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Posted on Sat May 15th, 2010 @ 12:42pm by Lieutenant Amber Winters

Mission: Wolf In The Fold. Season 2, Episode 1

Amber was sitting in her quarters that she shared with Renee when she was on the station. Amber was enjoying reading books, when Renee came into their quarters.

“What are you doing?” Asked Renee.

“Reading,” said Amber. “Can’t you tell?”

“Come on. Lets go on the prominade?”

“I want to sit here and read for a change,” said Amber.

“I swear.” said Renee walking off.

Amber knew what her sister was trying to say, but she wanted to sit back and read as does not get to do that as often as used to. This was one of those peaceful times before it gets busy again. She knew life would get hectic before she knew it.


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