he loved.

"Stop Max"

Max was straining with the exertion that Kriss was putting him under "She's there, Kriss stop I.........AAGGHH!"

Max fell to the sand and the pebbles and cried out in pain and anguish and tried to get up, he had landed awkwardly and had hit his knee on one of the rocks. The pain was intense and he tried to get up, when suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder and a voice he recognised was talking to him.

"Are you ok? I saw you fall..........................."


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