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Taking delivery

Posted on Thu May 6th, 2010 @ 8:23pm by

Mission: Plotting New Courses. Season 1, Episode 7
Location: USS Anubis Shuttlebay

As the Anubis received the last of her crew, along with many passengers destined for the new Deep Space 7, Sara paced back and forth in the shuttle bay glancing over at the open door at the rear of the ship, only a force field separating the pressurised bay from the cold vacuum of space. It was late, the bay had been cleared for the arrival of the Katmai, the test runabout equipped with the experimental warp engines she was to work on.

She knew that there could be minor delays but with Admiral DeVuor due to arrive within the hour she had hoped to get the Katmai secured well before then but just as she fretted a small shape appeared in the distance, the faint glow from a pair of warp nacelles illuminating the craft. With a huge smile she ran to the side of the bay, last thing she wanted was to have an incident as her new project landed.

The Katmai touched down with a loud bang, the deck slightly shaking but no more than would be expected from a fully laden runabout. Within moments of the runabout landing Lam ran to the hatch to greet the young Lieutenant, "thank you Lieutenant, space dock control has a shuttle standing by to get you home" she said entering the cockpit, it was so familiar yet so new.

"So you going to get this pig into warp safely without it flying to pieces then?" asked the dark haired Lieutenant as he cracked a wry smile.

"This pig is quite possibly one of the most important projects in small ship design for half a century, Lieutenant!" the venom in her tone clear, "well if we get it to work" she said softly before returning the smile noticing the young man was slightly embarrassed, "go on get your shuttle and who knows maybe you'll get to fly her again, perhaps at warp speed next time?"

"Yes, ma'am" was all he dared say before scurrying off to find his shuttle.

'Some people have no sense of fun' thought Lam before looking over the main console, she would need a lot of work but things were looking up now that she had a working test ship. "Computer power down all systems and go into secure mode authorisation Lam Two Four Epsilon Two."

"Voice print confirmed, upon exiting this vessel secure mode will be initiated" responded the computer.

Stepping outside the hatch closed behind her and the nacelles went offline closely followed by the Impulse engines, 'right that's that sorted for now, time to check out engineering before the new chief arrives before inspecting the Admiral's quarters, and who said being an Executive Officer was difficult' she laughed at the last thought as she left the shuttle bay, a spring in her step.


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