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Heavy Lifting Orders

Posted on Mon May 10th, 2010 @ 9:30pm by 1st Lieutenant Delvok Laurie

Mission: Wolf In The Fold. Season 2, Episode 1
Location: Marine Deck

David down in the Marine deck to find most were trying to clear space. It was hard going as most of the "junk" had to be kept to be put back once repaired. Most of the new equipment that had been brought was either sitting in boxes cluttering the place up or in other areas taking up space.

"Got some more work for you ladies and gentlemen," he shouted. "Sickbay is trashed and needs work done quickly. Tank, take some people to move the heavy things. Fletcher, take Toombs and see what you can do with the electrics."

A loud groan went up from the Marines at the thought of more work. They were trained to hunt and kill things, some to blow things up and they enjoyed it. Moving junk and doing an engineers work was not their idea of fun. For most it was down right annoying.

A frown came to David's features. "I do not remember asking for anyone's opinion. Get your arses in gear and get it done or I'll find a worse job for you to do. Someone mentioned that there are toilet that need unblocking."

Tank had never moved so quickly as he got up, grabbed a few men around him and charged for the door. Fletcher was more controlled, his typical smirk a few degrees less than usual as he nodded to Toombs. Toombs had managed to take the only desk that had four legs and was just about stable to start organising things. She was loathed to leave the desk to get dirty in sickbay.

Jacobs approached David. "Is this where you get your white suit on and sit sipping lemonade on the porch?" he asked with a wry smile and hint of sarcasm. It took David a few seconds to get the image and was mildly shocked at the idea. No one noticed it but Jacobs who had known him long enough.

"Don't worry, I'm not calling you a plantation owner. Although, I can see you in the suit," he added with a laugh.

David arched one slanted eyebrow. "Perhaps you'd like the toilets? I'm sure Tank will need help lifting things in sickbay, unless you're too old?"

"No, Sir! Still as strong as a mule," Jacobs replied, puffing his chest out.

"And dumb as one too at times," David muttered with a slight grin. "Take command of the sickbay effort. If you need more bodies, just call down. I'll see if anywhere else needs our muscle and keep things under control down here. And remember..."

"Remember the booby traps. I fought the Spoonheads as much as you did, I'm not senile yet!" Jacobs cut in laughing. He saluted and headed up to sickbay leaving David to try and make some space in the new home for the fifty Marines assigned to the station.


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