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When the world says, "Give up," Hope whispers, "Try it one more time." (Part 4)

Posted on Tue May 11th, 2010 @ 3:13am by Lieutenant Kriss Maxx

Mission: Plotting New Courses. Season 1, Episode 7
Location: Hope Cove, England

"I saw you fall are you ok?" Sileth asked and bent down to him.

Max kept his face from her so she wouldn't see the inner turmoil that he was going through, he attempted to get up, he was afraid to turn around in case she might disappear. After all this time he found he couldn't bear to look at her and yet, she was all he ever wanted.

"Thank you" he replied "I.... I'm fine now"

"Leave her, let her go" said Kriss "You'll make it worse for her, let her be"

"If your sure?" she offered then she turned around to leave.

Max got up and turned to look at her walk away, his inner torment was over taken by his emotions which forced Kriss away into a deep dark hole and, feeling set free, Max fell to his knees wincing with pain.

"Sileth" his voice came out of him as a small cry alone in the terrible darkness.

Sileth stopped in her tracks, unable to move she turned slowly to face him and couldn't say anything for a moment.

Max reached out a hand to her. "Sileth" he cried "Why did you leave me? why didn't you take me with you?"

She walked slowly back to him and took hold of his hand and then suddenly and without any warning he wrapped his arms around her and wept. "Sileth....."

Sileth wrapped her arms around him and cried as well but wouldn't answer him. All the anguish, the pain and the heartache of losing Rory was beginning to re surface, what she thought was lost was found again and she felt unsure of how she was feeling.

They both stood up which was difficult as Max was reluctant to now let go of her, they headed for their rock and sat down his arms held her close, kissing her hand gently as if she were a fragile butterfly. They watched the tide come in, soon it reached the spot were they had stood only minutes before. Small boats started to free themselves from the sand and once more rocked gently on the surface of the water.

"Max" she asked him as she looked into those incredible blue eyes that belonged to Kriss. "Let me speak to Kriss"

"Were both here" replied Kriss "Why shouldn't we be, you'll like us Sileth, Kriss is a great guy and we know lots of poetry. Rory never liked poetry much but you did didn't you."

Sileth nodded, it was true Rory never liked it as much as Sileth did. "Let me talk to Kriss, Max" she asked gently "Let me get to know him"

Max couldn't trust Kriss enough to speak the words that Max wanted to hear. So he ignored the small voice in the back of his mind and spoke for him. He softened his facial features and stroked the back of her hand.

"Sileth" he began "Your even more beautiful in the flesh. Max has told me all about you and I have been so looking forward to meeting you. This is a wonderful place, gentle, peaceful reminds me of a place on trill that's very near to where I live"

Was this Kriss she thought? Her mind raced back to that time a few week before they were due to be married. When she inadvertently caught Rory arguing with himself. When she asked him about it he just passed it off as nothing but a speech he was working on for a small group, which he sometimes did and she had accepted it.

"I know what your thinking" he said interrupting her thoughts. " But it is me Kriss"

She smiled slightly and looked out across the bay, seals were beginning to bob their heads up above the water. she felt they were looking at her waiting for her to answer.

"Why are you here then Kriss?" she asked him while looking into those liquid blue eyes with enough depth in them to drown Sileth if she so wished.

He looked at her. "The same reason Sileth that you are" Max replied "Max gave me all his memories of you and Rory and longed to see you again. This was where you were going to meet if ever you were separated, I'm glad he persuaded me to come"

The tide was coming in fast now and soon their rock was beginning to feel the edge of the tide they would have to move soon. They watched people dive off the end of the breakwater

"Shall we go for 'the walk?'" Max asked her "We could walk up through the Vale and through to Bolberry Down. Then up Jacobs Lane to the Port Light for lunch and then back over the Ham Stone for a cream tea at the Cottage." And he smiled such a beautiful smile at her that she found she was beginning to like him and fall under his spell like a rat caught in a snare.

So they left the beach and walked up to the road that linked the two villages together, there was a small extremely steep road that led past a few houses. Then through a kissing gate and along a narrow steep path until they were there on top of the Vale.

They sat on a seat that over looked the pretty Cove and the view was incredible. They talked, they laughed and shared stories old and new and Sileth told him of life on board the Tomcat and he told her of 611 and the move to Roark Nor. He held her in his arms and she didn't resist he wanted so much to kiss her but was afraid that she would turn away. Instead his lips lingered on her silky hair hair that smelt of the sea and the sweetness of her perfume. All thoughts of Kriss pushed out if his mind that he could swear was by the presence of Sileth, and an idea began to form in his head but he couldn't say anything yet.

After their walk they both sat on the veranda of the Cottage Hotel enjoying warm scones, jam, clotted cream and coffee. It was already late afternoon and Sileth felt tired after her long walk but elated, they had talked and talked and Max knew that slowly he was winning Sileth back to him. It would take time but he would be patient.

For the next few days they were never very far from each other, they walked, they swam and they sailed into small coves and had picnics. All to soon it was time to leave after breakfast they took there coffee out onto the veranda and sat in their favourite seat. They were both quiet not wanting to leave but unable to stay.

"I have a brilliant idea" said Max and without waiting for a reply said "Why don't I put in a transfer for the Tomcat and then we can be together?

Sileth looked at him unable to say anything yet.

"Or better still! You could come to Roark Nor and we could be together there. What do you think Sileth?

"I......I cant do it straight away Max, the Tomcat has a few missions coming up. I can't possibly leave not just yet"

"Well come and join me when they are finished Sileth, it would be fantastic. he place is a bit of a wreck I hear so it will take us sometime to sort it out. I'll look into quarters when we get there and let you know."

Sileth was torn between her feelings for Kriss Max and her loyalty for the Tomcat. She hadn't thought of leaving the ship, at least not for a very long time. It was really to much to think about just yet.

"We'll stay in contact" said Max "I'll let you know what's going on"

With that he swept her into is arms, wait and see Sileth it'll be great, not as great as here but great all the same."

As he held he close she thought about what she was going to do, Max had come in and swept her off her feet, and she was falling for him. 'Why did he have to smell so good' she thought.

They left Hope Cove behind and went back to Kingsbridge on the shuttle bus and after a tearful goodbye and promises to keep in touch. Max left her there alone while he continued with his journey to the Anubis and to Roark Nor.

A subdued Sileth waited for her transport a while longer, she was going to meet up with Kath and do some shopping but her heart didn't seem to be in it. She was unable to think about anything else other than what Kriss had said. 'What was she going to do? What was she going to do?"


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