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Getting Back On The Road

Posted on Sun May 9th, 2010 @ 2:04pm by Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels

Mission: Wolf In The Fold. Season 2, Episode 1

The recent events that resulted in the destruction of 611 had come so suddenly and violently that all previous thoughts of rescue had all but been eclipsed. Now though with situation setteling down the thoughts of all those prisoners being ferried like cattle to who knows what fate under the Gorns tender mercy had started to resurface.

A type of depression and rage had started to settle over Jack until after looking at the local star charts of the region, mostly in a type of morbid curiosity, he realised that by chance Genesis had been travelling at a fast enough speed close to the region that if they launced a Runabout in the next few hours and ran at full speed they could make it to the ambush site with little time to spare.

"Daniels to Vice Admiral DeVour" Jack was happy to note that his voice didn't hold any of the rejouvinated hope that he had inside waiting to explode out.

Beverly had just sunk into a warm soak in the bath within her quarters, wanting nothing more than to allow the heat to soak away the day she had been enduring. Every person that came to her had questions they expected her to have an answer for.
"Go a head Lieutenant".

Back in his quarters he was already pulling out all the clothes and surplies he would need and throwing them into a duffle bag "Admiral I need to request the use of a Runabout along with the assitance of Doctor Lyon and atleast one other security officer".

The request came at a most inopportune moment, but she had never known Lieutenant Daniels to make a request that had no reason. "May I ask why Lieutenant?"
She asked, pulling herself upright in the warm water so she could feel more like a command officer, even if in her current state of attair she was hardly suitable to be so.

Still hurrying to gather everything together he barely had time to think about what the Admiral had asked "Before the lose of 611 I'd briefed the Commerdor on a rescues mission, with recent events I'd considered it a missed opportunity until I reviewed our position and course compared to where the transport is headed. If we leave soon and maintain full warp on the Runabout we can reach the area with time to spare."

"Is this mission Critical Lieutenant?", the question asked, she hoped i many ways that it was. In theory she could have very little for the Intel department to do on Roark, or at last until the station was fully operational.

"I'm sure the people being held prisoner consider it to be of critical importance" that comment had brought Jack up short, Since when has a rescue mission not been a high priority?

Beverly considered all the options, weighing different factors and the need for her officers on this new command. But when she weighed it against the threat of loss of life, even if it was only one, then her decision had been made for her.
"Very well Lieutenant. Take who you need and launch when ready!"


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