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The Other Side (Backpost)

Posted on Thu Jun 17th, 2010 @ 12:55am by Alice DeVain(PhD)

Mission: Wolf In The Fold. Season 2, Episode 1
Location: Mess Hall, USS Anubis

OOC: I thought as the three civilian characters on the Anubis we should do a post together, talk about things that dont concern Starfleet, be the civilians we are you know? Basicly present the other side of life in the Federation.

Alice walked into the lounge, crowded for a ship of this size, she had commanded one similar to it for a month on a survey mission for Starbase Vanguard in eighty two as she recalled. Starfleet officers dominated the scene but Alice spoted a civilian. He, an old cultured caucasian man of his mid sixies no doubt. Alice walked towards him and spotted and open seat.

"Mind if I join you?" She inquired.

Anthony's mind had been wandering as he sat at the table looking into his cup of tea which stopped being even lukewarm several minutes ago. He jumped slightly when he was addressed.

His eyes snapped to attention taking in the entirely of the woman before him. His mind twitched as he started to collect an opinion about the person in front of him. He stopped his eyes from clouding as they fixed onto the face of the woman.

"By all means, please" he said motioning with his hand to the chair opposite to him.

His eyes locked onto the woman as she seated herself but right on que they started to wander. His eyes shifted to the left and right of her shoulder starrig at new faces and looking for something as if in a trance.

"I see we are in a minority of two Miss?" he inquired

Alice smiled and nodded. "Yes, I see we are." Alice said, looking around the room. Seeing bravado security officers, timid science officers, hot blooded engineers, cool minded medical officers, she knew the types. "I used to be one of them you know?" She added.

Anthony smiled "Really?" he said adjusting his seat slightly forward towards the table and this new and unknown woman.

"Any reason for leaving such a reputable organization?" he said the sarcasm slipping from his words.

Alice cackled. "Ah, the every prudent question, well let's just say I see more opportunities working as an affiliate."

"I see" Anthony noted paying attention to a young ensign in the other far corner.

"But it appears you have avoided my main query, which is understandable"

"Any particular reason you chose such a dismal posting on an old Cardassian starbase?" he asked his foot pumping up and down like a piston.

"Well I did sign some forms detailing that purpose and I'm so sorry that I cant say, it would make an interesting news story though, maybe you'll think about it?" Alice asked.

"I'd love to write about, people want to connect with people on the frontier of the Federation border, how I'd love to get you on my chair" he added

Alice smiled. "Perhaps in the future?" Alice inquired.

"Yes" Anthony said looking at young couple in the distance enjoying each others company.

"...In the future" he said grasping his hands together.

"It's been a pleasure to make your acquaintance but I think I need a few hours of sleep before we get to DS7"

"Of course" Anthony said shaking her hand once more.


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