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Posted on Tue Jun 8th, 2010 @ 8:45am by Lieutenant Robert Mugford

Mission: Wolf In The Fold. Season 2, Episode 1
Location: Anubis Cargo bay 2/Deep Space 7, Central Core

The operations and engineering officers who were to forge the way ahead into the bowels of Roark Nor gathered in Cargo Bay 2 to gather their equipment and prepare for the mass beam in. Lam was the last to arrive, a phaser on her hip and a flashlight on her arm, she nodded to Winters who handed her a backpack containing a number of equipment, "thank you Lieutenant, is everyone ready to go?"

"Yes," said Renee.

Ensign Stewart DeVuor, newly graduated from the academy, stood at the back, slightly nervous about his new assignment and the fact he could be walking into his first real dangerous situation in uniform. Still, he steeled himself and put on a brave face, not wanting the more seasoned officers to think anything less of him.
He readjusted his palm beacon that was strapped to his wrist, and collected his engineering kit from the floor before double checking his phaser that was in its holster on his hip.

"Okay, listen up everyone, we're about to join the advance party, each of you knows your assignment, the central core is our primary objective." with a slight pause Lam slowly looked at the mass of crew, "I've advised Admiral DeVuor that we will have life support and computer control within three days, don't make a liar of me, questions?"

A few crew members looked at each other but nobody spoke up, "good, get into your teams and stand by for transport." Lam quickly glanced at her PADD, "Winters and DeVuor, you're with me" she said as she updated the crew manifest.

Stewart did as ordered, but with the order came a realisation. Commander Lam had known his name, and by a sick twist of fate he now found himself assigned under his own mothers command. He had wanted to keep his identity secret until he could find a transfer to another ship or station, but now the cat was out of the bag.

He formed up behind the other officers, each of them of a higher rank than he, and each one carrying themselves as if this was an everyday occurrence. To him, this was new, unnerving. 'I suppose that comes with experience', he mused to himself.

Happy that everyone was with their assigned team Sara tapped her comm badge, 'time to get the show on the road' she thought, "Lam to transporter rooms, begin transports to designated beam in co-ordinates." After a quick acknowledgement the teams rapidly began to dematerialise then it was their turn, the familiar cargo bay replaced by the dark and dank surroundings of the lower core, "Lieutenant I want you to get power online in this section, Ensign, you're with me."

Stewart fell in line behind the Commander, thinking back to the meeting he had been involved with before his assignment to the station. He had smelt of sweat and felt nothing but exhaustion from the workout he had put himself through, but now he felt even more exhausted. It had been a good four years since he had last spoken to his mother, and he very much wished it would go on longer.
"Were do we start Commander?"

"Well Ensign you're going to take your micro fusion generator and get that console online" Lam's tone was dry as she gestured with her flashlight, "when its up and running we'll use this area as our command post for work in the lower core."

"Yes sir!" he added as he came to attention, realizing that Lam had given him his first direct order. He really was now a Starfleet Officer.

"Understood," said Renee as she went to work.

Lam was already clearing a space as the lights came on, clearly things were going well elsewhere, "Lam to Mugford, I take it the fusion reactors are responding well to your repairs?"


Rob pulled his head out of the access panel, his upper body covered in dust and grime and whatever else had inhabited the cavity. He looked at the people hard at work around him and suddenly sneezed.

"Gesundheit," said the Ensign working next to him.

"Thanks." Rob pulled out a hanky and wiped at his nose, causing a clean patch to appear on his face through the dust. He turned to select the tool he was after when Lam's comm came through. He tapped at his commpin to reply.

"Mugford here. They are responding as well as can be expected for infrastructure that hasn't been touched in nearly ten years. But I think we can get these babies up and running in about ten hours." Rob crossed his fingers as he spoke, hoping not to jinx himself.

"Good work, once they're up and running remember we still need someone to work on the the gravity systems, should I pencil you in for it tomorrow?" the smile on Lam's face could be heard in her voice, she knew full well that Mugford would try his best to get as much done and cement his position as station operations officer.

"Sure thing. Piece of cake." Rob tried not to laugh. "Though I think the next thing to be done after the grav systems is to get some decent showers operating so we all can get the dust and grime out of our hides and feel like civilized people again."

Sara laughed, loud enough for those around her to hear, "don't worry Lieutenant I've already got someone on it, Lam out." Now it was time to get down to business and as the teams worked through the day Roark Nor started to slowly come to life.


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