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That Shouldn't Be There

Posted on Fri May 14th, 2010 @ 10:24pm by 1st Lieutenant Delvok Laurie

Mission: Wolf In The Fold. Season 2, Episode 1
Location: Marine Deck

David sat on a box and surveyed the area around him. It looked like very little had been done despite the hours of moving things about. They had managed to get a space cleared to act as an armoury for the moment. It was a small room that had a working lock on it and that was about it.

Most of the rooms had been completely trashed by the Cardassians on their exit from the station. It was like trying to get an outpost that had been bombed back to the stone age up and running again.

With so few engineers on the go, the Marines were having to just forge on and get things done as best as they could.

Getting up, David moved down the corridor towards the rooms at the far end from what would become the main area on the deck. Several of the rooms looked like they would make good offices, so he stepped into one that looked promising for his new office. It was then that he noticed something sitting in the corner of the room that just didn't look right. Poking out from under a sheet that appeared to have been hastily tossed on the floor was a metallic object, not too dissimilar from a mine.

=^=Laurie to Mason, I believe I have found an explosive device in the Marine Decks. Could you please send someone to safely remove it and ensure there are no personnel and civilians in the immediate area. Laurie out,=^= he said slowly stepping back out of the door.

Despite years of experience, David was not particularly good when it came to disarming Cardassian mines, and didn't know any of the Marines well enough to trust them to try. The last thing the station needed was a new door in one of the bulkheads. Also, protocol demanded that the Head of Security be informed if an explosive was discovered.

Hopefully Mason would have someone in her team that would be better at removing the offending device, which had clearly had the sheet thrown over it in the hopes that anyone stupid enough to lift the sheet would detonate the mine.


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