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Paying a Visit

Posted on Sun Jan 25th, 2009 @ 9:47am by Lieutenant Michael Lake & Lieutenant Michael Lake

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.

After the funeral, it was bussiness as usual on the Genesis. Mike opted to do some work in engineering with Podi, mainly because Podi was about the only person that he could fall back on at that point in time.
When Mike arrived in engineering, he looked around at the bare room, it was almost perfectly silent, the silence was only spoiled by the humm of the warp core, it wasn't really spoiled, Mike always found the warp core was therepeutic.
As he approached the large pool table in the center of the main room, he gazed into the very heart of the glowing core. His eyes didn't even shift from it when he spread his fingers apart and firmly placed them on the table, carefully avoiding the controls on the console.
Mike looked around the spartan room with his back hunched over, the walls were cream, it was quite dark in the room and there was little occupied space, he focused back on the core and said quietly "Jeese, Podi, you should do some interior decorating, mate, this is shocking."

Several loose and disused pipe segments came flying in Mike's general direction at intervals, but were not aimed at him. "What do you think I'm doing!" Podi's voice called from the direction of the pipe flinging. Podi got up, dusted off his knees and moved into Mike's sight range.

Mike looked at Podi, his jaw was probably on the floor and his eyes were wide as saucers "Ah, sorry Podi, I didn't realise this was your little cave and that you hear everything, you are so sensitive to people making comments about the emo decor of the room."

Podi then dusted off his hands. "No problems, mate." Podi looked around the warp core, scarcely paying attention to what he was looking at, mostly just enjoying the silence. It was peaceful to him. "So,' Podi found Mike again, 'what can I do for you?"

Mike shifted his mouth a few milimeters to the right for a second then moved it back to its normal position "I wanted to get some stuff checked out with you about the deflector and I also came down here to lend a hand, got any small jobs I can do?"

"Well, since you mentioned it...the decor, perhaps?" Podi gestured a hand at the walls around him. "Or something else. The plasam duct systems need a total rethink. Is that more to your liking?"

Mike handed Podi the padd he was holding "I have a job for you before you go putting me onto anything. Could you please look over the sensors, the deflector dish operations and the navigational deflector before we get under way?"

"No." Podi said, looking up at Mike with a serious looking face. "No, I want to get these plasma ducts under control before - I'm just kidding, 'course we can." Podi moved over to his desk. "Ok, im just doing a scan over the general sensor functions...wee, doggy, they're doing well, ok now the deflector dish...ok, all fine there. Now...the deflection's ooh, hello, ok that'll need some work."

Mike kicked the wall and grunted "Damn! I recalibrated that last week! Sorry... about the wall" he looked down at where he kicked, there was a big rubber line where his boot came into contact with the wall. He got down on his knees and rubbed it off with his hand.

"Well, I think we found our first job. Come and look at this for a sec."

Mike gave on of those 'What's up?' frowns as he moved promptly over to Podi "What?"

"The navigational deflector, of course, it needs a complete re-going over." Podi tapped away at his desk panels for a few seconds. "Ok, let's get to work."

Mike took a deep breath of air and puffed up his cheeks and let all the excess air out. He sat down at Podi's desk and began tapping codes in. He looked at Podi "So, who do you think the new command officers will be. Of course I've only heard that Commander DeVour may be getting the CO job, I'd gun her for that any day."

"Well, I heard whispers that you would get 3XO position, but that's just a speculation at the minute." Podi resumed his current job and looked curiously and intently at the screen. "Ok, the nav deflector is becoming re-operational. We are in business!" Podi ran over another panel and began typing again "...Yep, it's now fully operational."

Mike smiled, then raised an eyebrow "Third officer, interesting. I think that there would be better people for the job, ah, right navigational deflector... Good work, Podi!"

"No problem." Podi said jokingly in the style of self praise and breathed on his knuckle, which he then used to pollish his shoulder, a clearly joke 'full-of-himself' smile was on his face. "So, what next?"

Mike yawned, realising what time it was in the afternoon "I think you nailed it all. Thanks, I am going to go up to the bridge, you want to come with me?"

"Well, I still have to do the plasma ducts, i'm as focused as hell on those, that'll take me about 20 minutes..I'll be up in about 45 minutes." Podi waved to Mike as he left. He then turned back to his desk to get started.

Mike smiled "I'll hold you to that, see you up there, Podi" Mike then got up off his seat and gazed out to the warp core again through the window of the chief engineers office. He smiled and then headed for the bridge


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