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African Sunshine (Backpost)

Posted on Mon May 24th, 2010 @ 6:31pm by Fleet Admiral Tal Navek

Mission: Plotting New Courses. Season 1, Episode 7
Location: Johannesburg, Earth

With the sun high in the sky in the late morning it was hot as Krissy moved through the the bustle of the transport station looking for Henk's familiar profile with Zeek beside her each carrying a small bag each.

"Even though Henk has invited us I feel uncomfortable with this." Krissy had already ready said on the journey and heard herself repeat it once more as the moved. " I mean I think he's has a crush on me still, so beware you may not receive a warm welcome."

He smiled "I don't really expect a sincere one if it does come. Hopefully it will be a pleasant trip."

Henk was waiting in his car. He lay back while the sun fell on his face. After a few minutes he opend his eyes and looked around. He slowly got out of the car. After a minute h saw two familiar faces.
"Zeek, Mason." Henk yelled as he held his hand in the air to show where he was. He made his was towards his new guests.
"Welcome to South-Africa. Let me have your bags. And before you start complaining your here on a vacation."

Following the sound of Henk's voice Krissy moved over with caution eying the vehicle with trepidation. "Vacation or death trap?" she quizzed as he relieved her of the luggage.

"It's a classic." Henk said with a bit of pride. "A car from the late 20th century. It's completly safe trust me."
Henk took the luggage from Kristina and lay it in the trunk. He looked at Zeek.
"Zeek, your luggage?"

He nodded and tossed his bag next to Kristina's. "I'll keep my phaser on me if its all the same to you." He replied.

Krissy was still apprehensive. "Safe?" she chuckled dryly. "Suppose we'll have to trust your word won't we?"

Henk looked at Zeek and then back to Kristina.
"It might look old and sounds old, but this baby is as safe as any hover car. Otherwise I wouldn't be allowed to drive it, and that would be a real shame."
Henk opend the doors.
"Let me take you to the park."

Exchanging a sideways glance at Zeek's protectiveness Krissy folded herself in the back seat and fumbled for the safety restraint with a frown. Could this strap really keep her safe should they come off the road? With a firm click and sharp tug to test the belt held fast, at least it reassured her somewhat.

The trip, however soon put those doubts aside as Henk drove them through the sizzling sunshine, around the city then beyond where plains as far as the eye could see began to develop. Having never seen something this beautiful before Mason sat in silent awe at her soundings as they zoomed passed.

It took Henk almost a hour to drive them to the park. In that hour he let Zeek and Kristina to them self. He stopped at the fence perimeter. Above that fence there stood Ukutula, place of quiet. Slowly Henk stood up and opened the gate. He got back in the car drove through and closed it again.
Slowly he drove down the dirt road avoiding the deep pot holes in the road. After a minute Henk stopped and looked around. After a few seconds he pointed into a direction. There was a giraffe with a infant.
"She gave birth a week ago."

Even with the windows open the stifling heat could not be rivaled, and beads slithered down Mason's face as she looked in the direction Henk was pointing almost leaving over Zeek to see this rare sight. The Giraffe was much larger than she had expected even though she knew roughly of their height it was still a surpise. Plus the week old calf wasn't exactly small either as it walked happily beside its mother.

"Beautiful," Krissy breathed.

"Indeed." Zeek replied

Henk looked at Zeek and then slowly started to drive again. After a few minutes Henk drove the car to a parking space and got out.
"Welcome to Ukutula. Your stay for as long as you like."
He slowly walked to the back of the car and took out the luggage.
"Let me show you your rooms. It's right this way."
Henk walked towards a row of houses. He sat down the bags and took a key from his pocket. He opend the door and took the luggage inside.
"I wil get your setteled. If you want something to eat just let me know. I will make something for you."

Still in awe at their location Krissy followed Henk inside into the shade. "Thank you, but I think we can manage," she bustled following into the made up kitchen area. "I think between the two of us we can feed ourselves."

"I would hope so." Zeek replied "I just hope we don't end up being something else's dinner."

Her lips turned at Zeek's passing joke.

"Alright, well enjoy your stay." Henk said as he looked at Kristina and Zeek. "If you want anything to you just come to me."
Henk walked out of the house and on to a nearby building.

With Henk reciding into the distance Krissy moved to the window feeling Zeek following her with his gaze. "Well this is certainly a far cry from the norm. Come on," she turned. "Lets go explore."


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