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Moving out.

Posted on Mon May 17th, 2010 @ 5:44pm by Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels & Lieutenant Helen Lyons [PNPC] & Lieutenant Kriss Maxx

Mission: Wolf In The Fold. Season 2, Episode 1
Location: Genesis Main Shuttle Bay.

After receiving the all clear from the Admiral to take a Runabout and three offer officers on a covert rescue mission, he'd put in a quick call to Helen letting her know she had less than an hour to get whatever supplies she needed together before they set off.

He'd all so put in a call to Lieutenant Tarke of security for some extra muscle, and because he wasn't sure if any one would be able to read or understand the Gorn equipment he'd decided to invite Lieutenant Maxx the Communications specialist along to make sure they didn't do something stupid once the transport had been captured, like activate the self destruct for example.

As the time for departure grew closer Daniels was already in the main shuttle bay double checking the small crafts systems and loading up the small arsenal of hand phasers and rifles they would be taking. When he'd first entered and seen the designation of the only Runabout prepped for use he'd wondered if the universes was having a bit of fun at his expense as it was called the St George.

Finally he'd decided to see it as a good omen and set about getting ready, now much later he heard the distinct sound of the heavy doors opening from the shuttle bay to the rest of the ship.

Cailyn walked into the Runabout with some heavy gear on her shoulder. She looked around and took place behind the tactical console.
"This better we worth it." Cailyn said as she looked at Jack. "My relieve was canceled because of it. If this is a wild goes chase I will kill the person who had me recalled."

Max was so looking forward to this, this was it, he'd never been on anything like this before it had been difficult deciding to know what to take. So apart from a few necessities he'd also brought along a bag of tricks that he thought they might need. This is what it was all about the great unknown and he wanted to get out there.

He virtually ran in to the Runabout and saw the others standing there."When are we off?"he asked enthusiastically resisting the urge to rub his hands together.

"When we lift off." Cailyn said as she looked at the enthusiastic man. "Try not to lose a limb."
Cailyn stood up and grabbed her gear.
"Everything is set. I'm in the back checking the weapons and my stuff. Call me when we get there."

"OK "thought Max "Head check, arms 2 check, legs two check yep I'm checked"
Inside the Runabout Max took up his post at the Comms station and began to go through pre - flight checks on the systems. So far everything was looking good.

Helen entered the runabout, her duffel bag slug over one shoulder and a mass of cases and containers filled with medical supplies loaded carefully on a lifter. She looked around as she stood inside the entrance. "Jack? Where can I stow these?"

Seeing her come in Jack headed over to take a number of the cases from her "I've cleared out the storage units so you should have plenty of room".

The weight of the cases caught him off guard as he tried to lift them "What the hell's in here? It weighs a ton."

Helen looked at him, a slight quirk to her lips. "Simple medical supplies...and other things...that was the deal wasn't it? You bring the big guns and I bring the rest?"

She dropped her personal kit down by one of the consoles and hefted several more of the cases. "And before you say anything. No, I did not bring the kitchen sink. Everything in these containers is needed."

"The guns is my department." Cailyn said as she came from the back and sat back in her chair. She rubbed her forehead and looked at the people around here. She sighted and looked at her display.

Jack made sure to keep himself and Helen to the side of where Cailyn was pointing the rifle, while he trusted her to know what she was doing, weapon malfunctions weren't that uncommon still and it was better to be safe than sorry.

"Anyone have anything else to pick up?"

Helen shook her head, and then glanced quickly around. "Is there anyone else is coming with us?"

"I will be your in house guide for the rest of your trip" chipped in Maxx "Kris Maxx at your service"

"Kriss..." Helen stepped back behind Jack.

he smiled at her. "Hi Helen, you OK?" Maxx asked "Looks like were on a little trip together"

Cailyn began to annoyed the behavior of This Kriss Maxx.
"Kriss a question, how many combat mission did you have, and I don't talk about the simulation one's."

"You mean counting this one don't you? you are? well let me see ....If you include my time with Starfleet." thought Max "Then about forty, give or take one or two in my time as a War correspondent, and as a resistance fighter with my previous long term host Rory. We traveled around the troubled spots of the universe bringing news to the masses, mmmm might have been thirty eight some where around there I lost count after a while." Kriss turned to her "You? have you been on many, not counting the simulation ones that is?"

"MY first host lost count. But I have fought against Klingon's, Romulan's and other old species. And even the ships weren't as advanced as they are now."
Cailyn slowly raised the weapon and activated it. she looked down the sight and powered it down again.
"I was a Starfleet captain in the captain Kirk era. So I have seen enough bloodshed for one lifetime. I've lost enough friends and family during the Dominion war. So don;t give me the crap that you love to go to this fight. Otherwise I might consider leaving you behind when you are shot. And with that I mean your Symbiont."

Maxx nodded and held up his hands in mock surrender. "What ever you say Lt" and returned to complete his final checks.

Jack decided now would be a good time to cut the long lived pair off before they got to far into reminiscing "This is it Helen, I doubt we could fit any more people or supplies onto the Runabout. Say that with nothing else due to come lets get under way shall we?"

On that note the small group got into the Runabout, Jack took the Helm positions while the others grabbed what ever station they felt most comfortable with "Runabout St George to Shuttle Bay command".

=^=Shuttle Bay Command, go ahead St George.=^=

"We are ready to depart on your command".

=^=Roger St George wait for command.=^=

In front of the Runabout the huge doors of the main shuttle bay began to ascend revealing the breath taking view of open space and the large pylon that secured the mission pod above the ship. Turning his head to look at the other three officers sharing the small space "If any one wants to pull out, nows the time?"

Helen shook her head and stared at Jack. "I'm staying."

"I'm in" said Maxx

"Someone is to keep you alive." Cailyn said as she continued working.

Jack gave a nod, glad to see that no one had decided to take him up on the offer, once the all clear was given the small Runabout made it's way through the protective forcefield before jumping to high warp.


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