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Case Study

Posted on Sat May 29th, 2010 @ 2:56pm by Alice DeVain(PhD) & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh

Mission: Wolf In The Fold. Season 2, Episode 1
Location: Alice's Quarters on the Anubis

The chime to Alice's quarter rang. When she opened the door she was met by a most unusual individual. He was old, very old, with thick white hair in a raised mohawk that ran right down his back to a tuft on the end of his medium length tail. His armes had a mottled striped pattern and much of his skin was covered in a very fine, peach fuzz. He was only around five foot tall, but his most striking feature were his irridescent purple irises.

"Excuse me young lady. I was looking for a..." he galnced at something in his hand, "Doctor Devain? Could you tell me where to find her?"

Alice looked the man over. "I'm Doctor DeVain yes, mister............?" Alice inquired, still looking over the curious creature.

The man grinned and stuck out a hand, though it was obvious he wasn't quite sure why he should do with it once it was in the air,"I am called Harlan. Am I right in believeing you are the new person in charge of the Vault team?"

Alice took his hand. "Yes I've been assigned by Director Cavenaugh to head the team on Deep Space Seven, but how do you know that?" Alice asked,

"And your charter is to find traces of ancient civilisations? Well, here I am."

"Well that's ineresting Mister Harlan but you didnt answer my question, and no one mentioned you in my briefing." Alice inquired.

Harlan waved the question away, "I asked a few questions, and people told me things. I don't epxect I would be on your briefing. You didn't find me, I found you. I f you like I can go away. I was planning on staying on the station for a while."

Alice raised a hand to halt the man's talk. "Who are you?" She asked. "And just who told you about me and this opperation?" She demanded.

OOC: Harlan was an idea I fleshed out witht he previous Head of Vault, but didn't get to impliment till she was replaced. If you don't like the idea of harlan, or need me to explain what he is about in a PM I am quite happy to. He is harmless, and might be very beneficial and interesting character to have involved in the Vault.

Harlan looked quite startled, "I am Harlan. I am a member of one... well of many of the ancient races you are looking for. I heard through the grape vine that the Federation was going to restart the Vault team so I decided to save you the trouble of looking for me."

Realiazation dawned on harlan's face, "Ah, you doubt my authenticity. Very well, test me. That piece of pottery you have behind you on your table, It is Trelaxian isn't it? Over 500 thousand years old, and with writting that is almost Iconian in design. Have you been able to translate it?"

Alice's curiousity peaked. "How did you know that? Only a few people such as my self can even begin to translate Iconian, please come in." Alice said, gesturing for him to come in.

Harlan smiled and stepped inside, "Well, the Iconian is actually a derivative of the Trelaxian. I believe Iconia was part of the Eight Great Expansion and the only group to survive the war with the Talos. There is a great epic song about the final battle... but it doesn't translate well."

He picked the shard of pottery up and gave a slight chuckle, "You've still got two trips left. The Trelaxians used these for summoning public transport. Never could get the hang of it myself, so I always hitched a ride."

He smiled up at Alice, "Much like I am doing now."

Alice laughed. "You know I have spent my entire career looking at this and I always thought it was some sort of lost technology that could hold the key to save mankind or something like that, but it's a Taxi hailer?"

Harlan blinked in surprise, "Why would you think that? If it had been able to save an entire culture," he waved his hands around the room, "they would be here now. But esentially, 'Cab fare' would be a close approximation. Sorry to disappoint you. I have lived a long time, and with many cultures. Rarely have I seen any technology that made a significant difference to a cultures life span."

There was an odd moment when Harlan's face darkened, "Rarely..."

He snapped back to the present and smiled at Alice, "If you like I would be happy to add my knowledge, such as it is, to your pool of experts."

Alice laughed. "Consider your self hired!"

Harlan smiled in return, "Excellent. What shall we talk about first..."


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