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No One Left Behind

Posted on Tue Mar 24th, 2009 @ 5:25pm by Commander Lorran Vos & Captain Jorvin & Lieutenant Michael Lake

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.
Location: S.S. West Ridge
Timeline: Present

Vos and Leanne hurried into the West Ridge as the medical personnel outside brought in the injured from the battle and set them down in the makeshift triage area they had set up in one of the vast cargo bays where the colony ship kept much of the equipment the colonists would have needed to build their new lives. They broke with the crowd, however, to go and see to Mike and Podi. They found the two officers on the ground, Lake trying desperately to keep his friend alive, and the Doctor immediately went to work.

Leanne opened up her medkit and grabbed her tricorder. The fact that Podi was still alive was absolutely amazing. Her tricorder started to flicker, she had been constantly using it for the last several hours. She banged it once on the floor and it came back to life.

Mike draped his hand over his knee, staying in the position he was for about the last 5 minutes "Will he make it, Leanne?" Mike said, his eyes slightly watering.

"Podi's vitals are all over the place, whatever it was that hit him did a number to his entire system." She looked over at Mike. "Get something and cut away his uniform.. he's got a pulse but I need to shock him out of dysrhythmia." Leanne searched through her kit but couldn't find a defib module. "Start CPR I'll be back." She quickly stood up and ran over to one the other Medical teams that where in the bay.

Mike pulled a small non-standard issue knife from behind his belt and cut the fabric cleanly and neatly away. He then started the out-dated and ancient practice of CPR, it was writen off for more efficient means of resuscitation with machines, but Mike didn't care, he'd rather have to do CPR on Podi than have him die. He saw Leanne getting some equipment from some medical technicians and he continued pumping Podi's chest.

Leanne ran back over completely out of breath. She had ripped off her top tunic in the process of running back and forth. She kneeled down next to Podi and put the module on his chest and activated it. The unit squeeled as the device charged up up. "CLEAR!" Leanne activated the module and shocked Podi's system. She looked at her tricorder and smiled. "It looks like he is stable now." He's going to need to rest for a little while though.

Mike took a breath of silent relief and touched Leanne's arm with a grin "Thanks." he saw Podi taking shallow breaths, Mike placed his index finger on Podi's wrist to make sure there was a steady pulse.

Podi inhaled with a massive gasp and awoke suddenly and completely in the one enormous breath. He examined the room and crumpled his forehead while he thought. "Was someone kissing me!?" Referring to the CPR.

"Welcome back, we'd lost you there for a second." Mike said, looking down on a groggy Podi "You look worse than you did when you had that hang over a few weeks ago."

Leanne broke her seriousness for a moment, in a day full of chaos this had been the funniest thing that she had heard and she finally lost it. Her initial giggle turned to almost full blown laughter. "You should be ok Podi... just try and take it as easy as you can, and for the record... that wasn't me kissing you..." she giggled a little bit more and packed up the medkit. She patted Podi on the shoulder and smiled and Mike. She walked to the other side of the room and motioned for a nurse to go check on Podi.

She sat down on the floor next to a cargo container and drifted off.


After Podi had been stabilized, Vos called the senior staff up to the West Ridge's small bridge. Without much concern for protocol, they all dropped into the nearest available chair and enjoyed a brief moment's peace. Of course, Vos had to ruin it by speaking up.

Commander Lorran sat in the conn officer's chair at the front of the bridge, having swiveled it around to face the others. Leaning forward with his elbows on his knees and his hands laced together, he thought of similar days during his time with the Bajoran Resistance fighting the Cardassians. There was no real calm after a battle like that one. Their ears rang with the whine of phaser fire and the screeching roars from the creatures. The pained screams of their comrades still sounded from several decks below as the medical staff worked overtime to keep some of them alive. They'd survived, but it had been a close shave. A few had fallen, but they'd kept the creatures away from the defense line for the most part. Most of the injured would be back on their feet by nightfall...that is if you could tell when night fell through the bloody storm. The rain continued to pound a staccato beat on the hull.

"We've developed a solid defense for now. Those creatures won't be getting through the ship's shields and Lake tells me he can run them for much longer than the specs intended. So for now the majority of the crew is safe." Vos said, wiping the sweat, dirt, and grime from his face. He reached up and pulled the zipper down on his uniform overshirt and shrugged it off, reaffixing his communicator to his crimson undershirt before he opened up the collar on that and began rolling up the sleeves to stave off some of the heat he had begun to notice as the adrenaline wore off. "All we can do now is wait for the Genesis to return for us. As such, I am now considering options for a plan to rescue Commander DeVuor and Kathy. Lieutenant Mason and Henk, too, if they're still alive." he paused, waiting for it to settle in.

"I'm not going to force any of you to go with me. So I'm looking for volunteers. If no one wants to go with me I'll be going myself. It will be just us against however hundreds or thousands of those creatures out there. Hopefully a small party will remain undetected. I want to go in quick and quiet, find them using their communicator signals, and get the hell back out of there. I know we can't use the communicators right now, but the homing beacon is on a different bandwidth. We might be able to adjust our tricorders to pick it up." Vos said, laying out the bare bones of his plan. "So...I need to know who's with me as well as any ideas you people have on how we can do this and get out alive. Again, this is not an order. If you go it will be your choice...but I have a duty to protect my commanding officer and guarantee her safety and I plan on carrying that duty out to the best of my ability. So I'm going. Who's with me?"

Vos stopped and waited for the others to make their decision.

Mike nodded and stepped forward "I'll go, now that Podi's stable there's nothing here for me, I gave the technicians a rundown on the ships systems, they'll be able to keep a roof over our heads. I think I have an idea for the recalibration the tricorders, I had to do something similar... a few years ago."

Jorvin stepped up alongside Mike. "I'll go and several of my Marines can go as well if needed. I also think I know of a good way to pick up the homing signals from the comm badges."

K'Tan had passed through the previous fighting extremely calm yet he became brooding and silent all of the sudden. With the new shield in place but he stepped forward once the request was made "I'll come as well, there's nothing for me to do here while the area is defended. On the other hand if we have any long range communications we can re-direct through the ship relays I can perhaps reach Klingon patrols in the area, and we can get assistance". Prepping his rifle and blades the Klingon got up, again setting weapons to disintegrate setting.

"It'd get interesting with squadrons Klingons taking a dump on the monsters outside." Mike said with a fairly serious tone.
"No offence." Mike whispered to K'tan with a sincere hand gesture, he looked down at K'tan's maximum set weapon "You really think that's necessary?"

Jorvin stepped in here. "A maximum weapons setting is recommended for these creatures. Anything smaller wouldn't do enough damage." Jorvin pulled out his rifle and set it to full power and also checked to make sure his mek'leth was still there.

"Although, MC, what if someone misfires, accidents do happen, we should really have our weapons on stun. Not to order you about, considering you outrank me, but its something to think about, what if Commander DeVour or someone else were to be shot?" Mike continued after a small pause "We've gone way over acceptable losses today."

"Don't step in front of me and I wont shoot you." Jorvin replied, his Klingon side kicking in.

"That's enough, Captain." he sighed. "As much as Starfleet protocol would normally agree with you, Mr. Lake, we can't be taking chances with these creatures. They've already demonstrated their resistance to lower settings. We'll all just have to be careful and check our fire." Vos ended the debate before it could go any further. He appreciated the normal Starfleet, stun-only protocols that were normally followed during away missions, but in this situation Commander Lorran was more concerned with keeping his people alive.

Leanne was sitting on the floor barely paying attention to what was happening. She was still contemplating her near death brushes earlier with the girl in the temple and with Dave, she could still feel his hands around her neck, and his cold, dead, blue eyes. She snapped out of her trance when Vos looked over at her waiting for a response.

"Ohh... I'm sorry... I was..." she carefully rubbed her neck and sighed heavily. "I'll go... I need to restock on some medical equipment... and get a new tricorder, and I need to talk to you before we head out..." she kind of drifted off at the end of her sentence.

"Ok, fine, I'll go." Podi chimed in from him crate at the back of the room separate from the assembly with a raised hand and tired-looking face. He had just had about two hours of near-death sleep, he shouldn't feel tired, he thought.

Mike gave a loud cough "What?..." He looked at Podi's fairly humorless look "I'm not letting you out of my sight you crazy oaf, don't try and crap, and if you feel bad..." Mike was cut off by Podi.

"I can't feel much worse than I did after being blown away by that shock, now I'm not hearing another word of protest and I mean that, or there's no telling where the next electrical charge is going to be directed." Podi joked and got to his feet and fumbled, about to fall over, but refusing assistance though in clear need of it. "Now, I'm part of this crew and I intend to help my colleagues, and as for not letting me out of your sight that is reassuring, as I can assume you will help me along?' Podi smiled questioningly at Mike with a slight head twitch.

"You won't be leaving my side, kiddo." Mike gave Podi a friendly nudge and held him up straight.

K'Tan set a hand on Mike's shoulder and spoke "I am considering our ways out of here Mike. That is all. A ship with a working transporter can get us up to it then lend us shuttles to take us to our own vessel. There are Klingon ships patrolling this area and they may as well respond to a distress beacon". He turned to Vos and spoke quietly "Commander Lorran, I implore you to consider my option as well. Nobody will be left behind, and calling for help when one needs it never hurt anyone".

"Mr. K'Tan, whatever distress beacon we set up is going to be a general call. I don't care who shows up, but our best chance is the ship we have in orbit. So we'll be pointing it in her direction." Commander Lorran said, wondering where their resident Klingon learned how to so skillfully state the obvious. He then stood up, spared a glance out the window to watch the intermittent flickering of the shield being rained on, before turning back to the group.

"As for you, Mr. Wesdon. We'd be glad to have you along if you think you can keep up, but I'm not a physician. If the Doc tells me that you can go then you can go. In the meantime, I want you and Mr. Lake, as our resident miracle workers and experts on this colony ship, to attempt to get that distress beacon going. With all this atmospheric interference I have my doubts on whether it will work any better than our communicators, but it can't hurt." he said, approaching Mike and Podi. "You might want to dunk your head in some water or find a sonic shower, though. You're hair's sticking up." he grinned.

Vos turned and put a comforting hand on the distracted Doctor Ulonova's shoulder as he addressed the whole of the group one more time. "We'll be leaving in two hours. We don't have to wait for night seeing how the storm makes it plenty dark enough. I want everyone with a phaser rifle, a sidearm, and one of the close-combat blades we recovered from the Klingons. Before we head out I want the distress beacon operational and our tricorders set to home in on the Commander and Kathy's comm badge frequencies. Mr. Jorvin, you're in charge of that. If Mr. Lake gets done with the homing beacon he will assist you. Dismissed." he nodded, letting them go to it.

"Doctor, you wanted to speak with me?" Vos gave Leanne's shoulder a brief squeeze once everyone had begun to file out.


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