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Woke Up This Morning, Everything Had Changed

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Mission: Plotting New Courses. Season 1, Episode 7
Location: San Francisco Bay

“And should I refuse to go with you?” Anthony said raising his voice to the point that a steady silence followed after.

“Then you’ll be arrested....Sir” the young Ensign said trying to keep his unease hidden from the prying blue eyes of the journalist.

“So just to sum this up in a nutshell, you want me under threat of arrest to leave
this peaceful place go to San Francisco and meet with some Admiral?” he asked

“Yes” Ensign Tadashi stated.

“Well just a couple problems I can foresee off the top of my head” Anthony said smiling.

“You are obligated to follow all rules set forth in your contract by Starfleet Command” the ensign said trying once again to take command of the conversation.

“I am still a Federation Citizen, and if I don’t want to go pretty little HQ then that’s my decision and unless your planning on breaking down my door and arresting me then you’ve got a better chance of properly planning potatoes then you are of getting me out of this house!” he said tossing a potted plant at the Ensign who stepped quickly out of the way as the potted plant smashed on the dirt driveway of the journalist house.

“They told me you were stubborn Mr. Cardel, but I was sent by Command to bring you in to speak with a Vice Admiral.” The Ensign stated taking a few careful steps away from the window just in case the enraged civilian had any more Petunia’s within easy reach.

Anthony huffed out in anger “I don’t know any Vice Admiral's Ensign.”

“Vice Admiral Beverly DeVuor is requesting your presence, she’s getting leave order on the USS Anubis and wants a talking too with you.” The Ensign said leaning against iron bars that protected the journalist home from any unwanted animals or more likely Starfleet officers.

“...Vice Admiral?” Cadel said his eyebrows crunching together.

“It seems promotions are getting easier for some eh Ensign Tadashi?” Cardel said again looking down at the ensign whose face quickly redden with embarrassment.

*Two Hours later*

“You are certain this is the transport padd?” Anthony said it wasn’t really cold but in his old age he was feeling even some mild winds uncomfortable and cold.

“She was very specific about the transport padd” Ensign Tadashi

“There she is!” the Ensign said pointing out the Admiral who was speaking with a subordinate in a hushed tone.

The Ensign in typical fashion saluted the Vice Admiral and quickly said “This is Anthony Cardel Vice Admiral as you requested.”

Cardel pushed the ensign out of the way in annoyance.

“Vice Admiral Devor, a pleasure as always” Anthony said with only a touch of sarcasm at the end of his greeting seeping through.

"I hope he wasn't too rough on you?", she pointed the question not really making it clear who it was aimed at knowing full well that Anthony would have been as difficult as the Ensign she had chosen to retrieve him.

"Anthony... Its a pleasure as always... as you say! Would you care to walk with me?"

Anthony looked to the Ensign and back at the Vice Admiral "By all means, lead the way" he said wrapping himself in his coat and thruting his chilled fingers into its pockets.

Despite his grizzled personality, Beverly had taken a liking to the wizened old man. He had acquitted himself admirably during the attack on Cestus and written one of the most eloquent reports she could have hoped to read. He had not only gotten across the violence of the situation, but the emotion and fear that each and every officer and person the Genesis had been feeling, but still the over powering desire to protect those of the Federation. His ability with words in her own opinion was unrivaled and she wanted him to move to Deep Space Seven with her and the rest of her crew.

"How are your injuries healing after the attack on Cestus?"

His eyes met Beverly's for a moment "My R&R on Denobula healed them very well" he said looking away more than a little nervous that his eyes could give away his still healing emotional wounds.

"How are the rest of your former colleagues healing up?" he asked

He may not have been on Starbase 611 for long but he still knew that everyone on that station had paid a high price for defeating the Gorn Battleships. His thoughts were brought back to those few days where death and destruction had rained on a small part of the galaxy. For the Federation it was described as merely a brief skirmish but to him, and many others it had been like a private little hell.

"Actually its about keeping that group together that I wanted to talk to you about", a sly grin crossed her face as she stole a glance at the crotchety old man from the corner of her eye. In many ways, he had begun to make a home in her heart, one that had made her consider him as a grandfather that she had never had the opportunity to know.

Anthony felt a grin hint at the edges of his mouth as he tried and failed to suppress a small grin. Throughout his life he had been trying to find somewhere he belonged. A place where he could hang his hat and be happy, as far as he could tell the only place he had felt truly happy had been in his home back on mainland Europe. Was Beverly actually saying what he was thinking she was saying?

"Please continue Vice Admiral, you have my undivided attention." he said absentmindedly rubbing his cold hands together to relieve the cold in his wrinkled and cold hands.

"I want you to come and live on Deep Space Seven as the Federation News Correspondent". The grin didn't waver once but she came to a stand still to face the weathered old man directly in the eyes. "I want someone we can trust to keep the Federation informed about what we are trying to do out there and you have won the trust of not only me, but most of the crew!"

Anthony stared at the woman before him, she was giving him a chance, a chance to become the reporter that he always wanted to be. And she was giving him another chance and besides his four days in his country home had been enough. Even in those four days he had heard the calling of his other side to slow down, give up and let the weigh of time consume him. He looked up at Beverly and he felt a warm grin emerge on his face. He didn't want to fade away now was the time to rally himself against the darkening clouds and push forward with all of his being.

"I'd be honored to join you" he said for once looking into the blue eyes of the woman before him.

"When do we leave?" he asked

"How soon can you pack? The USS Anubis is in orbit waiting for us!"

Her statement was direct and too the point, but her joy at his acceptance filled her heart. He was the last piece of a puzzle that could now be put on display.

"Ensign Tadashi hinted that you may request my services again so I decided to pack my luggage just in case such an offer was offered" Anthony smiled and with a spring in his step said.

"Shall we go then?" he said holding out his hand to guide Beverly up the transporter padd.


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